Love Poems About Sentiment or Sentiment Love Poems
by Connie Marcum Wong |
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What Causes Me To Love a Poem

What causes me to love a poem 
Is one that lingers in my mind, 
A poem of a kindred spirit kind,
The kind that makes me feel at home.

A solemn poem that makes me cry,
Or one with clever wit and flair,
Or one with sentiment to share,
A poem that causes an awestruck sigh.

The best would sparkle with romance 
The kind that Chris Green writes to prove 
Superlative his words of love, 
Melodic rhyme that woos one to dance

Under a starlet diamond sky 
As poetry whispers in the wind
A sonnet forms in mind to send
Along with dreams to wayward fly.


~Third Place~
Contest Name FAVE | 
Sponsor Line Gauthier 

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: dedication, on writing and words

A Tribute To the Highlander

His talent as a Bard explodes
From an exquisite mind it flows 
Through an instrument of script
Flooding parchment reverberating
Through the psyche creating waves  
Reaching the far ends of the universe 

Words of truth deep sentiment flourish
Propelling legitimate personal emotions 
Giving due praise to brave loyal and true
To God nature his love and fellow Bards and
The magnificent highlands he loves so well
Always uplifting inspiring and sharing 

Accept this tribute from an amateur a friend
With gratitude for reading commenting for 
Being just who you are, The Highlander

by Andreanna Escamilla |
Categories: feelings, hate, heartbreak, leaving, love hurts, poems, poetry,

Muted Love

Not this day No My mouth shall not say The words that linger Trailing broken syllables From memory bay Without meaning I cannot form them Even as I pray Turning in guttural acidic taste By bitter bile way Fumbling resentment Phrase to phase With no sway from sentiment Shall I dare? Shall I say? Nay! Struggle thought Drowning heart turned grey Oh how heavy they drag And scuff the floor from their weight I look at them there in utter dismay Clutching my heels as I walk away I left them there Begging! Just as they left me that day Those words... Once meant for you That I will NEVER again say

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: desire, devotion, love, romance, valentines day,

Zest May Our Love Say

Darling, you are my gift, my treasured gold.
        I braved pain once that our joy might reach crest, 
            So, now for said joy’s passion, answer bold
                  amour's question born from my heart’s own chest:
                      As love’s keen ache, will you crave me with zest?

                      No words trite on this sentiment may lay.
                  Just love words eloquent may our love say.
            Such happy promise dances to please us
       As Cupid’s quest quivers are aimed your way:
   Will my bliss know your shot of lust, kissed thus?

Constance La France
''Z'' Contest, New Or Old - Poetry Contest

January 15, 2017

by Gene Bourne |
Categories: allegory, allusion, character, conflict, devotion, feelings, hope, introspection, love,

Small the Bud

Love is of itself an entity, 
Never knowing when it's touch will be.
Hate appears, a sentiment as well. 
Predators of love in consort dwell.
Cunning with intentions unrevealed. 
Spiteful in its malice to conceal.
Speak the truth to know a friendship's birth, 
Legacy of trust, proclaims your worth.
Time for all who live is all too brief.
Shun beguiling paths that lead to grief.
Look beyond impressions you assume. 
Small the bud, so beautiful the bloom. 

Gene Bourne 

by Caribbean Seawolf |
Categories: adventure

For Francine Roberts

'Tis true Francine... those lovers two...
On that Road to Kiloree...
Were to find a path quite new...
As love they found under oaken tree...
Yet theirs was naught but journey bright...
As your sentiment didst see...

Thus 'tis so must now I go...
Amidst those thoughts of yours...
To find my way to pen of day...
Those lovers we'll continue to know...

For yours the wish so found within...
Is goal of lofty worth...
And I? Indeed... shall be pressed to pen...
The why, the what, the when.


by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: growing up,

Phases of Life

As small children we are wide eyed and innocent,
toddle after Mommy like baby elephants,
go to school to learn with our writing implement,
our parents hoping that we don't act indolent,

As teens upon graduation were confident,
some acting wild while others are reticent,
finding our jobs and falling in love relevant,
some marry while others act more dissident,

When we get old hopefully were still intimate,
thinking back on our lives with heartfelt sentiment,
being nice with people till death is imminent,
eulogy at funeral will be evidence.


