Love Poems About Sponge or Sponge Love Poems
by David Byrne |
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Being Yours

How can I tell you
In so convincing a way
That I am yours
I could tell your eyes with my lips
Your shoulders with my breath
Your tummy with my cheek
Your bosom with my embrace

I could whisper in your ear
Massage your feet
Sponge warm water on your back
Stroke my fingers along your contours

I could listen to you without saying anything
And love you

Yes I am yours my lovely

May 5th ‘15

by Myron Davis |
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Please Don'T Cry

Please don’t cry
I’m here when you sleep
As soon as you lie
My love is still here
You should have no fear
Just wait a while
It will all be clear
My voice you will hear
Pleasant to your ears
My words become a sponge
Wiping away your tears
To my baby
My sweet little lady
To my baby
I will love daily
Let my words 
Let you know that I love you
Cradle you as you sleep
And hug you
With a feeling so deep
And my voice you know so well
Rest with you and dwell

by Derrick Burton |
Categories: faith

A Conversation At Patmos

While the slaves worked the
field and prayed the days of labor were
coming to a halt; from good ole caeser
who ruled with an iron hand.
Nights of silence was like spring and
the mornings torment.
During work a roman soldier passed
with a bucket of water and a sponge
to drink it down
John was just dicussing the subject
of compassion, and how Christ taught
about love and unity.

by Sandra Haight |
Categories: love, mother,

A Mother

A mother is a sponge blotting tears and fears throughout her life absorbing pains and burdens of her kids Sandra M. Haight ~3rd Place~ Contest: Ninette Sponsor: Silent One Judged: 10/13/2015

by Kay Roberts |
Categories: birthday, childhood, family, food, grandmother, growing up, memory,

Granny's Recipes

From fruit scones, to meat pie,
Apple crumble and coffee cake,
Sunday tea was amazing,
Because, my Granny sure could bake.
Secret ingredients, she wouldn't divulge,
Passed down from years gone by,
When I look back on those days,
It brings a tear to my eye.
From butterfly buns, to Victoria sponge,
A moist fruit loaf, filled with flavour,
Jam tarts and gingerbread men,
For the kids to savour.
Sausage rolls and a birthday cake,
Made for a special party tea,
Cheese and onion pie a fresh baked loaf,
All made especially for family.
Granny's recipes are the best recipes,
Made of all things nice,
A Granny's love as the main ingredient,
To add that extra bit of allspice.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love, wisdom,

A Most Intelligent Devil

Some think I have much wisdom Actually wisdom comes from experience It doesn't require any special talents Observation is key ingredient One only needs an inquiring mind Just suck up the knowledge you require Store it away to impress the younger souls Don't tell them they too will acquire Make them think you're a special dude Filled to the brim with the smarts Began with a great big sponge for a mind Sucking up stuff from the start So keep this wee secret betwixt you and me So others will think I'm real special Admire my smarts, call me Your Highness Recognize I'm an intelligent devil © Jack Ellison 2014

by Sherry Beck |
Categories: conflict,


Being with you is an emotional roller coaster …instability
You circulate my emotions from the heights to the dungeon 
my guards are down I own the humility
You are the destroyer of my being, my soul sponge
Being in love with you is my only addiction
Escapades of the heart is uncontrollable
Possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection
It’s false evidence, a delusion, complete fiction
I sacrificed everything, now my life takes precedence
Involuntary passion is not consolable
Good bye codependence; hello independence
You love me and then leave me alone
Loving you is not good for me, it’s recklessly wrong
It’s Dysfunctional!!


by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: appreciation, encouraging, faith, inspirational, jesus, love, religious,

The Sweet Name of Jesus

The Sweet Name of Jesus… Jesus… Your name is like sweet honey on my tongue, My soul soaks in your love… Like a dry sponge! My spirit will continue to hunger and thirst… Until I let you reign in my life! Always first! I confess Jesus as Lord. On my knees I yield, He’s my rock, fortress and shield. He’s my protection and a sure foundation, For only in HIM is there TRUE salvation! By Jim Pemberton 12/21/15

by Marion Mwangi |
Categories: baby, blessing, brother, children, courage, family, little sister,

Fist of My Brother

My tiny eyes shed tears,
Sometimes of pain and many fears,
You threw a mean punch and I learned to duck,
But in all those fights I learned to kick,
Like a stubborn angry baby mule,
And with speed I ran a mile.

