Love Poems About Sparrow or Sparrow Love Poems
by Orphani ..........O |

Winter (Do Not Forget Among the Loss of Flowers) Me

do not forget among the loss of flowers
beneath your death of snow

do not forget that bird of sun
the trees gave down there bending branches
to light the grass where love made little flowers

do not forget my love
the lights most fragile gift the sky
bowed low to give a blushing praise
to the joyful dance of star and moon

do not forget the nesting hope of spring
the freed sparrow of your fingers
the silence more deep then words

remember me in the summerless field
the slender moment bereft of rain
before life and you became

by Mark Anthony Cotterman |
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Poetry Is

Poetry is white lights falling upon rainbows and snow
Casual exchanges blinked upon a shared pillow
Lip prints etched inside an antiquated photograph
The obligatory holding of hands as a lost-craft

Poetry is the scent of morning kisses
Words that blossom, an arrow that misses
Umbrellas unopened on a drizzling day
A trail of lovers unable to find their way

Poetry is an evening sparrow chasing the moon
Two silhouettes cascading into a spoon
Roses blown from a closed casket
The loneliness of waiting for her to ask-it

Poetry is the answer to what if and why
Tissues capturing the tears but not the cry
Rubies polishing a heart to an imperfect shine
The undefined likeness of I, Me and Mine

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: hate, how i feel, humanity, love, meaningful, peace, people, sad, war,

To Stone The Sparrow

Why stone the sparrow as she sings
                 To silence her with broken wings
The gentle creature knows no hate
               So cast no stones, it’s not too late

Though feathered of a different score
                       Her song desires just to soar
To live and let love bears no cost
                          And nothing to avail is lost

Why stone the sparrow as she flies
                 So sad whenever something dies 
Created by a love divine
              As life is meant to thrive and shine

There must a place be, to remain
              Where all can sing in sweet refrain
So sing, oh sparrow, never cease
              To sing your hopeful song of peace

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: angst, feelings, humorous,

- the Soup Cuckoo -

Jealousy is not the fear of losing
but the feeling that our position is threatened
As wet sand between your toes, unwanted

Sometimes jealousy turns into obsession
There are many wars, love your enemies ... never
We fight for love as a tender and small sparrow
Bitter taste, there is a fly in the soup

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved


by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: love,


Like a sheet blowing in the wind

Your hair flows gently

I feel your embrace with protection

Like the mother sparrow feeding her chick

The embrace nourishes

When the wind dies and goes where it goes

You gently tug my soul

It goes to where it's quiet and lingers

The sheet flattens

In that embrace I wait

Waiting is what matters in life

by Mel Merrill |
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What Magic Doth New Love Possess

What magic doth new love possess
That tempts the moon at night,
To warmly glow, and fully so,
With beams of velvet light?

That gives the heart the will to smile,
And the sparrow, feathered wings--
What magic doth new love possess,
To achieve such lovely things?

M :)

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: bird, grandmother, inspiration, love,

The Whisper of a Sparrow

As the whisper of a sparrow
     gently graces my side, 
     she touches the earth
 I am as well,  touched
 by my sweet grandmother
     whose love for the little birds
     has inspired me

innocence knows innocence 
     and I can remember her words
as she sprinkled bread crumbs 
in the grass
     she said,  take care of our little friends
they need us as much as
     we need them

Each time I see the tiny creatures,
     I see my grandmother’s face
and hear her voice
and I know
that she is still inspiring me
to take care of those
     who need us

by Don Johnson |
Categories: love



“You are just a sparrow Honey Chile “
“I’m not” she said to him
“You sort of sometimes drive me wild”
She said “it is no sin”
“So shut up Chook I’m gonna talk”
He clamps her beak so thin
She squeaks an something, squawks
And then  she does him in

Don Johnson

For Francines competition 2nd

by Zach Aurel Henderson |
Categories: love


You are a jewel in diguse
i am fortunate you have no other ties
you are truely a diamond in the rough
A beautiful girl from kansas who is tough
i am so lucky i found you
Now the sky is a brighter shade of blue
we will be together tomorrow
before you see the first morning sparrow

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: bird, nature,

Tender Bits of Love

Shadows now quiver
Leafy designs on grass
As sated leaves rustle
On a tall red maple
When fleeting rain’s gone.

