Love Poems About Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu Love Poems
by Pat Adams |
Categories: bird, character, word play,

From a Woodpecker

A woodpecker, flew straight at him,
Its sharp beak, stuck in his head
Then it flew back up to its nest
As for him, "He'll live!", the doc said!

But his life sure was not easy
To see a bird, was his worst dread
Rarely did he venture outside
He became known as, "Pecker head"

He tried to take it in his stride,
Though of course he was appalled
What if it was a Shih Tzu attack?
Imagine what he might be called!

But he found true love with, "Willow"
Though she was quite pushy, it's true
Soon they were seen all over town 
Pecker head and pushy Willow too!