My tiny lips smiled,
And I knew I was loved,
The bullies held back,
Lest you break their backs,
Fist of my brother you had my back,
Even when I feared the dark.

Sometimes I wanted to hit you so hard,
But my fist to you was a soft sponge,
You felt no pain so you took my beatings, 
With your courage I saw me thriving,
Fist of my brother I love you still,
Even though my own fist has become steel.

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: animal, boy, cat, child, childhood, friendship, love,


How beautiful they both are to my eyes and emotions;

my precious, toddler son is my very heart and

our frisky kitten is my loving, purr baby!

The two boys bonded quickly and surprisingly gently.

Right now, both focus equally raptly captured by all

wonders in rain’s changes upon the windowpane.

Enthralled by wet glistenings, one small paw and hand

both draw dew ribbons with same baby sponge passion.

... CayCay
September 7, 2019

by Mike Youds |
Categories: funny, loss, love, me,

Ok - So Its Not Pc

Oh it’s OK for you with that girl on your arm
Pretty face, startling eyes, breasts like delicious
Sponge cakes filled with jam and cream.

I know that you think of me as avaricious
But look at it from my side of the stream
She adores you it’s plain to see.

So what about my self esteem?
For my real, totally consuming love is for my old PC
But do you think it even shows me any tenderness

Like Hell it does!

by John Bertin |
Categories: blue, dark, goodbye,


grabbed by your firm hands
then felt your soft hair
and briefly, the windowsill
and going down, down

into a dark grotto
badlands of memories
so much rainfall
without even a sky

I pushed up the steel cover
to take deep breaths
return to submerged
a toothpick embedded
in purple gelatin

love stained the floor of my life
it was spreading outward
take a sponge
make love a perfect trapezoid

by Jim Pemberton |
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There's Sweetness In the Name of Jesus

Jesus… Your name brings sweetness 
on my tongue!
My soul soaks in your love…
Like a dry sponge!

My soul continues to hunger
 and thirst!
Until I let you reign in my life!
Always first!

I give my life to you!
On my knees I yield!
YOU are my rock, fortress
 and shield!

You’re my protection!
A sure foundation!
For only in you is there 
TRUE salvation!

By Jim Pemberton

by Plant A Tree Poetry |
Categories: bible, christian, religious, sad love, spiritual, strength, symbolism,

Beloved Companion

Blood soaks 
      Into the grain 
Of the wooden cross
  Salvation sustained 
       At the ultimate cost

A spear lifts 
   A wet sponge 
    To lips cracked 
        From the heat
As the beloved companion 
   Cries at his feet

The blood of Christ 
   Drips from toes 
        Like tears

Shed by a forgiving 
     Love that endears

by Darrin Funk |
Categories: faith, love

Truth (Revised)

My brain is a drain
For knowledge, like rain,
Which pours down the spout
And tumbles right out.

My mind is a sponge, encrusted with grunge.
The leftover scum of a brainwash.
When truth inundates, a bit penetrates
And the sponge get's a little bit larger.
As insight seeps in, I finally begin
To fill with the wisdom of faith.
My psyche is clear, no traces of fear,
All the filth and pollution are gone.