Striped in brown
A lone sparrow hops
From branch to branch
In purposeful dance.

Not a cloud is found
In vibrant sky above
As horizon dreams
Visions of sundown.

Sun rays scatter
Through drops of water
On blossoms of flowers
Refracting light
From optical prisms
Gleaming gemstones
As warm air breezes
Petrichor emotions.

Suddenly a chatter
Lifts up insects
And lands in the nest
Full of young ones,

Feeding beak to beak
Tender bits of love.

April 21, 2020
Placed 2nd: Strand Pick B contest by Brian Strand

by Jan Allison |
Categories: love, mother daughter,

A Daughter's Love

Memories from the past come flooding back Mum's bright sparrow like eyes sparkle as we sit side by side on her bed reminiscing laughing Her arms are like wizened twigs parchment like skin almost translucent yields to my touch I gently massage cream onto her hands as she drinks in the sweet scent of lavender Mum puts her tiny hand on mine ‘You’re my life’ she whispers A stray teardrop trickles from my eye I’m her life... she’s my world (written with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat) Submitted to Mother Poetry Contest Sponsored by Constance la France Friday 21st September 2018

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, character,

Be Generous

When times are tough Be like a flame; shine enough It would be an unwise wade Allowing your star to fade. Donate without asking why Sense a grateful lifting of supply Always apply the common sense Place yourself in a sea of incense. The same as a gentle sparrow. With serene seas, paths were narrow. Accept the love-planted seeds bliss. fall short of the depths of the abyss.
Written: May 17, 2023

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, imagination, life

The Small Tan Sparrow

The Sparrow took a break from flight
Approaching with landing gear down
Touched upon the white painted post from height
Looked directly into my eyes with his eyes_that clown

Those brown small eyes directly into my depth
How I would love to just sit and commune
Those tiny legs holding that dark tan body
The body that nervously bounced around

Watching, listening for any foe that could devour
Short was the moment maybe thirty seconds
Then he was gone
How so much like life_some relationships just don't last

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

When Love Frees You

I cross the darkest bridge of emotion
A sparrow small fighting a lonely storm
Salt filled traces fall wet in slow motion
To circle my sadness after they form
And lay on the long arch spanned to your eyes
They carry me far from my dim-lit cell
Where I was shackled to my sad disguise
Till' your wondrous love released me from hell
This gift, this treasure, this heartbeat we found
Gives strength to our bridge, so love can begin
And allow this arch to be sacred ground
When the death of sadness frees love again
When my years of pain burned out of control
You built a bridge to the well of my soul

contest Bridge Over Troubled Waters

by Wilfredo Derequito |
Categories: lost love, song-

Broken Wings

She watched him go early this morning, 
her dreams shattered and spirit low -  
on broken wings, a wounded sparrow.             

Her tears fell like sudden summer rain,       
gone is the love she thought was so true -     
on broken wings, a wounded sparrow.    

Promises made that he could not keep      
left her with a wound that went so deep;   
the door she opened with so much care   
had crumbled down way beyond repair.     

There she stays in the corner crying       
just by herself and her own shadow -                                                
on broken wings, a wounded sparrow.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, confidence, god, inspirational love,

I Held In My Spirit the Sparrow and the Dove- -

What if I had a dove and sparrow;
both whom lit on my shoulder;
I'd embrace them;


In awe,
until I would get older;
Then I would show them;


How much I love those;
my fellow God's creatures;

the dove is for the spirit
for the sparrow is the word of God
...and His Love
I held in my spirit the sparrow and the dove...

