Love Poems About Snowy Owl or Snowy Owl Love Poems
by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: loveheart, heart, love,

Long Distance Call (Freeverse)

Sitting by the window in the pale moonlight
looking out into the darkness
to hear her heartbeat on the breeze.
My eyes searching the shadows, 
a glimpse of my love as a snowy owl drifts by,
the sigh in my heart matching the feathered hush 
of silently flexed wings.
I hear the vibrating voice by the pond
a frog prince calling his mate
and they rumba across the lily pads and out of sight.
Tears prick beneath eyelids, 
my heart begins to cry
then I feel the breeze touch my cheek
I know she has kissed me
and as I whisper 'I love you'
I hear her heart beat touch mine.