My soul is a bowl
For love and it's full.
It sloshes about
And splashes right out.

by John Goodman |
Categories: hope, life, love, political,

Sponge Is Squeezed

Sponge Is being squeezed

Blood is pouring out

Tears are pouring out


Love is pouring out

Creating love river


Maker of oneness

Weaving through nooks and crannies

Of souls of people

And nations.

by Christopher Remele |
Categories: culture, depression, relationship, religion,

Windows of Life

If the soul is the eye of life
The brain is the sponge
My heart bleeds so much I am never alone 
Is there some realization to make me cry ?
To much time breeds my indecision
I go forth to see the world 
My template is somewhere near God
I move so fast a blink seems to be an eternity
Love is everything
Please take me home 
I long to see my beginning
I am a blank canvas
Paint me for good it's over

by Robert Hanson |
Categories: love, heart, heart,


She saw him nailed on the lovers cross
With each blow hammered to the nails......
He felt sharp pangs driven into his heart
Each strike reminded him of her misdeeds
Betrayal, unfaithfulness, wickedness.......
Bang, bang, bang they were driven in.

With a dry heart he asked for some water
Upon a spear gave him vinegar on sponge
To dry his appealing lips.
She saw a wound opened on his side
To him he was reminded of the bone of creation
He looked into the skies with a plea.

When turmoil struck in the light of day......
She ran home to shroud her guilt
Amid tears she tried to hide
Waters that would not cease wetting her pillow.
Discovering her transgression
She gives her heart to the Lord.

by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: i love you,

Your Love

It all begun I should have been overstrung however the puppy love begun

Wasn’t matured completely to acquire any alcoholic refreshments from any liquor store yet the love I grown for her was drunk

Can I overcome what we could had become

Months of squeezing you like a sponge, love was easily squeezed out like a sponge

The expense you pay when your in love I need a refund

That thing termed love for me is out of sight I’m done.
(The End)
- Loverboi

by Albert Taylor |
Categories: angel, atheist, black love, creation, dream, for teens, sweet love, teen love,

Moon Girl

Your arm is Soft like sponge pillow, 

Heavy is the head that rests on;

 Soft but strong, made me embrace loner.

 Serene voice is all you got, deary! 

Your oxygen the fairy has breathe,gem!

 This being none have seen; pretty shorty. 

How I wish this was not...pseudo.

by Ifedayo Mayowa |
Categories: love, romance,

A Saturday Morn

Take a photo of me in bed
In my lingerie 
While I fix my glare
On your contoured packs 

Let's jump, roll and tangle in play
And taste the sweetness of the morn
Pour in the valley of my breast, milk
Sponge it all up with your pink long tongue

by B Nhlakanipho Fortune Sikhakhane |
Categories: inspirational love, love,

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


To some people’s places,
Teach it to stay to its apartment,
Ease it with what it has,
In the time of seclusion, sing the song that you imparted it,
Let it value what it owns,
Fulfil it with the truth,
Let it know troubling invites guests,
Who will be around for a while -- And tint what will never sponge away,

It can be sovereign and unrulable sometimes,
It can be jealous and wanting more, be a doctor,
Take care of it, control it -- Be a mom’s daughter,
Cry for who secure your joy and knows your sadness,
Who is always around when you’re reckless,
Do you remember that necklace?

by Shaggy Vincent |
Categories: lost love, love,

Its Too Late For 'I Love You'

Its gone away
The river run dry
Like a sponge in my throat
The words i need
Just pass me by

by Alex Roberson |
Categories: beauty, black african american, love, pride, women,

Dark Girls

Beautiful obsidian figures 
Artfully sculpted from the smoothest and hardest of stone
You have a luster like no other
As if God were your makeup artist 
And she sat you down one day,
Took a beauty sponge out of her kit
And applied sunlight to not just your face,
But every inch of you
Just you
It doesn't wash off 
Rub off
Or crack 
No matter how old it gets
And you're wearing it well 
You're all wearing it very well.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: conflict,

Conflict To Make Memories

Conflict to make memories 

It is hard like hard Rock 
Island of deep memories 
Cover with the salt plant 
 Sponge of cake cuts daily without
 fail drink of choice for the 
first place in mind to 
conflict to make memories the day 
will not come when sands get cool 
the day will not come when you slap 
in my soul because I don't have courage to
 conflict to make memories 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri