Love Poems About Sheep or Sheep Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
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Searching For Happiness

I love to wander
amongst meadows and fields,
the sky's like blue satin
the lake's like a sheet.
The air's pleasantly cool,
as birds chirp and glide
and crickets, as is their wont
invent an orchestral chant.

There in a bower
two young lovers meet,
their arms are entwined
in a sweet embrace,
and quickly the sweethearts
with a lingering amorous kiss
seal their secret loving retreat.

Bells suddenly summon
a flock of white sheep,
I dare not count them
Afraid I'd go to sleep.

The spring is still gushing,
thin reeds in abundance
on the uneven edge.
Serenity surrounds me
All's beauty and grace
For Lord, you are everywhere
Giving us hope and care.

by Donna Golden |
Categories: april, happiness, star,

Admittedly Aries

If we have butted heads and you're feeling run over
If the words that I speak send you running for cover
If my swift, wicked comebacks can sting like none other
Know, as much as I fight, deep inside I'm a lover

I'll embrace the STRENGTHS and fight the WEAKNESS
But I'm not sure I'll ever be the type for MEEKNESS
Born the year of the SHEEP under the sign of the RAM
You can hate me or love me, but I who I AM

by David Smalling |
Categories: allegory, life, nature, blue, blue,


Heaven's furry sheep
Grazing the light atmosphere
Bares blue the sky's bloom

Clouds were made to weep
Not paint portraits on blue air
Trees without perfume

The virtual sea
These Jason's sail, hides nothing
Except death's surprise

The eyes graze the deep
Visions of the mind, what fear
Like frosty waves leap

From the hearts dark sea
The wind of thoughts in rags bring
Logic's cold demise

Love should not regret
The fancy of the heart, wing
It, denying death

For clouds' sheep are dreams
Dream's love are clouds, the blue air
With new magic teems

by Ryan Tyler |
Categories: abuse, bullying, child abuse, childhood, religion, sad, violence,

The Wild Child

My past was violent.
My world was quaint.
They made me a demon,
instead of a saint.
My past was full of cruelty.
They called it love.
I only felt the darkness,
as they preached from above.
They said I was a sinner,
that I should change my ways.
Whilst I cried with fury,
I hoped, an end to my days.
They shackled my wrists,
and tried to warp my mind.
Telling me, in Gods love,
freedom I would find.
With pride and arrogance,
they did this to a child.
They tried to birth a sheep.
Born rather, an animal that is wild.

-Angel Fatale-

by John Lawless |
Categories: winter,

Winter's Gods - For Contest

Winter’s Gods

Numb feet slowly shuffle through light snow
cold stinging hands reach out in hope
clouds deny pale warmth of sun
ice crystals frame pained empty eyes

Hope has fled as leaves before a gale
love - succumbed for lack of fire
charity - ensconced in a black kettle
bells calling not the faithful – but the fearful

Churches feed the hungry - watered broth
insufficient to the needs of broken souls
shelters without stars or angels
lost sheep in search of shepherds touch

Winter in the heart of frozen Gods
unable to undo a season’s wrath

John G. Lawless

submitted to – Write Me A Winter Poem – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Broken Wings

by Tom Valles |
Categories: christian, lonely, love,

The Touch

Who knows how long the leper lived,
Since last he felt a touch?
Who knows the depth of suffering
And solitude of such?

The torment of his body
And the exile of his soul!
To be cast out and ostracized,
Despised with none to hold.

While none would dare be near him,
One knew how he yearned.
While others ran for cover,
This One stopped and turned.

No one could attend him.
This man was all alone.
Until the hand of Jesus
Was willing to atone.

Heaven sent, compassion bound
The Shepherd found this sheep
Distorted, wounded kneeling down,
He raised him to his feet.

He closed the open wounds
And straightened limbs once curled.
Jesus touched the leper with,
The touch felt ‘round the world.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: kiss, love, nature,

Meander In the Valley

We meander off the beaten path, 
A veritable sally,
Admiring the flight of lively swallows 
Above the green vast valley.

Puffy white clouds form and reform,
Methinks, one looks like a galley.
The twittering birds in perfect harmony, 
Look like a rally.

Sheep graze here and there,
How lovely to be able to dilly dally.
We find some rest beneath a shady willow
And steal a kiss from my pretty Sally.

One Kiss?  What a poor show,
Finally, I could not keep the tally.
Enchanted and happy, 
We just meander back to our alley.

