Love Poems About Siberian or Siberian Love Poems
by Arthur Vaso |
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Lena Mickou

white of the birch winter
the cold seeps into old bones
stare cold
only to those
who have not met
her heart

Siberian dreams
my white russian melts 
in winters wind
confessions I give
red lips
made me sin
the spy within

by Serge Lyrewing |
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Under Caress of a Plush Plaid By Marina Tsvetaeva

My dream of yesterday I'm calling
under caress of a plush plaid,
What was that? And who won? Who's falling?
Who was defeated? What is bad?

I think again, I change my thinking,
Anew I feel the sweetest pain,
Say, was it love of just a winking,
I have no word for it again.

Who was the prey? Who was the hunter?
All is contrary, it is mad,
Siberian cat has got it under
that caress plaid.

Who, whose hand was the ball in
in our duel of self-win?
Oh, say, your heart or mine was rolling
and bouncing real.

So, do I want it, do I need it?
What did it show?
Say, did I win? Was I defeated?
I do not know.


P.S. This is my translation of poem by Marina Tsvetaeva

by Ingrid Collins |
Categories: death, inspirational, life, on writing and words,

Swan Song

The shaman in Siberian snows,
Singing and dying
And flying;
The Gnostic in life creating lines
Of song, of death,
Learning to heart his poetry,
To sing
With his last breath;
Pythagorus’s sacred password verse
Easing his transition
To heaven
From earth;
All know the deep wisdom
Of the mystic swan
Who sings as her soul takes flight
Towards the Love,
Towards the Light.

By the power of song,
By lines of love,
By pure poetry and profound enchantment,
We embrace the joyful journey
To the world
Of Spirit

by Scott Snyder |
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Trans Siberian

Metal to metal
Bumping along
Monotonous humming
Anxiety strong
Trees in my window
Snow on the tracks
Towns without names
Filled with old wooden shacks
Surrounded by vodka
On tables and breaths
Checkers and Yahtzee
Gambling debts
Fervorous passion
Escaping my heart
Aching and yearning
For amorous spark
Pools of turquoise
In the aisle ahead
Hair shines like copper
Atop of her head
Rest here beside me
Capture my soul
Siberian angel
More precious than gold
Minutes to hours
Day into night
Curled beside me
Light up my life
Whispers from heaven 
Capture my ears
Mind numbing beauty
Brings me to tears

by Atef Ayadi |
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Who said
Siberian hills
Are cold
And frozen?
Who saw a fire
So white
In a Siberian eyes
And green breast
So lighting and warm?
A land
For compassion
A shining crystal
That melts
To deliver a whisper
And a hushed water 
Of life.

by Jake Aller |
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Spring times come early Filling me with love As I walk amid the snowing cherry trees With the love of my life By my side , Summertime heatwave Heat dome Wildfires burning Floods flooding A summer of hell on earth , Autumn beckons With the weather soon turning cool With the heat of the summer Ending Can’t wait for the summer of hell To end Winter will come again Like it always does But the winters are less brutal Just a polar vortex For a few weeks Siberian weather Covering the land A little bit of snow Then the winter ends And the endless seasonal cycle starts over again