Love Poems About Shrew or Shrew Love Poems
by Jerry T Curtis |
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Lyre, Lyre

For The contest 
"Fill Up A Scroll "

With hand upon the golden lyre
Her fingers intertwined the wire
With her hair, like burning fire
Rest upon her breast

The music that she plays, it tells
Of love that's lost, and broken spells
Tolling like cathedral bells
Down deep inside her chest

From the scroll, she frees each note
With her heart, they rise then float
Beyond the castle walls and moat
Truly she is aptly blessed

Gently now, she reaches too
Another scroll She'll play for you
And taming that unruly shrew 
Freeing you to lie and rest

by Janis Thompson |
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Othello was in heat of passion’s fire
Being truly locked in love with his desire.
Seeing Desdemona gave the Moor new life,
Eloping in the night to make her wife.
Soon Iago executes a devious plan.
So, Othello will think Cassio’s his wife's man.
In Othello’s eyes, she was a worthless shrew.
Obsessed with rage, his lovely wife he slew.
Not long after, with his sword he kills self too.

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by Joe Dinki |
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The First Paradox (Pair of Socks)

Curiosity  can  stew.
O’er the surface brew,
Through gravel and the dew,
A noble idea will stumble
Over table, kiln and shrew,
to knock upon the door of life,
And join the chosen few.

But who shall shell such feats,
to take those steps so true?
Why, God’s love and common
Sense my friend.

Be ye willing,
Be ye true…

For feet covered bold in love,
Will take you through and through,
Past the haughty and the naughty,
Over the hills and far away,.

A pair of socks is God 's offering to you;
to track your kingdom come,
to blend your toes as one,
to comfort new,
The deeds you do,
To meld our souls undone.

by Robert Davidson |
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A Shakesperian Dream

Written for a couple who love Shakespeare and are getting married Sat. 02 
Oct. 2010

This isn't a tragedy as in 'Macbeth',
'Hamlet' or 'King Lear':
Nor is it a 'Comedy of Errors'
to bring a heartfelt tear.
It isn't the giving of  a pound of flesh,
as some might suspect.
Nay, it is 'As You Like It',
yeah, 'Romeo and Juliet!'

What can one say to this happy couple
as down the aisle they stride?
'The Taming of the Shrew' must come first
or oh, its woe betides!
'A Lover's Complaint' will surely follow
but its 'Much Ado About Nothing!'
'The Tempest' has lost and 'Measure for Measure'
this wedding is now forthcoming.

           'All's Well That Ends Well'.

by Jack Horne |
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The rotten apple in the cart,
And lowest of the low,
A waste of space, a waste of time,
And not a joy to know,
A heartless witch, a nasty troll,
A trouble-making shrew,
The creature from the Black Lagoon,
And pile of doggy do,
A hateful, wicked bag of slime,
A monster hated for all time.

The mould was broken at her birth,
This angel, dear and sweet,
This blossom, delicate and fair,
Refined from head to feet,
This paragon of virtue glows,
A pearl before the swine,
A perfect rose amongst the thorns,
Champagne compared with wine,
A treasure trove, a swan, a dove,
And saintly lady filled with love.

For Vie’s Let me have it, then kiss my petunia contest

by Jack Horne |
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Smiling, it squirts its juices, 
delighting in matchmaking,
just like Cupid, whose misaimed arrow, 
it recalls, once struck it.

Lucentio and Bianca:
a happy match;
they owe much to it, it knows.
Lysander and Hermia;
Demetrius and Helena…
well, they eventually thanked it too.

But Queen Titania and Bottom…
Love-in-Idleness giggles
 …A flower has to have its fun.

Its scans the sleeping eyes
wondering who is next
for its powerful love potion.

I’ve personified the flower, Love-in-Idleness (it mostly appears in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but is also briefly mentioned in The Taming of the Shrew) 

for Deb’s contest

by Johnny Sumler |
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Within the Wind

My love, thy beauty rest within the wind,
Alive of art, alluring with appeal.
As for the wind shall move and blow and bend,
Silent you sit inside motion surreal. 

I see the sea and sometimes she is calm,
Aloft the streams of salt aquatic blue. 
Yet waves do rage when wind brushes her palm,
Angered and moved...of time shall tame the shrew.

Placid inside the pedestal of air,
That blows from leaf to grass and sand to lake, 
Divine you dare to be a portrait fair,
And I in awe amazed each day I wake.

