Love Poems About Stork or Stork Love Poems
by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: on writing and words

P S Congratulations on Your Bouncing Baby Poet Love, the Stork

I'll be a poet.
Words will flow from heart to pad.
I'll write through times good
And, with God's hand, through times bad.
I'll have a ball...I know it!

by Cherie Durbin

by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: confusion, family, happiness, love, wedding


elegant wedding
three tiers of cake and champagne
the waiting stork smirks

by stephen pennell |
Categories: fun, spring,

spring treats

White candy floss clouds 
Float in a bright blue sky
Reflecting on a ripple free pool
A stork stands guard
and the rabbits run round
as the daffodils fade away.
The sun shines bright
with just a chill at night.
Spring is here to stay.
Bluebell covered woods 
you just have to love.
Walking in that carpet of blue.
Calorie filled eggs and Easter chicks.
And baby lambs with  mint and two veg 
nom nom nom

by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: father, holiday,

Father's Day

The best thing about Father's Day.Is the
promise that he made.Just to be my dad, 
and never to make me sad.To give me 
all of his support., and to be a great big
sport.To pat me on the head, and to force
me to make my bed.To give me all his love.
Without no push and shove.And when the
stork showed up to deliver babies.Mom
was at your side.So thanks dad! For just
being dad! Happy Father's Day..

Father's Day Poem by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2006,2014..All Rights Reserved.

by Brooks Lewis III |
Categories: adventure, animal, celebration, character, christmas, poetry, word play,

Rowdy Animals

"Merry Christmas to all", says Sam the Stork
As he parties with some friends
They are laughing and joking merrily 
As they boogey til the end
Leo the Lion is letting his mane loose
And of course things aren't complete without good ol Mother Goose
Frank the Fox and Stewie the Snake
Join Willy the Weasel with an intent to take
Harry the Hippo just wants to grub
While Susan the Swan just wants some love
Different animals all around just trying to get smitten
Deangelo the Dog is dancing with Krissa the Kitten
Everybody just wants to have a good time
Let tomorrow be tomorrow but today lets be fine

Party Folk 
Julia Ward

by Carol Mitra |
Categories: humor,

Quitters Never Win

A frog fell in love with a stork shrewd
Suggesting a kiss she wooed her food
Trying to swallow him, how rude!
The frog rung her neck, eyes protrude
He hopped on out, limping like a dude!

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