Love Poems About Silver Dollar or Silver Dollar Love Poems
by Chicano Eddie |
Categories: boyfriend, crazy, depression, girlfriend, good morning, loneliness, lost love,

A Silver Dollar In a Penny Pond


they say life can be exquisite. 
they say life can be a sensation. 
they say life can be otherworldly.
when I woke up this morning, 
I heard the ***** upstairs. 
she was screaming, engaging 
in every problem she could 
her boyfriend asked her repeatedly  
to keep it down.
she screams that much more.
it's 7:33 in the morning.

I on the other hand woke up alone. 
I don't have to hear that ****.
sensational or
life can be many things.
mine at the moment in this bed,


By: Chicano Eddie

by Julien Ringuede |
Categories: depression, desire, joy, love, uplifting,

My Nature Is To Shed Tears

My nature is to shed tears and linger
Here in this abandoned place, this abyss,
Till all near wonder at what is amiss
Now that all that is left is a cinder.
Heavy tears, I cannot lift a finger.
All I desire is a simple sweet kiss.
All I wish for is passion, blazing bliss
But my body burns like brittle tinder.
Then you appear in glorious colour,
My paralysis fades, my tears do dry.
Now is a time of honey not dolour.
Today I struggle no longer to try
But succeed, with you my silver dollar,
Urging me forward where once I did lie

by Randy Freie |
Categories: love, marriage, wife,

Three Wishes

Standing by the wishing well,
A silver dollar in my hand.
Made my wish and dropped it in,
Out popped a golden wedding band.

I slipped the ring on my finger,
And tossed another dollar in.
No sooner that it hit the water,
There you stood with a shining grin.

Third coin I made my final wish,
Then my heart began to sing.
You wore a silken gown of white,
And on your hand a diamond ring.