Love Poems About Shark or Shark Love Poems
by Gary Smith |
Categories: humorous, longing,

I Am Just What I Am

Here I sit on the ocean bed
Just sifting mud and ooze,
But If it was up to me
It's not the life I'd choose.

It's dark down here, there's creepy things
All looking for a feast
So I live on tenterhooks,
Hiding from the beasts.

To be higher up the food chain
Is where I'd love to be,
But to be a shark, or a huge blue whale
Was not my destiny.

So my life is what it is,
I am just what I am.
But it's no fun at the bottom,
It's no fun being a clam.

Entry for
Personification poem of a pet, wild animal or insect Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin
2/9/18. Placed 6th.

by Michael Todd |
Categories: adventure, fish, fun, poetry, sea, silly, word play,

Sea Life

I'd love to live a sea life,
there's just so much to do.
It would never ever be boring,
in the deep deep ocean blue.

I could juggle with clownfish,
sunbathe with the rays,
take off with the pilot whales,
and go blading with skates

Blow balloons with the pufferfish,
play pool with a shark
go hunting with sea lions,
teach a dogfish to bark

I could strum with guitarfish,
play piano with tunas,
make jazz with a bass,
then go solo with groupers

And we'd all have sea-cucumber sandwiches for lunch,
and jellyfish for desert.

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: absence, war,

Ugly Poem

Broken glass world
pithed with black flags
madmen and misfits.
Where is our god in all this fantastic muck? 
Atop an out of touch mountain top...
Salving wounds of savant sons?

Far below all the rest flayed and salted. 
mostly forgotten
Our collective-depressive monkey minds fleeing to
origami boats. 
Drifting upon shark finned ponds.
Flaming arrows line the shores.
Ribbed strays and one-legged orphans
turning tricks for milk and crumbs 
and the rustic prosthetic called 

by Devin Irving |
Categories: leaving, love, lust, sexy,


The fabric of my flesh,
Once pure as a wedding dress
Is stained with intoxicating venom
From your love bites.
Thin red threads dance along my back,
Spun by nails like razors and passion’s grip.

My body sinks into you,
Like my fingers into memory foam 
When your shark-like teeth sank into me.
Aching muscles, the dawn of exhaustion
Rises through my body with the morning sun.

by Ram R. V. |
Categories: funny,

Know Your Name-Droppers

Untrue, harmless, "I phoned Schwarzenegger..."
True, harmless boast: "I love my Srinagar.” 
Surreal:  "The shark killed me."
Dubious: “FBI? John, it’s me. ”
True, untrue, dubious— or just a swagger?


by Sloppy Joe |
Categories: bridal shower, candy, december, desire, first love, gender, hair,

Soups Only For the Poor

Soup is only for the poor
But seriously I want more
If only I could drink the broth
I would kill an animal, maybe a moth
I need a spoon to eat this junk
I'm in a boat, a shark hit it, now i'm sunk
I'm living on the side of the road
But I've got soup, it's not too cold
Even though it's winter
I wish I could use a dang fork
Possibly even kill someone in new york
Soup should only be given to the poor
Maybe, soon, I might score
Then again, I live on the street 
I'm always getting beat up, always beat
That's why I need soup
Because it's for the poor.

by Carole Duet |
Categories: gender, love,

In the Closet

His heart is silent.
He speaks no more
  of things and scenes that went before,
  before he knew who hides.
In the closet he still abides.

He never sings or speaks sweet words.
He just stands there in the dark
  watching and waiting like a hungry shark.

Someday he'll look in the mirror
  and see the one he always knew.
He'll love and accept him.
He'll start anew.

When that day comes I'll still be here
   smiling and waiting to wipe each tear.
I'll say, "I love you no matter what."
"Just be happy. Don't give up."

By:  Carole O'Terry Duet
       Copyright 2006
       "All Rights Reserved"

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: heart, love, sexy,


Eyes hypnotic, body exotic-
Envelop me in your embrace!
Oh, I fear your touches toxic-
They set my Heart to race!
As is my fashion, a hostage of passion,
And bathed in an amorous flood
And now I feel my feelings gnashing-
Like a shark that senses Blood!

