Love Poems About Scorpion or Scorpion Love Poems
by Mussa Shikome |
Categories: cute love, feelings, jealousy,


Once you see her pass aside
She is bitter more than you can imagine
She is poisonous more than a snake
More than a scorpion
I cannot say she a killer
But it may happen by emergence
Although to me she is sweet more than bee’s honey
More than everything in the world
I warn you off
Never approach her
She is mine.


by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: allegory

Sonnet 44

'Twas once a tortoise and a scorpion,
Across a river which had rose to crack.
Thus saith' scorpion, "be thy champion,
And calmly place thyself upon thine back".

"To sir with love, if I do this for thee,
Heaven would grant me wings for wind to sing".
And saith' the tortoise, "we would never be,
If ye upon thy back would place a sting".

So thus they sailed and streams stirred salt and dreams,
While something pierced inside the tortoise spine.
"Dost why dear Sir, now we're both dead it seems",
The scorpions reply, "twas natures wine".

Beneath the riverbanks did both them fall,
And Nature's nile conceived their drowning call.

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: how i feel,


Just because I need love
You think that I am weak
Just because I have a heart
You think that I can break

A mountain once stood
Where the Titanic sank
And a scorpion king rules
Desert remains of a rusted tank

Since you fell from the sky
The wind haunts your wings
Your nest once a warm egg
Is now a scrambled thundering

The fall burn up all to char
And reduce all in your rise
Tsunamis inundate the shoreline
To bring us all to our knees

Eyes fill will her fuming
The blue horizon black and red
What to become of her seedling
The green earth now bled

Just because I need love
You think that I am weak
Just because I have a heart
You think that I can break

by Daniel Human |
Categories: angel, irony, love, religion,

Clipped Wings

Of angelic visitation 
Kingdom turned to nation
Focus on flesh
(Like David Koresh)
Focus on wings 
(Whilst scorpion stings)

From humility to pride
In reverse they all ride
A focus on the now and here
With condemnation and with fear

Rather Kingdom we should seek
Being humble, being meek
Than angels flying ‘round
Keeping us on shaky ground

Rather seek the righteousness
That came to love
That came to bless
Nothing more required, really
For his Love loves us dearly

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: introspection, life

I Am Scorpion

Simplistic in view
Caring of heart
Original in style
Rehabilitated in life
Poetic in love
Insightful in thought
Omni competent

by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: faith, god, change, god,

God is a God of second chances

Life is love
Wrong mistakes
Nothing you do can change that
Only God can change your circumstances
Your bad mistakes, high imperfection
Everything you do 
God knows
Just relying on Him
He will get you through
He is not the one who will leave you in the dust
Negate on His promises
Give you scorpion while you ask for egg
He is a God of justice, love, and faithfulness
Of forgiveness, restoration, second chances
Of mercy, grace, never ending
He will be there for you
Never fear 
Never give up
Never desist
God is calling us
Would we hear?

by Anna Ruiz |
Categories: fatherme,

father's day

violet pansies with silly faces
ask me about truth
it's Sunday morning and old hurts
return to kick me in the guts and i'm
already down for the count

when your father is dead there's nothing
but silence between you and his grave
absence has sixty-four scorpion stings, 
but you keep
on walking

my children will always remind you that 
Father's Day is not about men with selfish 
inclinations, it's about a mother's child, 
loving you with their always-children hearts--

love that chains melodies of forgiveness
to little heels that will never crush you.

Categories: death, love, , black love,


                                 In my studio in a Sunday night
                                       I asked for her hand
                                      I had no bad intention
                                         I only tied a band
                                    But the band seemed eerie
                                      It was a scorpion tail
                              My single stroke in this weepy night
                                   Ended in death without fail.

by William Kinard |
Categories: imagination, loss, passion, visionary, night, dark, dark, night, sun,

The Dreamers

Where do the dreams of the night take us
When poets falls asleep, oh moon tell us where?
And no more tears shall we weep when we are there
How do dreams fade in the setting sun of our nightmares?
How does the seam open from the clothes of our cares?
How do we get back all we lost from the wars of our fears?
How do we love again and at what cost from the song of our tears?

Truley we have beseeched the one
Beyond the valley of the setting sun 
Flew past the dark arrows of the archer
Only to be poisoned by the dark arrows of the scorpion
And found no antidote in the belly of the sky's fishes.
Now every night on our knees we pray for our dream's wishes.

by Anil Deo |
Categories: creation, death, insect, jesus, love, tribute, wife,

Love Miracles - part 2

When someone walks in
The bedroom, after your life -
She walks into your life, that is 
Then has authority to walk in
Wherever you are, even on "Easter "
That moment is RESURRECTION 101
And every level of right living after
This Easter, Wendolene walked in
Exactly when death or injury closed in
The table next to my bed, with books
Hid a scorpion poised in attack
She saw it, my angle hid this "enemy"
Knocking it in two, I had to believe
In resurrection for me, love, He saved me

by Jessica Stafford |
Categories: divorce, heartbreak, love, marriage,


My scorpion 
Come near 
Hold me dear
And sting again 
Your poison is so sweet 
It tastes of succulent fear
When you kiss me
Venom enters my veins 
Leaving me in excruciating pain 
Then you scurry away in the dark 
And only return to bite again 
Someone please hear my cry 
Save me from his claws
That pull me close 
The ones I desire 
Yet the ones I dread 
His sting I crave 
His poison gives me life 
And yet here I stand 
With death in my heart 
And nothing but fear
Of the one I love so dear