by Ts Poetry |
Categories: flower, love, water,


Stillness seduces serenity amid fresh blue sky reflection an encapsulation of mind romancing her through time toes dipped in calming waters filled with reds and greens lotus, love, light looking back to see warmth played upon the skin in more than a soothing touch a kiss to the lips notes of a symphony ringing in orbs of hope and sentiment laying down upon pillows of night in the third hour of the thirty-third minute we stir, alive cradling, arms of a lover life slowly moving with tide the breath of tomorrow awaits a whisper the flower she sways in the moonlight the lioness sleeps inside

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

I Traipse Across Your Page

I traipse across your page dining on the inflection amid reflection and amorous dalliance diluting my soul ever so slowly dipping my fingers into you the scent of sentiment I'm not like the bee, the butterflies or the bear searching for honey I'm a string strung out for all to see wrapping the bits around my finger each loop a perfect memory meant to last a lifetime dip me in holy waters cross my heart and kiss my sky there's no fraying or temptation just freedom in the feeling I shall wander in your eye

by Michael Ainsley |
Categories: appreciation,

Here the Heart Breaks a Little Bit

Here the heart brakes a little bit! Checking on poet's to find out that they've been gone or at best are not posting anymore.I just discovered some that I would love to praise and thank profusely for touching my heart again with the loving touch of perfectly placed sentiment  and words.But where are they now.You do know I miss you don't you.I miss you,everyone and my heart breaks a little bit with the thought that you may not come again

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: blessing, love, thanksgiving,


Oh, divine love,
You that succeed in unifying:
Our hearts
Our minds, and
Our souls
Who merge our beings,
Into ONE,
So each is replicated by   
The other,
With the:
Same feelings
Same thoughts
Same energy
Same concern, and
Same devotion
Who never leave
A heart's beat unduplicated
A sentiment unmatched
A smile unreturned
A tear unanswered
A pain unfelt
A life unreciprocated, and
A death unenvied!

To you, oh Love,
My eternal gratitude I would like
To offer


Blessed I am today
You, at last, I have

©Demetrios Trifiatis
    04 February 2021

by Ariane Hill |
Categories: heart, love, romance,

Heart of Mine

O, heart of mine! You've been so confused. 
In the past, you've been nothing but abused. 
And now that there's someone I want to let in,
You decide your patience has worn thin. 
But heart, I promise! In him, you can trust!
It's so much more than sentiment; 
It's so much more than lust!
This is it! It's the real; it's the truth,
Though such hasty development is so uncouth. 
I'm exposing my emotions, my thoughts to unveil
The simple fact that this just can't fail. 
I swear it to you; I won't ask again. 
Just one last time, please let him in!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy,

Bubbling Bliss

the joy current
sentiment love
present within


by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, devotion, emotions, inspirational love, love, romantic love, wisdom,

Depth of Love

Light travels at a constant speed

though bent, attracted and absorbed – 

is love so different from its beaming
physical counterpart, dear wave 
that truly recalls a soul's worth of gleam  

the only ethereal that lingers
within and beyond~sensing even greater 
paths of flight yet to be sourced unimaginable

for what is truly remembered of a valued

outside the breath of a candle
never extinguished for sacredly

like the sentiment of a stone
at a grave-site

where two often lie

when the one departed....

by Trinity Chasara |
Categories: addiction, cute love, dedication, devotion, funny love, love,

I Love the Sound of Your Voice

I love the sound of your voice
My heart sings when you speak
Turns into symphonies and orchestras
Of sweet melodious bliss 
That when my ear tastes
My inner joy swells and abounds
Like a river in spate
Unfettered, deep, and resounding
Fresh as the medleys of life
That feed from infinite vastness
I love the sound of your voice
It is soft as doves, captivating and beautiful
Granted to hear now and ever after
Through morning, noon and night
Summer, winter and spring
Then I would gather each sentiment
Like lilies and toss
Each scent that is hope and peace
Upon the bed of my soul
Where the voice that I love to hear
Would come to me with angel kisses
And be my lullaby.

