Love Poems About Salamander or Salamander Love Poems
by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: parody,

Come on the Veranda Amanda

Come out on the Veranda Amanda 
For the sun is  setting soon 
We will speak of love with candour
As we stroll beneath the moon
I will strum upon my mando-
-lin, choose sweetest songs to croon
For you are my heart’s commander
And your nearness makes me swoon

As we let our steps meander
Through the twilight, petal strewn
Will you take my hand and pander
To my passion til eftsoon
Like an unrestrained crash lander
On an outer planet moon
I shall die, a salamander
In your fire to be consumed

by Anastacio Rivera |
Categories: life, love, nature


I would breathe you in
Like oxygen 
Hyper with no ventilation ,
A mellow mush
Together dried 
Crystallized and surprise!
A lightning bolt
Electric jolt for the

Lady of the Labyrinth

Rainbow omniscience 
Blinding bliss
Kissing the iris
Vision of the prism

Versicolor mix created
Fixated on the electromagnetic spectrum
Divine strumming
Every atom humming
Phonetic reverberations
Arcane incantations
Salamander songs
Of long ago

Pyromantic pixies
Generative divinities
And the evolutionary imperative

Applestarseed naturalism

by Garth von Buchholz |
Categories: animal, dream, fantasy, imagery, imagination, mythology, nonsense,

O Salamander

(A Dream)

O ripe delicious Salamander
Thou beast-fruit
Thou art mine!
O moving morsel
Dangling sun-blessed on a tree
Perching there so sweetly
How I love thee!

Climbing high, the picker’s hand
Snatches forth to capture
The living fruit?
Greater than the others
Greater than the apple, pear or grape is he,
My Salamander.

O walking melon!
Sit still now in my palm
Thou smiling fruit,
Thou art mine!

I slice thy ripe skin cunningly
And cut by cut I love thee
I suck thy simple life
The nectar from thy bloated belly

O tasty Salamander!
Noblest of all tree-babies
I live for thee, my urchin fruit
My melon Salamander.

by M Braimah Saaka |
Categories: break up, love,

Muthoni - from Kenya

We used to wait outside 
at the girls rooming house
by the Ohio in Cincinnati

Sex does not self heal
Nor does the salamander  
we trapped under the moss

We always said
We'd die together
At daybreak
We knew better

Love does not always
fill the heart
On rainy nights
It kills the heart

The noon at the clinic
shall remain our secret
The long recovery

We woke this morning
To our failed romance
Your boyfriend from Somalia
He was right

Some women are exotic
Like goldfish
only less slippery
Always out of reach

by Donovan Beukes |
Categories: blessing, death, inspiration, inspirational, sister,


Your essence is still and will always be with us

Your unlimited love and compassion a beacon

For those in need of acceptance and comfort

Your smile a sign of divine joy and content

Your embrace all-encompassing and warm

Your humour could brighten any dark mood

Your wisdom a gift from God

Your absence a daily struggle in life’s bubble

Your legacy pulls us through
As we declare daily our love for you…


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

He is His Own Piglet

But I do not want to be grimy
Wish I was a salamander, slimy
You’re a piglet. You should love mud said Dad.
Dirty soiled hooves and hair should not make you mad.

Let him be said Mom. He is his own best pig.
For her my identity was important, truly big.
Daddy backed off from his far away boy.
Giving this piglet a renewed sense of joy.