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, character, fish, fishing,

Fisherman of the Sea--

Oceans view Watery hues; Lord, adventurer! Never love a tuna; Ah, desolationer! Where is the lively sail? ~fisherman of the sea~ Sailors sail mermaids call; Are they real; Or is the sailor dreaming; Clouds endure like small sails; The wave travels like a misty sun; Seashells die! Why does the breeze fly? Lord, adventurer! Are they real; Those shark and tuna hunter; ~fisherman of the sea~

by Tabitha Mathis |
Categories: absence, death, first love, friendship, how i feel, i miss you, romance,

Where Are You

Where Are You
I've looked through the waters,
Watched the sun as it goes down,
Sat on the rock for days,
Nothing but beautiful sounds,

The ocean calm as it can be,
Not a dolphin in site,
A whale nor a shark,
Just a beautiful sun light,

I miss you so much,
What shall I do?
I'm in my feelings now,
Where are you?

By: Author Tabitha R Mathis

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: hurt, imagery, pain, relationship, sad love,

Soul Mates Never To Be

He stared at her as though she was devoured
half-way by a great white shark; a look of "I can't help you,
though I wish there was something I could do". Love they sowed
was being watered by another man.....

by Stevie Yost |
Categories: christian, dark, desire, love, lust, drug,

Psycho Mind

She makes no sense to me, but the way she speaks has me on the edge of my seat.
She hit this heart of mine faster then a heart attack an quicker then a shark attack.
An here I stand, craving her an that sinful love we could create.   
Hell is where I'll go if I keep wanting her like this, but I cant help it when she looks so good. 
She's a drug that I cant stop taking when wanting her has me in the psycho mind set.

by Lord Addo-Yobo |
Categories: love,

What Is Love

Love is so pure
Love is all sure
Love is a cure

Love is not blind
Love has a mind
Love leaves a shine

Love has a spark
Love leaves a mark
One,like a shark

Its like a dove
Sitting above
Now that is Love

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love

Love On a Lark

On a truant stroll did embark
Amorous libertine on a lark
Half past eight, almost dark
Chance encounter in the park
Whimsical glance hit the mark
Scintilating essence; a meadowlark
Glowing eyes radiated a spark
Glimmering lips lust did earmark
Craven, black hair so sleek, so stark
Bleating bosom her beaconing bulwark
Cleavage mapped by tight, clinging sark
Hips slithering along like a careening shark
Silken nylons her sensuous trademark
Writhing, to her milky nectar I did hark

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure


Destroyer ~ Poet
Contest Name	first love poem~ (on the soup)


Poland I know was where we were
 i was him and you were her
 we laughed and danced and sprung about
but i was just a village lout
 yes you were fine of feature, grand
but i went by sea and left the land
i saw no more of you i slipped
over the side when the rigging ripped 
great white shark won't let me be
teeth rip great holes, in i see,   
and just before the shark took me
 i thought of you sweet chastity
Don Johnson

by Liza Salmon |
Categories: adventure,


Why does the sun die?
All captains view lively, rainy waves.
Endure quietly like a cold wind.
Why does the whale wave?
Endure swiftly like a misty breeze.
Why does the girl travel?
Shores endure like clear shores.
Shores travel!
Golly gosh, loves!
Old, big ships roughly desire an old, rough shark.
Clear, old clouds swiftly command an old, small mast.
Courage, desolation, and faith.
The sail endures like a small mainland.
All gulls love misty, cold winds.
The captain sails like a stormy pirate.
The mainland rises like a clear seashell.

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: truth,


TRUTH dove, it never was of peace, of dryland found. shove, some need it to get them off the mark. love, affection for whatever; each other, sound. above all be one's self so don't live in the dark. dark, beware, or you can share it with a lover. park up, nay, an arboretum, trees can be fun. shark; man-eaters, no, a new food discovered. hark! the call of natures spring, new life begun!

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: happiness, imagery, life, love, marriage, relationship, romantic,


They draw love-hearts on their saucers,
after they've cleared their date lunch.