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: appreciation, brother, inspirational,

Behind a Brothers Bond

Behind A Brothers Bond

Always there amidst your decussate despair, behind the wall of sleep
A heart to share with your ensuant err, comforting your wall of weep
A simple soul to make you healthy whole, a brother in my heart I keep
In their goal with a rationed role, they are the guardians of their sheep
With a brothers bond there’s a quick respond, a strength we may reap
Never conned with a giving spawned, a brother’s love in a divers deep.

The Hollies - 'He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother'

When line SIX is a perfect FIX. 
Sponsored by: Silent One

by Anthony Amero |
Categories: introspection, lost love, people, sad


It was taken away,
	stolen at night,
when I wasn’t looking, which isn’t right.

It was pulled from me,
	as I lay asleep,
taken like a wolf would take out a sheep.

I had offered it up,
	as a precious gift,
but now in my chest is a giant rift.

A thief I had loved,
	turned away from me,
and let the true nature of that thief be.

How do I get it back,
	I want a fresh start,
but how do you replace a stolen heart?

by Gary Radice |
Categories: england, love, memory, time,

Secret Streams and Waterfalls

far from the madding roads and cars
this green and pleasant land of ours

conceals beyond its dry stone walls
secret streams and waterfalls

where stepping stones dyed green by moss
lie half submerged and reach across

to distant fields of eighties' skies
where grazing sheep still vocalize

and move away as we both pass
along 'our path' across the grass

rekindling memories as it weaves
of long lost bonfires burning leaves

towards a place called yesterday:
'over the hills - and far away'.

by Melanie D |
Categories: faith, introspection, life, sad

His Little Sheep

I didn't realize how hard it'd be
To sit here where I am
Listening to words I used to love;
Now being the wolf among you lambs
In my seat, I began to cry
The tears you all could see
Your heads are turned but I still feel
All your eyes on me
I can't stand to hear He loves me
and that He's greater than my heart
That he'd readily forgive me
If in the path of repentance I'd start
I can't seem to do it all
Into this world, I'm far too deep
New friends, new goals, new everything
I'm no longer His little sheep

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: bible, inspirational,

My Rendition of Psalm 23

The Lord’s my shepherd, my soul He doth keep, I shall not want, for I’m His well-fed sheep, In green pastures, He makes me to lie down, Leads me beside still waters of renown, My soul He restores, protects and feeds me, In the paths of righteousness, He leads me, Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I’ll fear no evil, for You hold my breath, You’re ever with me, Your love makes me whole Your rod and Your staff, they comfort my soul, You set a table for me midst my foes, You anoint my head, my cup overflows, Goodness and mercy will sure follow me, I’ll dwell in God’s house for eternity. 06.08.2021

by Ifeanyi Obinefo |
Categories: 12th grade,

We Are the Light of the World

Darkness isn't born,
It is created by snuffing out the light,
Sorrow does not exist,
Except in the absence of happiness.

Dark people with dark intentions,
Appearing as a sheep but with the heart of a wolf,
Evil things lurking in the shadows,
Lying in wait to devour the sons of GOD.

But just as the light illuminates and vanishes a shadow,
so also when we gather every knee shall bow,
For love, Hope and Faith is our symbol of strength,
No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper.



by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: humor,

True Winners

I love men and women who stand for what is right.
Most cave to evil, thinking to be part of a group is true might. 

Mouse minds untrained in human transformation.
Follow media like sheep, drunk on boarding trains at the swilling 
No Brains Station!


by George Christos |
Categories: animal, love, men, mountains, nature, ocean, planet,

I Love Nature

I love the plants, bushes and trees
And the birds, animals and bees
I love the hills, rivers and creeks
And the ocean, beach, and mountain peaks
I love the fish, sharks and sheep
And to just watch a grasshopper leap
I love the insects, spiders, and other bugs
And even the ants, wasps and slugs

I feel peace and love in nature
But man looms the biggest danger.
With mining, farming and agriculture
He circles around like a vulture.

by Krissy Ward |
Categories: caregiving, family, life, love, mother, son, sweet, sweet,

Good Morning Sweet Angel

Good morning, sweet angel.
I hope your dreams were sweet.
We have a busy day today,
Lots of new friends to meet.
Good morning, sweet angel.
Open those pretty eyes.
Your smile is as sweet
As ten million apple pies.
Good morning, sweet angel.
The birds are startting to cheep.
It's time to wake up now,
And stop counting sheep.

by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: humorous, prayer, religious, sleep,

When You Can'T Sleep

I have a secret that is very simple.
I’ll share it with you if I may.
When you can’t sleep,
Don’t  count  sheep.

