Love Poems About Sea Horse or Sea Horse Love Poems
by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: humor, life,

My insane life as a bubble

My life as a bubble began just then, 
When I appeared under this dazzling rip curl.
I was pushed deep down, then around and around,
Caught up in this wave of a swirl.

I feel beautiful, so round and unique, 
And I love my friend, the sea horse.
But I feel myself going up and I don’t know why,
Being pulled up by some other force.

I love my life as a bubble down here, 
Living in a beautiful, bizarre, frenzied insane.
I hope when I reach my heaven another wave catches me,
And I exist, down here, once again.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: anniversary, beauty, girlfriend, romantic,

Leaving Hands

     Leaving Hands 

 I feel like as,holding my hands
 by you,When i hold your ''WAIST''

 It behave like a fish swimming 
 in my hands with the care feeling
 by my fingers.
 Way passes with the great ride
 of a sea horse with the music of
 our life. 
 By the sense of your smell makes me 
 to catch air which fall on your face 
 When i hold your ''WAIST"

 So please never leave my hands 

 with love all 
 jagdish bajantri

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: blessing,

a better tomorrow

he dreamt of death sharks and apocalypse

Poseidon on edge of waters and hence 

slept badly because of the fish and chips

exhausted he drowned without any sense

a jubilant sea horse married a prawn

Freud cheered the cohabitation in joy

while salty solution mixed with the spawn

directed and waved at subconscious ploy

kill your father and mount your own Mama

Oedipus knows best don’t waste repression

Sex is your friend so look out for drama

I offer my couch for a quick session

for in love and compassion lies no shame

to dolphins' applause together they came

13th September 2020