Love Poems About Seahorse or Seahorse Love Poems
by Mike Gentile |
Categories: beautiful, fish, sea,

A Seahorse Play

In liquid castles, dense and warm
       These princely equine fish do swarm
In peaceful beauty do they reign
           Among the rainbows near to feign

A scarlet mood to chase the sea
                     Of dangers impotent to flee
Perhaps a golden tone would do
                    To spark a regal rendezvous

A dance of love in sweet comport
                     To decorate the azure court
Ensures a stunning dynasty
            To grace this world for me to see

Contest; Seahorses
Sponsor: Julia Ward

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: romance, romantic,

as one

in open invitation
a bell begins ringing
sounding of music
to the heaven's
to love
it rings

is to be loved
the question is who
on a seahorse
prancing beautiful
swells upon the waves

like wild horses galloping
thundering on the crest
folding out softly
to the very mountains

dancing with the wind
the in heather blooms
crisp clear whispers
inhaling the beauty
i speak in love's tune
sweet fragrance
taking heather

like moss
i cling to it's earth
sprinkles in a very beautiful
glowing heart
open or closed
my heart

it loves
like no other
the toughest mountain
takes a good woman

only they will climb
on top
of the world

by John Anderson |
Categories: sea, senses,

All the Senses Beach Card

Dear Gran, open your card and smell the dried seaweed, affixed.
Its for you Grandma, to see, feel and sense the beach, now you are too old to travel.
Find the shell and lift it to your ear, to hear the sound of the sea echoing within.
Taste the salt on the driftwood by licking it with your tongue.
Touch and feel the roughness of the sand and shell grit glued to the card.
Smell the pungent dried seahorse skeleton, and dried seaweed attached.
Remember the sound of the waves wafting, murmuring and purring in the early morning mist.
Be touched by the six sense, our eternal love for you, gushing in with each change of the tide.


3 December 2019

by Carl Bellerose |
Categories: horse, love, ocean, star,

Wild horses

             starfish grants a wish

          seahorse turns into stallion

              revs up hot mustang