Love Poems About Salmon or Salmon Love Poems
by Eve Roper |
Categories: environment, love, rain, weather, winter,

I Love My State of Oregon

Oregon’s, wildlife, mountains, lakes, and bogs
Fields of green, awaken refreshed at dawn
Where salmon runs the rivers blue to spawn
Drawn wandering above the sea of fog   

Black-tailed and mule deer birth their newborn fawns
Where shaggy mane elks labor their spring calves 
Rustle sounds while they graze off open paths  
Wander under the full moon of predawn

Sea of umbrellas on rainy season
Fireplace frames warm sputtering ember flames
Snow cold, in fella’s embrace with no shame
Turning me into shades of pink  crimson  

Savoring the earth's nurturing labor 
Giving my heart to the verdant nature


My home for 36 years

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: animals, pets

Pampered Feline

black feline turns her pouty nose baked salmon does not meet her pleasure forgets she found solace from nature’s wrath rambling through woods seeking food challenged by predators curls up on my lap safe from elements outside purrs without a care oblivious to her past protected from life outdoors no wind ruffles fur -- assured she'll never hunger for love or for food
Entry for the “Four in One” Contest by Constance LaFrance ~A Rambling Poet~ By Carolyn Devonshire (Cyrstalline, Kimo, Tanka and Senryu)

by Mariana Pavlich |
Categories: family, love, nostalgia, passion, social, autumn,

Composed Coffee Cup In Hand

Tall terrace housebow-fronted windows
Opulescent green lined walls silk paper
18th century  French  marquetry  pattern
Glowing dressing  table  walnut  veneer
Smoked salmon kisses heart on sleeve 
That  color  does   become   her  kitchen
A  glimpse  of   yellowing  autumn  trees
Stately  home  ancient  lake  full  of   fish 
Pot of coffee  polished mahogany  table.
Beautifully raised gaze. .Private moment . 
enormously enjoyed  each others  comp
Ushered out....gates slid quietly together
delicate cabriole legs. oyster satin fabric
Loin of pork  ,   leg of lamb ,   frozen cake.

by I Am Anaya |
Categories: faith, nature, weather,

Kaleidoscopic Collab With Jo

Kaleidoscopic Collab With Jo

Enjoying the kaleidoscopic view, 
As the sky changes to a brilliant hue, 
Songbirds fly across the clouds to their home, 
As the azure becomes a salmon dome, 

Tangerine sun recedes slow from the scene, 
Entering demurely is the night queen, 
What a sight to behold is this sunset! 
Nothing's more kaleidoscopic as yet!

When lightning struck, I began to quiver,
Sparks run through a spiritual river,
Nature’s le coup de foudre beam reveals, 
A blissful night light, self-love that which heals,

Moonshine spits pink energy bolts captured,
Life’s predicted divinity raptured,
The source, a grand illusion within us?
Optical tilt, gigajoule luminous!

by Jun Gonzales |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, summer, wife,

My Love In Summer

The summer simmers almost anything
My love for thee do glimmer in the heat
That leaves me feeling like a mighty king
Yet fancy thee I find it bittersweet
My love in summer loathes to go outdoor
The dry and dusty drought dries up a flower
Thou knowest well that I do love thee more 
For thou art rare as early summer shower
My lady likes to stay within the shade
Her salmon hues made fair, and brownish hair
And endless youth preserved with coming age
Deprived of much synthetic beauty care 
   Thou art most certainly without such aid
   A most lovely creature God ever made

by Jean Murray |
Categories: boyfriend, character, desire,

Love Letter Ii

Fionn Mac Cumhaill I was a fool
to let go of you it sounds.
All because your hairy hounds
kept soiling my house and grounds.

For certain I'm sure I'll never find a
Godlike man such as you again.
I miss kissing, your muscles rippling,
fair hair glistening, what a mane.

I was insane, I admit it now.
Please take me back, to you I bow.
Suck you salmon thumb and see
you will always belong to me.

Fionn my warrior, my lover, my man.
I'll get you back, I must, I can.
Our bed is cold, don't be so bold.
Return, I promise not to scold.

by David Bose |
Categories: love, marriage,

Love Note


It felt mundane,
Our dressing up,
Then driving off
As evening glowed
Its salmon hues

Yet, once the maître d’ had edged
Your chair into our table’s skirt,

I felt as thrilled
To clutch your hand
And find that grin
Upon your face
As forty years ago.

