Love Poems About Snake or Snake Love Poems
by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, heart, lost love, love, muse, philosophy,

Desire Love Romance

All lovely words
when understood

All so misconstrued
silence envelopes our delusions

Desire, we lust the attention
at the forfeit of philosophy

Love, we crave at Kings expense
	at times
		Sacrificing those whom love us true
			spilling blood at humanities alter

Romance, we desire for loves embrace
knowing serpents sell snake oil remedies

Beware the soft spoken 
cringe when you hear words only a token

Seeking the truth, not platitude
discover love, in those that.........

Breathe actions, not poetic verse

by I Am Anaya |
Categories: best friend, cheer up, friendship love,

Linda Alice

there’s a halo hanging from her head everyone agrees~je t'adore
sublime sneaky snake come slither by~who directs traffic in the grass
pal owl perched on glove~wise bird see more less spoken hears her muse recite

by Satish Verma |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy,

Will You Marry Me ?

Sky weeps, I was collecting clouds
from stillness of the sea.
A snake again wants to kiss,
I am learning to die
in arms of spiral mirrors.

Cannot forgot the cheating of umbrellas.
The stings, the twists, the hollow breads.
Foams are submitting the  venoms
on golden plates.
I grieve for the dignity of a hangman.

The retreat leaves the blood
on the stones. My house was burning.
Will you marry me ? I ask the dew
sitting on the grass. Don’t go
back to the sun.

A relentless bucket fills up, again
I am  watching at  the moon.
The icy sand, the fire, the heat.
Flowers will hunt the thorns
at rooftops of sleep.


by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: analogy, farewell, goodbye, lost love, metaphor,

Sowing a Seed To Make Me Bleed

Thoughts hither, slither like a snake,
          Thru fetid weeds to reach your lips,
               From there, that poison aptly drips,
     And mixes draughts I can't partake ...
Still, farewells come as 'farewell' quips.

               How low you bend to tend the plants,
     That bloom with petals of your need -
A swoony tune of won'ts and can'ts,
          To feed your breed of garish greed
               That hides a serpent's circumstance ...
     A goodbye sown to make me bleed.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Rhyme Time 8" Poetry Contest, Lu Loo, Judge & Sponsor.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: home,

Out My Window

Out my window, scenery is the best.
The valley is spread out all before me.
I can see for miles and miles north, east and west
while close up is my lovely willow tree.
Far out in the distance there lies a lake.
Beyond that is the outline of ranges.
Halfway around the lake those mountains snake -
a giant’s disconnected phalanges!

Although fantastic is my back yard’s view,
I also love what greets me from the east.
That other window shows our avenue.
Beyond our neighborhood there lurks a beast -
a mountain green with trees where I can go,
and even now in summer I see snow.

by Chetta Achara |
Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, love,

The Conversation

Is there someone you love,
she asks.
Yes, I say,
more and more as each day passes.
Is there someone you hate,
she asks.
Yes, I say,
more and more as each day passes.
Is it the one person,
she asks.
Yes, I say,
one day the charmer;
another day the snake.
How can that be,
she asks.
I say,
Love is the light and the dark,
the sweet and the sad,
the fire and the ice,
the life and the death.
Love is a story held in the heart
even long after it breaks.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: animal, emotions, humorous, hyperbole, lost love, lust,

Of Lust and Dissipation

A Spenserian Sonnet
(Mr. Snake falls in love with a garden hose)

Today I slithered up a grassy hill,
wet from the creek and eager to explore.
The urge to snare a mate devoured my will,
could not this be the day for me to score?

I spot you there beside the garden door, 
your slick green shape pervades my hungry sight.
Your golden head criss-cross my eyes before
your trim tight coil peals visions of delight.

Yet when I push my moves into the light
your body squirms and grows before my eyes,
and dread arises in a burst of fright.
You spit at me in angry spurts, surprise

me with a gush of clear and liquid spray,
while I make haste to scuttle fast away.

by Vo Amour Adelle Lao |
Categories: me,

Me, Myself and I

Vo Amour Adelle (Parents love Grandma)
Mother, teacher, sister, reserved
Daughter of  Virgencita and Oscar (their initials are in my name)
Lover of Arvin, books, and adventure
Who feels happy, love, and pain
Who fears blood, snake, and bitterness
Who would like to see snow, safari, and Disneyland
Resident of Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin

by Esson Alumbugu |
Categories: childhood, day, day,

To the Motherless Child

Looking into your laughing eyes
I can't help but wonder...
Did you or did you not know
That the one you cling to is only 
an aunt?
That your mother still young had 
fallen aside?
That this world you jump in is 
dying with vice?

