Love Poems About Growing Up or Growing Up Love Poems
by Richard Palmer |
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One more morning,after one more night,
One more thanks for keeping things right,
One prayer to bed,one as you rise,
Good morning God,thanks for another sun rise,
Prayer is the fuel that keep us going,
Through troubled times,pray for strength keep rowing,
And without fear step out,face the unknowing,
Although all around negativity blowing,
Every day,even one positive seed,try sowing,
Within my veins,God love is flowing,
God is my friend,the devil,not interested to know him,
Here comes the garbage truck,over there throw him,
Don't just say you love God,pray show Him,
Remember prayer keeps us,spiritual growing...

by charles messina |
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When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes...and I see the night 
Sometimes things...appear so bright 
Smiling cheeks...and happy faces 
Sunshine ~ Beautiful places 

Ocean waves ~ Blowing willows 
Babies snuggled in their pillows 
Old men rowing in their boats 
Youngsters passing, love you...notes 

Happy women in sweet perfume 
Newlyweds...on honeymoon 
Chipmunks playing in the sun
Children running...having fun 

When I open my eyes...and I see the day
Sometimes things...don't look that way 
So let me close my eyes...tonight
And all I see, I'll see...just right

by Robert Gruhn |
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Rowing from sunken hell
Back to forgotten lands
Legs unready for earth
Slamming genius poetic art

So go tiny minds
Lost in central thought
Unaware of truth's reality
Making love to mirror

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

by Dan Keir |
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Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

by sashi prabhu |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, nature,

darkness over a lake

Blueness in the waters,
Black silhouette I glimpse rowing,
Look! It is my love………………..

by Niels Blomberg |
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25th Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is not a boat
rowing gently down the stream

It is a family car
that for years and years 
surprisingly passed the MOT

The mechanic looks worried
asks carefully about
the possible possibility
of a new model

But you shake no
see you next year
we still like our ride
we do not care
about an extra rattle now and then

Fill her up with super plus
because we still have a long way to go

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B eautiful daughters
C aptivated my heart.
D eep in my soul.
E vermore a part.

F orever I love you
G rowing more each day.
H ow you've changed me
I  find hard to say.

J ust being with you
K eeps me young.
L et me hold you.
M y little ones.

N ow you are leaving
O ne by one.
P romise never to 
Q uestion your Mum's

R eserve of true love
S hould you need me.
T ender is my heart.
U nder stress of losing U 3.

by sashi prabhu |
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Blueness in the waters,
Black silhouette I glimpse rowing,
Look! It is my love………………..

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life, love,

Life's Sweet Buffet

Life is a bowl of cherries With loads of luscious cream It's a pocket full of peanuts Or rowing a boat downstream! Like snapping a turkey wishbone And getting the larger piece It's much like going parasailing Or no longer being obese! The soft cool breeze of summer The warm sun upon our skin Or a happy little birthday party Some well played violin! Like a happy family vacation A trip to the stars and back A piece of scrumptious apple pie A tasty midnight snack! Life can be about all these things Just put your cares away Ignore all those little wee problems Enjoy life's sweet buffet! © Jack Ellison 2014

by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: humanity, people,

Being Human

Blank slates made of innocent love
Etched with profound, faith bearing trust,
Infants true, pure character of
Natural heart is bound to rust
Growing perceptions shown by us.

Harvested from one, same, mother crop
Under one shared, immense, vibrant sky,	
My life is your life even when life stops.
All we endure, we all endure by and by.
Networks of need echo in each soul’s sigh.