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.  ©2020

by James Macdougall |
Categories: love, passion, life,

With Wings To Fly

A sparrow falls whilst singing to the stars so bright and clear,
My love for you eternal, shall not falter have no fear,
A nightingale shall sore the skies so fearless and so pure,
I say to you I shall not cry, of this you can be sure,
Sweet Julie can you here me now, my heart it beats for you,
And I shall not falter once, until my life is through,
For if we meet whilst walking along gods golden shore,
I know I will have lived my life to hold you evermore.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Hidden Beauty

When lovers embrace beneath rounded sky
The search of contentment a realm to fill
Stillness of time reveals the reason why
To press their lips with tenderness, until
To moors of souls they tie their tethered heart
Secure now, an anchor to storms held firm
And welcome waves merging from space apart
With eyes melding as lovers, to confirm
This moment quiet, when lips bestow need
and press to conquer the hunger within
Unveils a loneliness where wants concede
This world ever still, from the softest skin

To be a fragile sparrow in this storm
To kiss, seeking refuge tender and warm


by Kody Dibble |
Categories: addiction, depression, first love, freedom, giving, missing, philosophy,

Lonely Sparrow

And as I evolve into that person you'd never of expected, I sense a certain taste lingering desperately inside of me, hoping to see the transformation of your eyes as they slowly daunt the midnight figurines dancing casually down that lonely road. Should the train station ever leave, please grant me my wish. If she should ever be free, please send her these flowers.

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: introspection, nature

The Gift

If only we could fly above the treetops
Or wander down the endless plain.
Take wing beside the golden eagles..
And wander through a cloud of rain.

If  we could brush the snow capped peak
And tumble down the canyon narrow..
With wings of gold brave restless waters
And quietly join the swooping sparrow.

Man was endowed with heart and mind
To think, create, remember, and to love
And yet one gift was saved, not for us
But for the birds that freely soar above.

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: appreciation, bird, blessing, celebration, life, love, nature,

The Morning Sun Speaks

The Morning Sun Speaks

Vainly,  I smile at a fine morning sun
ponder today's tasks waiting to be done
Embrace and savor this very sweet morn
enjoy life, that is why we were first born

Sparrow drinking at my lone bird fountain
clouds soaring into another mountain 
I see the carefree bird fly far away
consider the high price I dearly pay

Happily my soul spoke to the red sun
life races onward as I freely run
My toils are but life tokens to be spent
spirit lives with our love paying no rent

The morning sun spoke yet again to me
live, love and grab hold of life yet to be!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-27-2014

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: love

Sweet Singing Sparrow

#Lover 1, 

Sweet singing sparrow
whirls on the wings of white winds
to reach this rainbow


Bright and beautiful
my alluring art's aura
sends sights and sounds,
cruising with cool, cute colours
it lends thee love, life and light!

by Annie Lander |
Categories: dedication, depression, fantasy, holiday,

November Can Be So Rude

What a dreary midnight November 
Nitrate toxicity this New York City
It should never have happened

Our first winter snow, what a low blow
Congestion, Cough, Runny Nose, Sore Throat
Bengay , Dayquil and Nightquil 

Night come early
The dawn cometh late
Ice on the dash board
And the Mailman always late

No wood in the furnace
No white throated sparrow to sing a song
The earth is constantly shifting. “My God How long
To stressed out to sleep
Oh how I love my cup of 
Soothing Ginger tea

Why must we suffer?

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: caregiving, life, love,

That's Only You

My desires are hanging around my neck like a hanging basket at the door,
And knocking my head all the time as toe making rhythm on a dancing floor,
Early in the morning, jumps to branches as a singing little sparrow song,
Legs walk routinely forward and backward to gain target short or long,
nobody can assess me that's only you, awakening my sleeping spirit.

by Michael Craig |
Categories: love,

Heart of Glass

Woes of the past, made a heart of glass
Hardened by time, this heart of mine
Frozen as though ice, how utterly nice
Bittersweet is cupid's arrow, pierced the heart of a sparrow
Slowly the sun's warming rays caressingly melting me away
So gentle so tender my heart has surrendered