They play "shark-and-swimmer" in the pool,
as they laugh and tease each other.

They kiss deeply under the streetlights,
not worried about paparazzi or muggers. 

They throw each other paper planes carrying
love letters, as they wait for the standing comedian
to begin his show.

Words most common in their phone messages
are "Darling" , "Sweetheart" , "Vanilla" , 
"Celestial Popsicle" and many more.....

Sometimes they get lost away from civilization,
and joke about their past relationships,
as they find the nearest tarmac road.

They've resigned from the saying "Marriage
has no happiness".

by Ian Petch |
Categories: introspection, life, people, philosophy, social, visionary

Dark Homecoming

Dissolving all ideals
The reasons trapped in ice
Evil changed its tactic
And our love beckoned the night

Desperately clinging
To the dawn of all descent
Heartless our shaping
All good has now been spent

Demonstrations calling
Become what we all see
Decayed and animalistic
Because everything agrees

The danger in not knowing
That a shark can only bleed
It eats at itself slowly
Or it become another’s meat

And this is what is calling
From the pain that we call home
Where everything now festers
Where everyone’s alone

by J Hamilton Gist |
Categories: conflict,


Thus of the darkness
Reaps an attitude suspended in itself
Therefore audiblelizing a vocal pattern low in pitch.

So it vents character upon character
Cloud upon cloud thus speaks
A savage truth from love heartless.

Mugged, shark bitten and a parent of 
Apparent worth from vows undone loud
Compartmentalizing thus in lots.

To what thus is not
Like a vagabond searching for farts
Sin, forced need and slop.

Thus claws, screams and stops
Because touch is lost in a maggot pond burping up art
Thus appears to love in parts.

And when thus is stopped
Clouds clear, darkness is lit
Until thus becomes thus in fits...

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: love, passion, , sweet love,

Feasting In the Dark

By Michael J Falotico

                                                   Our bed is like the ocean..
                                             Waves of passion cover our sanction..
                                     I sway through the sheets like a hungry shark..
                                 Searching for a meal or your sweet love in the dark..
                           A night of feasting on our prey, till the morning of a new day..

by Robb A. Kopp |
Categories: food, sea

Love Goes Around

I love shark, bass, ling, king, and flounder 
They make me a little rounder

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights reserved ©MMX

by Williamsji Maveli |
Categories: beauty, change,

Longing For a Change

I am dark; but brave like a shark,
The flames of sun made me dark;
a pretty women admire my power;
Trusting me, adoring me, forever;
her pure love lay ahead, beyond;
so silently, like a gentle wind;
For me, it is a real challenge;
Two hearts longing for a change;
Love is not blind; that is the last;
even after we go for a final rest !


by Fahmeem Sheikh |
Categories: cheer up, dedication, emotions, hope, inspiration, life, power, success,

A Lesson

Dancing in failure,
Laughing when you fall...
need no one to make you smile 
'cause to your happiness only you can call!

Life takes a turn each passing moment,
Have faith in what you do,
...and you shall overcome every torment!

Success is desired even by your enemy,
Smile and defeat them merrily...

No one will stand by you when it's dark,
you can light your own path, only you can kill the deadly shark...

It's all in you, you can make everyone happy!
Be a tiger when in danger: when u need love, be a puppy...
You need not be scared of anything, you're not under the knife,
Spread love all around, That's a Lesson for Life...!

by Aleesha Frank |
Categories: children, funny, happiness, hope, life, love


I'm scared of the dark
I'm scared of a shark
I'm scared of bees
and i'm scared of flees

I'm scared of ghosts
I'm scared of boats
I'm scared of rats
and i'm scared of bats

I'm scared of war
I'm scared of a boar
I'm scared of a bug
and i'm scared of love

But i'm not scared of butterflies
I'm not scared of a baby cries
I'm not scared of trees
and i'm not scared of a cool breeze

I'm not scared of noise
I'm not scared of boys
I'm not scared of snow
and i'm not scared of a bow

I'm not scared of kitten
I'm not scared of a chicken
I'm not scared of a dove
and I'm not scared of love