Pray for those you love,
And  those who don’t love you.
Pray for your friends,
And for your enemies too.

Pray for your family-
All of them,  not  just one or two.
Pray for everyone who is sick, hurting, or lost.
And when you feel  you are through,
Pray for you.

by Keisha Waldron |
Categories: abortion, august, beautiful, birth, blessing, butterfly, childhood,

My Life

My life is like a marry go round
in the beginning it was full of 
joy and laughter. In the middle
i find love also  i was green.
I have been use and abuse i have 
been lie to an tease in school even 
were lock up as a teen. For know
reason my life story i can write a
book even about my childhood. I
always were the black sheep still
am i don't know if this my mom karma
or just a plain disaster.So i get on my knees
and pray faster.I were always looking 
for love in all the wrong place until
my kids came along  and i saw  there face
my life line, my heart beat even when i put
them to sleep they are my life.

Keisha Waldron

by Diiamond Rich |
Categories: life

Criminals- Part3- Fiction

I hate a fool..
one who never sees the angles
of the most important things
I heard sheep are produced from such acts
of betrayal, with that said  the entire town 
spoke to their loving criminals daily
and never knew we were the ones performing magic
with their ancient valuables.
But this part is not about that
its about what drove me to find the right ones
to commit such a sin
and why a place I love so dearly
with their secrets and hatred for something
different and free
now you have to deal with us society
and don't worry no one will die or be hurt
no one will slowly become a slave 
non like you I have compassion...
We believe in God not ourselves. To be continued..

by Brenda Rose |
Categories: absence, emotions, family, how i feel, missing, money, relationship,

Costly Love

If every black sheep of the family
Became a billionaire
Then maybe others of that family
Would want then more to share.

It is so then they’ll testify,
“By God, we have not been unfair!”
If so by God then answer please,
“What did it cost to care?”

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, imagination, nature, places

Old Man of Storr

On the Isle of Skye
Lives Old Man of Storr
A varied and impressive mountain
Featured in tall tales of men of yore

Beauty is all around him
But humble he remains
When one reaches his rim
Miles and miles of glory are attained

Upon his slopes, sheep
Love to skip and romp
Just the environment steep
For their daily tromp

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: family, love,

A Family Affair

Angry and confused, I climbed the stairs.
My family was dear to me
I could not help shedding tears.
Could the lighthouse provide me with a key?
Outside the tempest roared, stormy seas so deep.
Yet the lighthouse was a solace to me.

My daughter in her room asleep.
Why did my wife call her a black sheep?
A solution my wife had to find.
One can't keep her daughter confined.
They need to bond and be aligned.

Problems with family affairs.
One of course could only plea.
All she had to do was open the door and peep
Resolve to speak quietly and kind.                
The storm abated, so I returned to my family
With a hope that mother and child will find sanity.

by Craig Cornish |
Categories: life,


What reason shuns our born and lifelong vows
to celebrate the lives that sell their souls,
and conscience where a humble heart allows 
a hope for furtive thoughts a lost love stole.
While nonchalant, the world forgets its birth
and measures value by another god
whose graven gilded form defies its worth -
the tin is hidden by a gold facade.
Now Hollywood consumes the devil's sheep,
a flock who sacrificed their own sad lives;
upon the crimson carpets where they creep,
each posing in their struggle to survive.
The love that's lost for self within the smiles,
is found before the Heaven's holy trials.

by Daniel Human |
Categories: life, lost love, people, poverty, sad,

The Garden Gnome

The man walked up the alley
A shepherd in a valley
Looking for that one lost sheep
When WhatsApp gives a beep
The man took our his phone
An ape picks up a bone
And uses it as a tool
To bash the brainless fool
The sheep had wandered off
As the feet on pavements scoff
Walking past the man seeking alms
Ignoring the poor lady selling charms
The man walked to his home
To his garden and its gnome
Expecting love and tea
And his baby on his knee
The sheep is out there cold
And the whino’s face is old
But not wizened or sagely
Merely worn out and agely
The Shepherd cries a tear
For the sheep so lost right here
In their homes
With garden gnomes
With eyes wide shut

by Gary Fields |
Categories: bible, birth, dedication, earth day, hope, light, men,

Shephred On

I follow you there
And be thy sheep
Do doth' memory
Let the sanctified sheep
Slumber as the sleep
Fore there is a measure
With-out measure beyond
       .... Compare
For those who receive the Cloth
     Restoration is there
   With peace and love
Far beyond compare...
You can feel it in the air
It is every where...

Gary Fields