Love Poems About Seal or Seal Love Poems
by Buhagiar Victor |
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Searching For Happiness

I love to wander
amongst meadows and fields,
the sky's like blue satin
the lake's like a sheet.
The air's pleasantly cool,
as birds chirp and glide
and crickets, as is their wont
invent an orchestral chant.

There in a bower
two young lovers meet,
their arms are entwined
in a sweet embrace,
and quickly the sweethearts
with a lingering amorous kiss
seal their secret loving retreat.

Bells suddenly summon
a flock of white sheep,
I dare not count them
Afraid I'd go to sleep.

The spring is still gushing,
thin reeds in abundance
on the uneven edge.
Serenity surrounds me
All's beauty and grace
For Lord, you are everywhere
Giving us hope and care.

by Richard D Seal |
Categories: lost love, heart, heart, love, me,

A Mind Made Up

A Mind Made Up

What are you looking  for
Knocking on my door
Your heart to be returned
Now that I am spurned

With pleasure it is yours
Slammed shut are the doors
Take it in your hand
And try to understand

It’s no good coming back
When it’s love for me you lack
All my trust in you is gone
Since you found another one

No matter what you say
There will never be a way
You can talk until your blue
My love has gone for you

So take your heart and go away
And forever from me stay
No more knocking on my door
I’m not what you’re looking for.

R.D.Seal.     25 Jan 2013

by Alexander Kehl |
Categories: absence, deep, depression, feelings, first love,

A Rose For My Sadness

A Rose for my sadness
Is all I ask
Seal it with your kiss
And your magical spark.

A Rose for my sadness
Is all I need
With a glimpse of your smile
And sound of your heartbeat.

A Rose for my sadness
Is all you can give
To aglow the flame
And rekindle the love I keep

A Rose for my sadness
Will surely make me glad
It will erase all the longings
And ease the blunt pain.

A Rose for my sadness
Will bring your touch
Shower me with warmth
Missing you that much.

by Chelsey Moore |
Categories: love, teen,

Blazing With Heat and Passion

Our chemistry is a fire
Blazing with heat and passion
Our feelings are a never ending road
Stretched out with time to share memories

Our eyes are a sunset
Shining bright to create true love
Our lips are the chains
Locked together to seal a kiss

Our hearts are the doors
Open for new experiences together
Our thoughts are a love letter
Speaking words of deep meaning

Being with you, 
Is the world to me
Because our chemistry is a fire
Blazing with heat and passion

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, imagery, love, romantic,

Tie-Dyed Sky

Ebony silhouettes inked by a dying sun, depict two lovers in a synergy of hope. Inseparable dreams have now morphed into one; subservient to the whims of compliant hearts. And azure pools reflect a tie-dyed denim sky; as romantic dreamers seal their love with a kiss. Twinkling stars confetti the emptiness of space; and Dusk's darkness descends as shadows swallow light. Time appears to stand still; reality pauses, and enchanted lovers swim the depths of their souls.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: life, lost love,


Papers, papers that I never
thought I would have to sign.
Is that blood or ink drops
dripping on the dotted line?
Hair matted and stuck like
glue to a dirty head—
as I lay motionless, days
on end in my coffin like bed.

I never knew it was possible
to sob so hard you couldn't
catch your breath—
But now I know, living in this
agony— I would welcome death.
They say only Time will heal
all wounds, so I intently wait
for that elusive moment to come
that will soothingly seal my fate.

© 2012 Connie Marcum Wong

*This poem is dedicated to the
50% of you whose marriages didn't
succeed. I am happy to say I am
on the positive side this time.

by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: death, introspection, missing you,


Death lingers
Not in an essence, or scent-
No spectral aura conjured by tears or laughter,
But through wishes left too late and unspoken
Guesses made in blue ink, seal stamped, and filed.
Your legacy pillaged and raped by suited men
'til it's extorted to to pennies.

Your smile and voice are buried in the stacks.
Documents, bills, and letters to be written
Fill the memory baring your name;
Your scent and laughter long gone.
Given choice, I would pick the lowest memory
Over the reality of perpetual argument and stress.
Perhaps it's better to have left only love.

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: lost love, sad,

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts don't always heal
Regrets may break the seal
Opened then crushed
Killed by Loves demands
Erasing all hope
No longer in command

Hearts that are damaged
Eventually will slow
After life's hardships
Repairs start to show
Tossed onto a pile
Such a sad place to go

Attempting a different style. Hope you enjoy.

