Love Poems About Starling or Starling Love Poems
by Wandering Butterfly |
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Hush now darling
But don’t dare to close your eyes
Our bodies are crossing
Your hips between my thighs
Our thoughts crystallize

Free your minds expressions
Feel the things you see
Motivate this session
With your wildest fantasy
Think and let it be

Let our love be our genie
We are each others wings
Our love’s magic like Houdini
On a carpet ride we sing
How our love forever rings

Hush now darling
Tonight will be the key
Look to the starling
Let imagination lead,
And hormones free

**Contest by Francine Roberts; Make me Swoon, but read the contest**
Quantain (English)

by Jan Backes |
Categories: animals, devotion, love,

Bird Soar

Once thicket thickened            
         Mossy, leafy
Chance to catch starling
       Or barn swallow
Amidst slumbering umber.

Eyes pinched-- tiny prickles
        Star thistle glistens
         By green-lit moon.

          Craned and swoop,
           Plume beats hilarity.
            Lest they sail asunder,

White capped-- bold and noble
             Strand guarded;
      Acronymic to the other
          Guided by the sea.

by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: flower, garden, love,

While on Chamomile Fields We Lie

While on chamomile fields we lie
Plucking the thyme flowers to dry
Sage brushes tickling our noses
As we strike rose hips and poses

Black dahlia clouds dotting her eye
While on chamomile fields we lie
Between two stone pillars below
Lay tangled brush nests of swallow

Pink flower buds thrive in the heat
Atop these two hills of fresh peat
While on chamomile fields we lie
Watching dandelions float by

Timidly as a young starling
Rustles around a grass clearing
Coming as fast as she can fly
While on chamomile fields we lie

This is the first Quatern I've ever written. Quite hard but fun. I initially was going to enter the Quatern contest but decided against it.

by Luther Seahand |
Categories: love, nature, romance, winter,


Gray is the season that withers
blossoms dulled by satin frost
how they sadly fall
cruel chill, it breaks them all
rest, rest immortal doves 
while winter feigns treasures lost.
Crystal brooks still as dusk
mirror figures warm at heart
oaks over icy knolls
sprawling old souls
flutter, flutter leafless arches
for that single spark of life to start.
Blushing through frozen woods
morning hints at splendor, frail
a starling in the snow
sleeping on her bough
wake, wake feathered angel 
sing sweet trills of the nightingale.

~ Luther Lynton  Seahand ~

by Ingrid Showalter Swift |
Categories: loss, love,

Starling hearts

Starling heart so true
pure as the glistening ice waters that pour 
over the rocks of wild and down the willow limbs in the grave yard
we must reawaken my love
let go of the detritus
be done with the dark pain of our loss
the limbs of the pine bow deep beneath the weight of the snow
but today they do not break
only shelter the ground below
where in mystic swirling silence the small squirrel seeks cradle the snow flakes ebb and flow
and so 
and so 
we too must go

by Pintu Mahakul |
Categories: beauty, friendship, love, nature, night, , cute,

Melting Love

I see you are so calm thank you darling
Bringing Love you have come starling.
I melt more in calmness you do share,
You have come near a window to care. 

This night hankers for love I feel soon,
You are cute lover of mine dear moon.
Jealous this night has become you see,
Now you are flower and I am honey bee.

Obstacle is this window still open is door,
You are there I am here I shall kiss more.
Miss I do not at all you are near me sure,
I am little ill in love you touch me to cure. 

© Pintu Mahakul , 27 September 2016. All rights reserved.

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: bird, love,

Starling hearts

I felt your heartbeat
A flight of startled starlings
It was then I knew
You wanted me too.

by Angela Crabtree |
Categories: love,

I Love You

Hi honey
I don't desire your money
The day will be sunny
because I love you

My sweetheart
where do I start
Never to be apart
because I love you

My darling
there's no snarling
you're my Starling
because I love you

Oh baby
Let this day be
absent of maybe
because I love you

Say dear
this is sincere
only your voice I hear
because I love you