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life,

Like a Lark

My lady has a passion like a lark Her burning heart is made from a small spark Immortality strikes what’s never lame She’s never burnt by the eternal flame My lover holds some joy here before me In a sentiment unlike what we see There’s solid power through her perfect skies Opening amazement inside her eyes Her love boils to the surface with bubbles She plays a soft harp which in turn doubles Secretly time has eloped through to her A desire that’s unlike any other A myriad purchased by her tenderness Countless touches into my awareness Russell Sivey

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: love,

A Tear Fell

Lips to kiss away
a tear of a mighty man,
finger tips that track
the cheeks of his sentiment
hint’s of the love in his heart.

© Harry J Horsman 2013

by Kim Shaw |
Categories: february, romantic,

Petal Whispers

Every petal says "I love you"
in vibrant sunset orange
Some whisper "I adore you"
as each is plucked and torn

A hundred loving sonnets
Each petal pens amour
Dew drops drip with sentiment
Fragrant with ardor

The heart of every blossom
bursts with love divine
Poetic beats of passion
Each color a new rhyme

Blessed be such youthful zeal
Sweet bouquets a must,
Roses are the fleur du jour
while others gather dust.

by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: love,

Making Him Jealous


Five lovers have I, nimble servants each
One comes to me in ardour where I teach

One comes in curiosity attired
And only leaves when senses all are fired

One comes in blossom with fidelity
He leaves behind a bird’s nest in my tree

One comes to worship at my body’s shrine
Leaves me devotion and a glass of wine

One comes to me without being capricious
Of all his charms I’m the most suspicious

Five faithful servants all do me adore
Until I am their servant, asking more –

I’m beggared but so rich in sex and sentiment
I’ll tax them all for this faithful flower meant. 

published IN MEMORY OF HER Dublin 2008

by Rachel Tate |
Categories: love,

The Prose Solicits the Person

Fairy Tales and as you wishes have warped my mind
Cause with you I have come to find
Like Icarus to the sun, and Annabel Lee to the sea
There's something about your smile that compels me
Like a moth to the flame 
I long to whisper your name
So let the Sirens sing their song
And I will blithely hum along
But as I slip my little black dress on
I wonder could this be a lasting bond
Or like Eleonora in The Valley of the Many-Colored Grass
Am I destined to fall on my ***
Unfortunately, that last sentiment can not matter
Because as everyone knows, it's all about the happily ever after 

For the contest  
Edgar Allan Poe ref Annabel Lee and Eleonora in The Valley of the Many-Colored Grass

by Robert Uy |
Categories: destiny, love,

An Afternoon In February: a Lady's Sentiment

A riddle she could not decrypt,
    He was; and t'was the reason why
To him, her Love she would not give.
    Perhaps she would, someday, in time.

by Shining Bright |
Categories: love, rose,

Sentiment of a Rose

speaks in silence
volumes of the heart
for the giver
the warmth and eternal love 
fresh in the morning dew
 a rose  presents
a blooming bud
of a glowing true love

by Night Prophet |
Categories: crush, cry, feelings, longing, love hurts, sad, sad love,

I Melt With You

There is a method in your madness, A vain and venal nature, You possess and masquerade. I wish you were a mere memory, Not the vast, vertigo inducing Sentiment, which mesmerizes me, Which murders me. Monsters, both of us, darling, Vulnerable and villainous, Muddling each other's feelings, thoughts. What my mawkish heart could not bear, Was your vice, The way you misled me, Matching the pain others had inflicted. Marred by this, I have lost my vivacity, Vitiated by your change of mind.

by Erica Rose |
Categories: absence, cry, desire, for him, loneliness, loss, love,


I can no longer suppress this deep loathing
That writhes and churns, flogs and smothers 
Every loving and tender sentiment within
My sullen mind;
Once filled with vain gaiety and vain desire,
Now embittered.  
Isolation can make weak even the strongest souls,
But a noose to the neck will not ease this pain,
For Death denies such true repose.
Then tell me, how can I ever be at peace,
When alive the guilt kills me so?

by Mark Escobar |
Categories: imagination,

A Landscape of Imagination

Serenity in the island,
with varied inner introspections
so vivid and colorful,
that relationship occurs.

  Smiles greet my day
  as I wake up in the morning.
  with handshakes during the mass,
  a gesture of love;
  with depth in human bonding.

Words accompany my day 
as I leave the place
with wisdom and enthusiasm to say,
"See you later,"
a beautiful parting, a wish of ethical people.

  I can mirror what's inside
  the truth and one's sentiment
  It's an act of reflection,
  a landscape of imagination
  that focuses on human dimension.