Much Love,

September 11, 2017
Help Me Fall In Love Poetry Contest
Mystic Rose, Sponsor

by Anna Ruiz |
Categories: love, nature, passion



you drew clouds
under my feet
to break my fall

only light
this side
of creation

salmon skies
your tenderness


I heard
your heart

only love
will show
the way

let us
this passion

it turns
to rain

and earth
our tears

we meet again.

by David Bose |
Categories: love, sunset, wife,

On the Brink of Night

My wife and I stroll hand in hand
As evening drops its lilac veil
When, off the river, stirs a chill,
Which sends her cuddling to my arms
With face upturned to taste my lips—
The gloaming brightens as we kiss.

For quite a while, that pose we hold:
Two lovers on the brink of night
‘Neath wisps of salmon cirrus clouds
‘Til twilight’s purple, darker hue
Impels us to return back home,
Arriving on the cusp of love.

by Marty King |
Categories: fun, growth, happiness, joy, love, uplifting,

Shedding Our Skin Within the Roots of Our Love

baked salmon and breadsticks
tortilla soup and baby shrimp salad
your smile and your charm
sincere enjoyment and natural fun
funny conversation and hearty laughter
nobody else....just us two
comfortable in our skin....letting our true selves shine
tonight, we do not have to be 'on'
no curtains
just you, me, and no hint of a number three
lemon cream cake and butter ocean ice cream
extra thick oreo shake and crustless cheesecake
your femininity....your worth
so content
ole mike was never felt so good....

by Celestine Ikwuamaesi |
Categories: love,

The Heart

Just a little tenderness,
just a little love;
the heart brims with humanness,
gentle as a dove.

just a wish in every heart,
that seems out of reach
'cause we rarely play our part,
the heart yet to bleach.

how awesome the world would be:
heaven right on earth,
where like salmon in the sea,
we swim in life's mirth.

 © 2014

by Andrew Mcintyre |
Categories: angst, change, cry, farewell, lost love, sad,

Sunset On the Spey

Watching the ripples of the clear water of the Spey
Setting sun lighting field and trees of the strath
Salmon jumping clear to catch a fly
A sob as water runs from my eye.

Doon tae the firth o moray runs the water
Taking my thochts and dreams far away
Ne,er again tae be born a new
Loast forever in the melee o life

On on fast running Spey taking all hopes and despair
Wi me sleeping and floating in yer watter clear
Oan ma back spotting a hawk hover in azure sky
Lids closing tight  oan ma blearie eye.

Music o the water soothing

by William Darnell Sr. |
Categories: best friend, cat, death, feelings, heartbroken, heaven, loneliness,

King of Lions, Heaven Bound

His fur smelled of dust;
And cobwebs that covered his face
He found me to show me his new look
That he had gone and made.

I started laughing, 
He wasn't happy.

He charged me like a raging lion;
He was being comical, he's robust
I was laughing so hard, I was crying
It made my stomach hurt, I'd bust.

He was this tiny kitten then;
Still is a tiny kitty in my heart
My love for my cat will never fade
Mischief's my world, he's my parade.

I bid wishes to you in my serenade;
Of tuna, chicken, or a salmon tray
Eat as if you were, King of Lions
You are King of Lions, Heaven Bound.

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: feelings, love, moon, pain,

Rhyming Wave Poetry - Moonless Night

How far I've walked this moonless night, this moonless, moonless, moonless, night. My true love too long out of sight. My true feelings heartfelt Near fatal wound, my heart was dealt, my heart was, heart was, heart was dealt. I feel now like a salmon kelt. I feel my way by touch. Perfume, she's near, now fearing much, I'm fearing, fearing, fearing much! Every bough, every branch I clutch. Ever closer, so near. I hear it is her singing clear, oh, singing, singing, singing clear. She sings my name, our love so dear. She sings darkness to light! How far I've walked this moonless night. She sings darkness to light! © Mick E Talbot 2018

by Jan Hansen |
Categories: angst, confidence, funny love,



 In a green valley near a blue lake
where pink salmon swam lived a Huldra.
She was beautiful as seen by human eyes
trolls found her ugly and rejected her.
I heard her desolate song
Saw her shimmering blond as Iberian
sea straw is made golden by the sun.
I saw her tail too.
Before spelling me, I sprinted away.
Folklore has made it clear.
Humans and trolls must not mix blood
because if they do mix, the offspring
will be rejected by both groups
and for perpetuity be lost
walking the strand of loneliness.

