Love Poems About Rugby or Rugby Love Poems
by James Horn |
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Round of Applause

Here is my next sports rap poem. Jim

Round of Applause

Already now I must admit
What is it we have to hit?
How about homer with baseball
Not strike three they did call.

Why fool around and always fret
Should kick a goal into the net
Don't continue to turn and toss
Should go at and play Lacrosse.

How about football you will boot
Run and produce a lot of loot
Or hear those in high society
Prefer polo and love rugby.

No matter where chips may fall
God's life in you will be a ball
And who if in always do believe
Round of applause will receive.

WOW. Double WOW, and Triple WOW.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

by Wilma Neels |
Categories: sports

A try is scored

fifteen run after an oval shaped ball
guy with a whistle has the final call 
a try scored counts as five
that makes the crowd come alive
oh boy, I love it when they dive and fall

*To clear up the confusion my limerick
is about Rugby* 

9th place
Sponsored by: LINDA-MARIE

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: smile,

Just one more day

Just one more day

Just one more day, is all, I pray
To say the things I didn't say

To hear you laugh at shows on tv
Mrs Brown's Boys especially.

To hear you shout when rugby is on
At the blind referee and when crowds burst into song

To cook that special meal you loved your food
Thank goodness I could cook  the dishes you loved.

To hear your soft voice when you talk in the study
I envied your attention to everyone's worries

Just one more day Tad to be your little girl
In your strong arms I would love to curl

Just one more day Tad*
Just one more day

* Tad - father

by Sarah Heath |
Categories: dad, daughter, death, eulogy, i miss you, loss, sorrow,

Sounds of my Father

You leave no self that I can see,
Though sounds of you are still around me.
The sound of a car on a gravel drive,
Moments watching rugby live.
A pint of beer being slowly poured,
The radio announcing the cricket scores.
My brother’s tone when he speaks a word
Not your voice, but your voice heard.
Your terrible music which I now love too,
Just because it reminds me of you.
Though the loveliest sound, I won’t hear again:
Joy in Mum’s voice when you called her name.
She’s wrapped in our family for you from hereafter
Hearing my children carry your laughter.
As a child you thought I was deaf to your will,
But I was listening Dad, and I’m listening still.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: nostalgia,


My country is the Land of Song
With roving hills to walk upon
Valleys deep where rivers flow
Smiling people where err you go.

Lovely beaches to enjoy
Castles galore to explore
Sporting country where Rugby is played
European champions at this game

A red dragon is on our flag
An unusual one I guess
Once seen never forgotten
It surely  does impress

We love to sing, have choirs galore
Brass bands too abound
Our accents make us sound so cool
We have music all around

Cymru is what we call ourselves
Our language is unique
To those who haven’t guessed our name
Its’ WALES  of which I speak.