I cry when I see you smile
For fear of the day your pigeons 
The day these hawks feast in your 
The day a snake in no longer toy
The day a tree cuts down a tree.

Bask on my love
While it is still light
The vultures can head 
For the butcher's house
Your home is among bright stars 
Forever giving light to this vile 
life of mine.

by Daniel Human |
Categories: father, hope, love, religion,

The Time Is Now

The time is now, the season nigh,
To lift our arms and voice up high
To kneel and bow down low
In reverent fear to work and sow

The time is now, the time is here
To open eyes, to clearly hear
Our Father’s heart, our Lord declares
Exposing lies and hidden snares

The time is now and mountains wait
To find the way or take the bait
To find the Lord or seek the snake
To drink the Water for thirst to slake

For faith is now and Love is here
That pulls His sons so close and near
To hug and kiss their dirty brow
To bring the wine and kills the cow

by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: allegory, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, life, love, passion, people, romance, social

Jack Ace, Jackass

jack of all trades
master of none,
as he manipulates 
women for fun.

ice in his veins
and slick lil' snake,
he'll kill ta' steal the deal
real as he's fake

crowned heart breaker 
full trophy case,
but most ladies know him as
"Lowly Jack-Ace"


by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: arabic, black african american, culture, lost love, love,

Snake Eyes

Most certainly, the world could not agree
With how the dies were cast, that fateful day,
If not for love, 'twould never come to me
the reason she put out, so willingly.

Her belly dancing, gave me my first clue,
That easy comes her love, her night was mine,
Scheherazad dressed out in shades of blue,
and made her touch both prescious and divine.

It was enough just witniissing her charm,
And yet her teasing, took he to her high,
In little time, my fire was fifth alarm,
And Cairo felt her heat as sure did I.

In ectasy, I paused to roll the dies,
Just as I fell in love between her thighs.
     © Ron Wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: addiction, angst, loneliness, lost, love,

Broken Trombones

Dark and lonely
A cave in my soul
Dripping with emotion
A tidal flood
Encrypted in my heart
An arrow through a lark
Broken trombones
And old sousaphones
Honk into the night
I'm a rain dog that bites
I am a rattle snake 
That wants to fight
There’s no love here
There never has been
You ask me for my hand
It’s a shaker and a tam
No thank you ma’am
I'll take my chances 
On snake eyes
And remove the scales
That tie
So don’t come looking
For sunlight
It’s damp and dreary here
For a heart that is closed
This is no place for you dear

by Adeniji Toluwalope Gideon |
Categories: evil, humanity, life, vanity,

The Race of Mankind

The black night turns red
Wolves consume the gentle doves
Upon the hole of the cobra
The whole world in disarray

Male and female, he created them
In peace and love they dwell time –pass 
Upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake
The waves dashed into boat
And became submerged

Downturn in event we see as
Males become females with feminine accessories
Females become males with masculine accessories
The whole world becomes blind
Dwelling under the vine of a mere snake
And under its fig tree

by Francesca Cabral |
Categories: lovebird, bird,

Minutes After the I Love You

So they just sat there,
pretending that the silence was the result of their search for an answer.
He probably knew for sure, but
she could only try to know.
A fat bird flew down from out of nowhere, and tried to force its head into a tiny hole in the 

When the bird finally flew away,
they were back to just sitting there,pretending.
Even when the lion came and ate the boys arms;
and when the snake spat into her eyes and instantly blinded her,
all he did, was use his voice to see what she could not,
and all she did was use her heart to feel what his hands could not.

They just sat there.

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: feelings, valentines day,

Valentine's Day 2016

When is Cupid's quiver full of arrows
And on what day is his aim the sharpest
Valentine's Day they pierce to the marrow
Then love sings with a magical harpfest

But my heart has a steel coat of armor
His arrows of love have no such effect
It's been wooed by many a snake charmer
And for love has no feeling of respect

February fourteenth is just a day
It comes and passes like any other
No cards or wishes ever come my way
I've no feelings like that for another

Hoping lovers got flowers and candy
And reaped their rewards of feeling randy

  By Daniel Turner

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: love, rain, sky,

Clouds Are Crying

Outside the clouds are crying
misty rain falls
I think of love
missing my woman
love is like a snake it coils
constricting the heart
on other days it coos
like a dove still and white...