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: love, marriage, wedding,

Knotted - Pleiades

Kindled love, promises - 
keepsake blue in her dress,
kindest heart in his chest.
Kapoks sway in soft breeze.
Kindred souls wed beneath.
Knowing joy, lives unite,
kissed lips seal - man and wife!

by Benjamin Joshua Obeng |
Categories: addiction, allegory, appreciation, lost love, love, love hurts, soulmate,

Fire and Ice

If You were fire and I was Ice
I'd extinguish your flame every day
Or just maybe
You would cause me to melt away
We could never exist in each other’s embrace
Because when I hold your hand in mine
That would seal our fate
And that's fine because
Every Cold heart needs a warm touch
And even hot coals need to be cooled
Don't school me about temperature
Don’t make me graduate from my subzero degrees.
So let's  stare  life in the face
We can  take a leap of faith
And there we would  collide
Unruly fire and frosty ice
Your dying embers and my tear shaped drops Would be the last things that remain
Of you being fire and me being ice

by Michael Bell |
Categories: cute love, dream, romantic, sleep,

Peeping Dreams


White mushroom clouds dress ivory shades,
Shadow the moonlight,
 peeping in purple,
lighting the darkness in our space,

I watched upon your hour of slumber,
A smile reflected enchanted face,
How much I wish a window to peep,
To share the dream within your sleep,

Herein I see the depth you hide,
Yet shallow the feelings you cannot hide 
Then softly to kiss your lips to seal,
The moments slept you shall reveal,

by Alesha Roche' |
Categories: love, day, day, love, i love you,


Remember the day i met you
Maybe you don't maybe you do
The way the sun hit your face
The way you walked and moved with such grace
Remember the first day we kissed
How our bodies went into a bliss
You see i love you with me
When i say love i don't mean like i meant love
I just know god sent you from above
Kodak picture perfect moment
The day i consented the truth of how i feel
Will reveal everything i seal 
In my soul
Bold in what i say
Rememeber this and only this
Never miss
Wish for me cause i will always be with you

by The Heart Of Mrsjackson |
Categories: emotions, inspiration, life, love, motivation, poems, poetry,

Glass Tears

I cry a tear
That only I can see
My past, present and future
It's me
Everything I say
And all that I do
A little hazy at times
My tears I see through
Days I feel lost
And A little confused
But the tears I cry
They get me through
The meaning behind the glass
It’s clear
Looking beyond my past
The fear
I cry a tear into a jar
I seal the lid
And send it far
Glass tears I cry
I can’t deny
Stream of emotions
Before I die

Glass Tears

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: friendshipwords, love,

All I Can Do

If I could climb inside your heart I would
seal all the cracks that let love spill away..
I would breathe in to your soul with words
of romance and sweet times for all your days..
I would crawl into your dreams and show a
picture show of love and warmth that gleams..
But I'm just a man who could only offer a paper
full of words and kind thoughts..
A shoulder to catch a tear or two and maybe 
some comfort of love I was taught..
Whether across the hall or a country away..
close your eyes and feel my words any day..

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, betrayal, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, how i feel,

I Let Go

You left to prey on another innocent heart, and yet, it came as no surprise; after all, it was your signature move. My subconscious was willing to overlook the obvious, and attach genuine feelings to love's fake facade. Confused and lonely, I allowed you to breach the seal on my heart with your whispered, witty words. But when we cuddled close, your thoughts seemed so distant, your mettle started showing signs of corrosion; and I tried buffing it with trust and love, but to no avail. I realized our goals would never align, for I had to contort the truth to make it fit your lies. I became tired of hanging on to a lost cause; and so, I let go!

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: rose, valentines day,

- Haiku X 144 - Roses and Passion -

passion and true love
                                        woman seduces a man
                                        fragrant rose ointment

                                         in the sun's last blush
                                    feelings are growing stronger
                                            unbreakable seal

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Haiku  5-7-5

by Emmanuel Paul |
Categories: feelings, inspiration, love, marriage, passion, romance, tribute,

