Love Poems About Sea Turtle or Sea Turtle Love Poems
by Danielle Deason |
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My Green Sea Turtle

wonderful slick shell,
Brown and golden, the color of a shell.
That perfect shaped shell.
The shell of my turtle i know too well.

You are the greenest.
The most bravest.
And fastest (i think)
And maybe the smartest too.

You slick and slide,
And glide on by,
The water is what you love.
And you swim in the water, like a dove in the sky.

May 29,2013

by Kallie Mason |
Categories: lost love, sealost, lost,


When I lost a tear in the ocean, it was gone forever. With that tear, I soared the 
darkness that the water hid. I felt the cold night kiss from a sea turtle lost in ones 
peak. Will you find my tear cowering in it's darkness?When you find my tear, my love 
will end forever.

-Kallie Mason

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Sea Turtle Point of View

Coral reefs are dangerous some entities say
Not to me maybe because I know of no other way
The corals are gorgeous, but can hurt your toes
I swim through these reefs loving their glows.

I am comfortable in these waters so deep
Predators are about, but I know where to sleep.
I love the beautiful waters of the South American sea.
If you want to experience life, come and visit me.

The colors will be so dazzling, they will hurt your eyes.
You will have to wear goggles, no big surprise
I am eagerly waiting to introduce you to my kind of sea.
Just book a flight to Brazil and come follow me.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Turtle Mania

Leatherback, murray river, matama
Hawksbill, common musk and spiny soft shell.
Loggerhead, Atlantic green, alligator snapping
Turtles are we, in every country we dwell.

The largest sea turtle reaches eight hundred pounds.
A leatherback whose love for jellyfish abounds.
Alligator snapping is one fourth of leatherback’s weight
Uses pink fleshy flap of lower jaw for bait.

The difference in turtles fascinates me.
I can picture the loggerheads running to the sea.
No matter what country you decide to make your home
There is a turtle close by, even if it is in this poem.

by Chyanne Tuttle |
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Searching For Moonlight

Like a lost sea turtle inching 
Threw sand 

Searching for the beams of moonlight 
Shining a way to the sparkling blue ocean 

I search for your love 
And I've found it