(Huldra, female troll in Nordic Mythology)

by Lyra Pendragon |
Categories: relationship,

Vampire of the Rising Sun


There is a vampire 
in my dreams
that Sing calls 
uncle tom
he treats me like 
a sun indeed
he's not the only one

he sneaks inside
my tired mind
I don't know how
to sleep
and sucks the dreams 
right out of me
along with memories

my mother was a hamster, man
my father was a goat
I myself am
feeling lost
like in a sinkin boat

the one I love, or maybe two
smokes salmon in the night
people know I
I love him so
but he is not so bright

he treats me like a sun indeed
and he's Not the only one
I dunno how or why or who
is able to finish this song

by Sue Mason |
Categories: love

Patty Cakes

Little salmon patty cakes
fried to a crunchy
crust: sounds like a treat to share
with a salad, you,
a glass of bubbly
to toast to

by Slight Buckling |
Categories: confusion, introspection, love

Blanket of Stars

I dreamt of a blanket once
On a cold winter's night
Complexity in colors
And a lovely pattern
A patchwork like my own
Or so it seemed
Long for a bed
And lean rounded corners
So warm it looked 
So comforting and soft
Draped over a statuette
Of a winking cherub
But whose blanket is this? 
Could it be mine?
Who am I to want it, 
A salmon among the otters
But then I woke, it was summer
I let the questions slip away
It may seem the time to ask
But I do not need a blanket
The breeze will tell me
Should a swan land on my pond
And I will have no more need
For dreams and questions

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: nature,

In Alaska

In Alaska, running loose
Are grizzlies, caribou and moose.
Eagles soar and whales cavort
And salmon fishing is a sport.

Glaciers calve and mountains rise,
Scenery to mesmerize.
Sadly, now, for tourist folk
The air is filled with thick gray smoke.

I am starting on a tour;
Don't know what will be in store,
But I'm hoping skies will clear
And some wildlife will appear.

Nature - lift that smoky noose.
I'd really love to see a moose!

by Glen Enloe |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Nothing is left of love
but soft slopes of sand –-
sea shard curves
of ancient offered flesh..

We hold life’s
brief possessions
in brindled hands—
cheeks ripe roseate  
above painted  
porcelain lips.

Faded farm women 
gaze on roseolas of prairie—
sepia skims 
of faith’s watermarks
held up to light
and frenzied time
amid salmon stains—
papered moth wing eyelids
flickering madly
under thin Rosetta stones
of sun.

by Glen Enloe |
Categories: angst, death, loss, love, sad, summer, summer,

Upon Learning of His Wife's Cancer

"I only know that summer sang in me
 A little while, that in me sings no more."
                     --Edna St. Vincent Millay

After that, his eyes,
like blown-glass floats,
caught the summer print
of her cotton dress
nestled in saffron,
colandered through curtains.

Salmon-eyed from sun porches,
she planted asters and seaweed,
charading days
till thunder cracked
the cinnabar sun
and she found you, half-curled--
the long, raw metal conch
at your ear, as if a sleeping
child, listening
            for the silk of the sea.

by Ink Empress |
Categories: deep, devotion,

Sunset Kisses

Sometimes when Cupid sails on feverish waves of crimson that break~
unraveling scarlet secrets of twilight temptations, I ponder, am I~
not the name you scribble within soft salmon pages,
scented with pink roses and lunar-glazed honeysuckles,
echoing melodies of the tulip moon, while swirling stars serenade,
The enticing chorus of love, hidden within the soul of alluring sunsets  

by Luna Silver |
Categories: abortion, addiction, adventure, animal, birth, farm, insect,

Tough Love

Male Parasite Stabs Female in Neck With Peenis.
Males,which live up to six hours,fly around looking
for these embedded females,with which they'll mate
and then die,After the larvae emerge from the female,
she dies too.This is called suicidal sax or lethal sax.
Pacific salmon die after spawning the chinook species.
After her first batch of eggs hatch,mothers first 
regurgitate food for newly emerged spiderlings and
then let the spiderlings eat her.Sperm competition drives
suicidal reproduction in antechinus and other marsupials.
These marsupials show extreme sexual behaviour and physiology.
Note.Are you ready to die Miss Luna Silver??? tha tha injection??

by Bobby May |
Categories: love, valentines day,

Your Valentine Bouquet of Love

Representing my love for you 
For your gentleness and grace
For joy and happiness
For your purity and charm
Brings you excitement and desire
Enchantment and eagerness for love
Enthusiasm creating our love
Appreciation and dedication
Charm and thoughtfulness
Growth and renewal of life
Blending together these meanings and colors is the combination from my heart and my love for you

Happy Valentines Day

by Sam Harty |
Categories: love, seasons,

Slave To Autumn

Flowers bloom under salmon pink sunsets
grass grows and runs away with itself
newly born baby birds fly or fall
Yes, spring is finally in the air but
why am I so unimpressed with it all?

I yearn for cold, the crisp cool wind
my tennis shoes rustling the leaves
as I walked to her house where 
the main street ends.

Autumn is my Master who beckons 
me to stand tall against the sometimes 
bitter coldness that stays around and on 
into the fall.