Ode To Marriage

Can I have this hand in marriage dear,
Can you grace me with "I do",
Let the angels sing to Heaven,
Let my heart soar with their tune.
Let us seal our love for we two,
Let no others interfere,
Let Evil, with his one good eye,
Attempt to trick and snare.
Let Age pass on his cares to us,
For bound, we are as one,
We'll ride the heady winds of joy,
Until another song is sung.
Until another song is sung, my love;
We'll drink the drink of fools;
Let passion be our compass,
And a blinding trust our rule.
Let us plant the seeds of new life,
That through Time will resonate,
Let our names be always dear to those,
Who we'll set then on their fate.

by Christopher Emmert |
Categories: faith, life, loss, lost love, love, heart, heart,

Heart Block

I open my heart and let the poison in.
I don't notice it when it first begins.
But then little things begin to occur.
It's now to late for any cure.
I try to ignore these simple signs
I just sit back as the relationship declines.
Now it hurts so much I can no longer ignore.
My legs give way I fall to the floor.
I cry so much I soak the floor.
I wish the truth I had never found.
I hate this pain It hurts so much
I must stop it never be touched.
So I seal my heart In this musty tomb
Hoping someday I can heal these wounds.
Maybe then I can reach out again
And hope to find A loving hand.

by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: love, sad, words,

Watch What You Say

your words were sharp and filled with hate

they cling to me and seal your fate

a broken saddened heart youve bled

and left an empty space instead

we often say the things we feel

which leaves the wounds that life won't heal

as a song remembered in lyrics fed

the saddest part replays instead

over and over the words flow through

like a darkened mask they cover you

loves gifts once opened so bright and new

need only two lovers to keep in view

alas there are some who will never believe

the beauty within only love may conceive...

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, life, love, romance, wife,

Sweet and Kissable

Sweet and tender, they seal a bond,
Movements caress preciously to all.
With trembles, they will call.
Especially of yours I am fond.
They cast spell like a wizard’s wand.
Captured I was, when I saw.
My heart tied in a ball.
Pressing onward I respond.

Lips such as yours are my delight.
When ours meet, emotional treat,
Sensual feelings ever so bright,
Ardor expands without defeat.
Each kiss of morning or night,
Our souls locked, lovers complete.

written on 7/21/12

written by Cecil Hickman

by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
Categories: love, love, rainbow, , sweet love,

Love Inside a Rainbow

"Love Inside a Rainbow" weave a mysterious magic spell beneath golden glimmer of yellow Moon cast a dream coin into a wishing well as a love potion feeding from silvery spoon. entwine soft fragile fibers flame beyond dark drape of midnight hour as the whispering wind haunting a name as beautiful as love's fragrant flower. thread silk strings of broken hearts to heal hurt and pain with twilight's hue seal with a kiss as fear departs to carve initials inside a rainbow view. sweet love radiates as passions dew as vibrant as a rainbow's view.
*For P.D.'s Rainbow Contest

by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: love,

Respect Vs Love

Sages say it's wise to persist
In striving for respect over love.
Such counsel I readily dismiss
One is set here, the other above.

Respect requires a clinical bent
Empathy-empty in the joints.
But love lodges everywhere sent
Heals, blesses, and anoints.

Respect eschews a pardoned act
Fearing a weakness be exposed.
But loves sustains itself intact
Caring not for what is supposed.

Prioritize respect if still you will
Seal it fast in bones and soul.
Know though when life bodes ill
It's love that makes it whole.

by Simona Dancila |
Categories: autumn, hope, hyperbole, life, love, magic, time,

Autumn Leaf In Paradise

I can see it in your eyes:
Autumn Leaf in Paradise,
and I fear for all the trees
full of stupid theories
about never-ending summer
while The Big Hand holds a hammer
above all fragility
and I wonder if you see
Autumn Leaf in Paradise
softly glowing in my eyes
like an answer and a seal
in the last tree on the hill.

by Funom Makama |
Categories: journey, life, love, marriage,

From Wedding To Marriage

The exchange of vows begins the Journey
love, patience and trust, the needed money
to make every meal
and open every seal
one where bitter leaf spices much honey

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: kiss,

A Kiss

To lift your eyes slowly, unveils your face
I'll search its contour, what it may reveal
The world departs now and will leave no trace
Warm lips caress then bond, a fragile seal
This kiss from passion gives my spirit pause
Whether it's from love, or a burning need
To open desire, for its wanton cause
We'll live with our reasons lovers concede
I shall never squander this precious realm
I'll cultivate its field with a slow hand
Play in the lush garden that overwhelms
and enjoy its fragrance sweet, senses command

If love be of deed that a kiss could tell
Then time falls silent in its space we dwell