If wind is air, each breath is of you dear,
Making my world within settle and clear.

July 17, 2014

by Andrea Travis |
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Looking For You

I got lost, looking for you
Searching deep within a soul
Now, I’ve lost myself too!

I looked in many faces, only a few
I searched the clouds above that roll
I got lost, looking for you

Rolling around in morning dew
So alone and in the cold
Now, I’ve lost myself too!

Have I shut love out, became a shrew
Fleeting youth as I grow old
I got lost, looking for you

My love once soared, passion flew
Delicate whispers not to be told
Now, I’ve lost myself too!

Did I miss the sign, ignore the cue
Pass the bridge, forget the toll
I got lost, looking for you
Now I’ve lost myself too!

by Phillip Garcia |
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As consequences must and do accrue,
Redolent foamy crests in oceans blue,
That rise and fall when pulled by lunar cue,
To muddy dust on shores of sandy hue;

Where toes thrust deep when comes the morning dew,
Beneath grey skies where once proud eagles flew,
But now limp idly by grounded and through,
Watching memories fade to residue –

That stain the steps of unforgiving shrew,
Blaming nature demanding a cleanup crew.


by Andrea Travis |
Categories: lost love

Looking For You

I got lost, looking for you
Searching deep within a soul
Now I've lost myself too.

I looked in many faces, only a 
I searched the clouds above 
that roll
I got lost looking for you

Rolling around in morning dew
So alone and in the cold
Now I've lost myself too.

I have shut love out, become a 
Fleeting youth as I grow old
I got lost, looking for you.

My love once soared, passion 
Delicate whispers not to be told
Now I've lost myself too. 

Did I miss the sign, ignore the 
Pass the bridge, forgot the toll
I got lost looking for you
Now I've lost myself too!

by Kevin Shaw |
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Daisy Dormouse

Daisy Dormouse

My dearest Daisy Dormouse,
will you invite me in for tea?
I seek your hand in Marriage,
what will your answer be?
Dear Sir, my heart you flatter,
but I cannot marry you,
Mother say’s you’re a Rat
and betrothed to Chantelle Shrew.

by Robert Pettit |
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Catherine, behave yourself! Can't you be like Bianca? Somebody straighten her out. Where's Petruchio? Based on the play "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare

by Regina Mcintosh |
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Laura Ingles Wilder Her prose were milder Than poetry or verse Intended to coearce Louisa May Alcott Wrote tales I bought About women and boys With hearts sure to poise Miss Nancy Drew Wasn't such a shrew She solved every crime In her own spare time Little Trixie Belden Mysteries were well done Dancing with shadows Which she would expose The brothers Grimm Wrote tales that did brim With joy, hope and love Sent down from heaven above

by Robert Horton |
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To watch in awe 
The forest floor, 
The saplings rise
With love in your eyes. 
And when we kiss 
Amongst all this 
The creatures that crawl 
Seem so small. 
A beetle, tiny 
On nettles, spiny, 
Ne'er a sting
For such a little thing. 
An ant or two 
For a hungry shrew, 
Wouldst be a feast 
For a miniscule beast. 
But seeds asleep 
In forests deep 
May never be 
A mighty tree, 
To love and part 
With a broken heart 
Is so intense 
It seems immense. 


by Shirley Hawkins |
Categories: 1st grade,

Holy Moly

Mrs Mole gave birth to a baby girl
Who arrived early
Mother Mole was horrified
To see her baby's coat was curly
Mrs Mole got a brush
Before it was too late
She brushed and brushed her baby's coat
Trying to make it straight
The more she brushed, the more it curled
Which made Mother Mole dizzy
Looking down at her baby girl
Whose coat was now all frizzy
She did not look like a mole
Or a hairy shrew
Was she another species
Original and new
Moles never have hair,
They are covered in skin, smooth and velvety
Without a crinkle in
One can only imagine, on that fateful day
This baby girl was innocent
And brought her love with her to stay

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Magpie and Crow Love

Raymond Magpie fell in love with a crow.
When she was around, he was a glow.
It cannot be true!
Said Mother Prue.
I will bring him home by his big toe.

So she did what she said she was going to do.
She dragged Raymond Magpie by his left shoe.
There he stays
Pinning his days
Wishing his mama was not a racist shrew.

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: anniversary, humorous,

Ace Cletus O'Toole - Famous Skywriter

Pilot Cletus O'Toole climbed in his plane and sailed for the blue!

  'Twas their wedding anniversary for him and his wife Mary Sue.