Lightning flashes
I am drowsy night scented
I wish for my baby
sure and silent
peace and joy...

The sky weeps gently
falling on my roof
a passionate yearning lover's prayer
a deluge overhead
I have been hers
since January began...

I called her and said
"you should appear"
in my dreams more often"
since we meet frequently
in night's sanctuary...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Dawn Gordon |
Categories: introspection

It Was Post Guilt Not Post Love

When one is woken by the all mighty and greatest Lord,
Sins come crashing down in the mind like a slaying sword,
An abortion post was simply printed to try to clear a guilty mind,
Words across a screen to try to make it up to God in a poetry kind.

It was called post guilt and never was it any type of post love,
Only trying to clear a consciousness with the Lord above,
A gal needs to accept she was nothing but a filthy mistake,
He displaced a slithering serpent or what men call their "snake"

by Benjamin Amsden |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love

Tanabata Knock

and snake oiled gleaming

That day of grey Tuesday was remediously teeming

Simply chilli,
chopped onion,
or tragedy-eyed streaming

Girls Gone Wilderness, 
two sopping wet cupfuls

I opened, then poured some number of n-tuples

We were one o’ those 
fight nail,
tooth pick olive,
and lemon twisted couples

by Mussa Shikome |
Categories: cute love, feelings, jealousy,

She Is Mine

Once you see her pass aside
She is bitter more than you can imagine
She is poisonous more than a snake
More than a scorpion
I cannot say she a killer
But it may happen by emergence
Although to me she is sweet more than bee’s honey
More than everything in the world
I warn you off
Never approach her
She is mine.


by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: beauty, friendship, funny,

Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Gi Joe

I believe that the cold war was before world war II and 
research show that 1947 was believe to be Nato came to be
My thoughts was where Hitler after World domination or looking for a
Mysterious item?
What I always assumption that GI Joe was real
When I seen the cut scene about the top one percent of soldiers
Invited to join I thought to my self that was my same theory!
I have theory
The character I most like is Snake Eye see when every one went to
War he was the one to solved the puzzle
I have theory
See Snake Eyes came from akatsuki who are brand from birth of
Secret destiny of hidden tattoos
See with in legend become legendary 
I have theory

by Yorn Called |
Categories: bereavement, dedication, devotion, love,

To One Gone

Black is the night when tender living dreams,
	Circle the skies with wax wing hints of mist,
Too fragile to fall, though falling it screams,
	"Beware, beware the moonlit garden wrist!",

Its hand you knew upon your brow and tears,
	Whose love ignored the trust it could not find,
The roots that never belong or so it appears,
	To find only the boots heavy on your mind.

Touching the skin that covers your soul,
	Of spices whose bite the snake must refrain,
From asking whose deed that blood did control,
	What infinite being did it contain?

Never (did I say never?) did the world sleep so much,
	As the night my lips to your tomb did touch.

by Lana Lana |
Categories: december, love, winter,

Winter Heart

You fell into my arms
and i saw you melt 
like a snow flake 
but poisonuos as snake.

You freeze the time
like winter breeze
shining like a dime
and falling in my kiss.

You have a stone heart
like ice captured in your chest
ever since the start
you were building by me a nest.

Your eyes are like reflection
of the melted snow and sun
i can't deny perfection
i can't deny the stun.

Your lips are red as dawn
sweet as Finnish liqorice
please, be never gone
don't take away the worlds prestige.

Like a figure of your speech
your special cheeks are gold
you're someone I can reach
but before your heart is sold.

by Mary Nagy |
Categories: childhood, family, children, funny, life, love, mother,

Chirty Limerick

There once was a girl we called Chirty.
She was happy just when she was dirty.
She would sleep with the dogs
and play with the hogs
and stay up catching bugs till 2:30.

She just loved anything that could crawl.
When she'd show me, you know I would bawl.
I can't stand the bugs
but I'll still give her hugs.
(even when she hangs them on her wall) .

One day she was catching a snake
I was praying it only was fake.
It was not only real
but a really BIG deal
when it joined in our swim at the lake.

She's an animal lover, no doubt
and she never stays in.....only out.
When she's old she may change...
that would seem oh so strange
cause this is just what she's about!