He intended to write in the sky, "MARY SUE I LOVE YOU!"

   Things went well 'til mischievous winds shifted and his plan fell askew!

Curiously, the winds wrote, "MARY SUE YOU OLD SHREW!"

   When Cletus landed Mary Sue unleashed a scathing hullabaloo!

She grounded hubby Cletus O'Toole and he never again flew!

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: courage, literature, love,

Baptista's Two Daughters

There is a wealthy merchant living in Padua. He goes by the name of Baptista. His daughters are Catherine and Bianca. Younger Bianca has suitors standing in line. Bianca is a pleasant woman men consider fine. Older Catherine is not as sweet as she. Catherine is quite irascible and unruly. Baptista wants Catherine to be the first to marry. No man was brave enough to give it a go; until someone came along named Petruchio. Based on the play "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: age, devotion, life, loneliness, longing, love, miss you,

Forgotten Love

Written for For Richard Lamoureux' Gender Bender Contest

I know that we're older, that true
No way we can do, what we used to do
Your Armor was shining and answered my prayers
You came to my rescue, ran hands through my hair
Now, my hair gray, And I'm feeling blue
Where has my Knight gone too

I'll always be here at you side
Even if maybe, our love's, gone and died
I pray to the heaven's,  and hope that's not true
Cause I,  don't no what else to do

I gaze at you sleeping my dear
But it's not enough, that you are so near
I need you to hold me like you used to do
Tickle and fold me while taming your shrew
No way we could do what we used to do
But, where Has My night gone too.

by Michael Degenhardt |
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Self Proclaimers

Such rapier wit that cuts right through
With quick tongues that can’t tame the shrew
There is nothing left or better for them to do
Except belittle all they meet

There is no concept of wrong or right
They’ll speak their thoughts just to start a fight
They are always alone most day and night
For of love, they are deplete

Perhaps, by chance, they’ll one day learn
Respect’s not taken, it must be earned
Right and wrong, will they discern?
I pray it happens so

But until that day, they’ll so confine
Themselves to torture, like doing time
For they won’t have, friendships to find
They’ll be no friends at all to show

by Gershon Wolf |
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Not the 'Me' That You Normally See

Where would I be without all my cups of coffee?
   Mired in a funk, completely at sea
In fact, I can tell you I would hardly be me
   At least not the 'me' that you normally see

I'd be really mean without my dose of caffeine
   The crankiest crank the world's ever seen
Why, I'd shout and I'd yell; I'd shout and I'd scream
   At those whom I love, the loudest, it seems

I'd take credit for doing what I didn't do
   At the slightest offense, I'd try to sue you
For all that you're worth, you stupid, dumb fool
   As I cackle the cackle of the wickedest shrew 
All this for lack of coffee, the drug I prefer
   ~ Without which, to reefer I might have to defer

by Panagiota Romios |
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L Is For Love

L is for Love

Even for those, who do not think as you.

Sure, you may disagree, but the Lord, 
commanded you love others through
and through.

So hard to do, when fellow poets harm 
and harass you.

But the Lord said, to forgive them, and 
do not be a shrew.

Those big of heart, do really forgive and 
are part of a unity crew.

They maintain their dignity and individuality, 


by Robert Pettit |
Categories: literature, love,

Set Her Straight

Catherine is like a shrew. What are we going to do? Petruchio, set her straight right now, before it's too late! Based on the play "The Taming of the Shrew" by William Shakespeare

by Howard Manser |
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brass wears a thin veneer
warped reflections fractured mirror

façade is a snapshot, a picture that lies
candied veneer for childlike eyes
tricked are the feuding fussing folk
conned by canned silver-tongued smoke

she spoke of two with metaphor
consequence and heretofore
laced by pouring a bawdy brew
sweetened with a blinding cue

she hypnotized 
dancing emerald eyes
trapped me in her wily guise   

we drank a tepid tea for two
concocted by a crafty shrew
sweaty salty we both withdrew
bidding a sweet adieu

swirling clouds blind to blur
tantrums twist failing cure
plans are the unopened wish
goals reek of rotting fish

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: animal, conflict, extended metaphor, flower, husband, wife,

In Naught Out Wins Love

*Image of Harvest Mouse by KK News. In Naught Out Wins Love Prime blooms tryst dawns dew midst steel spires vaunts vaults blue save roots points of view wrought grounds too firm to gauge through yields sound replete for that shrew 2021 September 04