July 4, 2016
Contest:  Being Human
Sponsor:  John Hamilton
1st Place

by jan oskar hansen |
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moonlight romance

Moonlight Romance 

It was in Peru
And the moon was full
Working long hours, I went early 
To bed and didn`t see the moon that often
I had gone ashore where I met Maria in a bar
We walked down to the beach 
Sat on an upturned rowing boat looking at Luna
Naturally, we made love on satin sand
Slept entwined 

She walked back to the bar I walked onboard
Happy and thinking how wonderful life was
Five days later I needed an injection of penicillin. 

by Akham nilabirdhwaja Singh |
Categories: love,

The Bird

I will not stop
rowing the boat.
But, oh my bird,
Where you had flown,
When you will return ?
Happily I will row the boat
When you come .

by Alyssa Finley |
Categories: love, sad, sea,

Hallucination Heartbreak

Tip, tap,
toes rowing
across the blue
surface of the sea-
breezes play with my hair,
tangly messes of blond rope
form for the salty air to climb-
Sun shining bright on his throne of Noon
[The moon in her brig, in chains, wrought with stars]
My skin, dry with erosion from
wind blowing to my white gown; Sails-
In blue hallucinations,
In southwest oceans,
I come to you,
I see you,
In dreams.

by daniel sainz |
Categories: caregiving, devotion, faith, happiness, inspirational, life, love, passion, peace, uplifting

The Lord Through Me

Though these days feel like dark
Nights, it is the Lord, and through
Me HE shines His light, so much
Darkness, but yet so bright, and
He's speaking to me, so I know
What's right, the Lord didn't ground
Me, but planted a seed, so my
Love for the Lord is growing,
So up stream is where I'm rowing,
My flowers are blooming, and
Now through me the Lord is
Moving... "AMEN"

by Jennifer Ratcliffe |
Categories: death, funeral, love,

Choosing your route

Writing for nobody,
I knew you like a shadow
of shy affiliation;
but with a kind smile.
You unknowingly rippled
the banks of this small place.
It is so beautifully tragic
the love you created and left.


But I'll tip the rowing man
to take you wherever,
and if the skin was your chain
you're free.

Sometimes life begins without you,
Sometimes the end begins with you,
Everyone is made of sometimes, some things
and a compass
pointing through strain.

Find peace.

by Stephen Long |
Categories: introspection,

Song of an Unseen Bird

In a thin-skinned lifeboat,
On the waves of love,
With the cold blue below,
And the hot sun above,
Sits a soul softly rowing,
Like the wings of a dove.
As the heat of sweet resistance,
Echoes hard with pure insistence,
Then, in the midst, a sound is heard,
Of the song of an unseen bird.

by faizan ibrahim |
Categories: loss, lost love, mystery, god, god, love,

Heaven or hell

Whisht! They are sleeping 
Have no fear, have no scull 
In a juggling sea ,rowing 
Like her hairs, life is also curl 

Oh hermit! Took them to their shrine 
No not to mosque, lead them to vault 
Where might an idol give them some wine 
Never hesitate, its virtue not fault 

They are not sinner, they are forlorn 
Be happy you love to an unseen God 
See Him and lost ,then you are lovelorn 
Like, who worshiped to their beautiful lord 

They do love to their beloved to win hell 
You do love to God to win a heaven 
And living to listen the ringing of paradise’s bell 
But they can kill themselves on her smell 

by John-Ovan.P. Hull |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,

rOWing through stormy seas

Stormy seas have hit our bay,
tight fit for words edgeway,
where's the carefree fun and play?
watching every word I say.

This argument, I forget who started,
compassion seems far departed,
to our corners off we darted,
like Red seas that mose's parted.

It pains me to see you act like this,
your forked tongue, it's venomous hiss,
caress hurts away with a kiss,
it's the little things that I miss.

The passions that do alight,
from our feuding silly fight,
made love through the night,
as ******'s peaked in sheer delight,
each other's arms we await the morning light.


by Kara Gru |
Categories: identity,

Conditioning and Free Will

Conditionality of your love is exploding under my fingers, 
under one of my potential hands
What took place goes forward and returns. 
Fear and my back against the wall.
I hear voices deafened by my attempts, 
Somewhere in the distance,
gliding over the edge, 
inviting the banality.
Identification and it's number.
Components and they're for me.
I'm standing on a stair, on a relative elevation,
And mute everything, rowing with a low tone.
The full scope and the end 
Everything what's happening is crashing against my recultance to be here.

by Titus Daudi |
Categories: absence,

We Are But Two New To Love

We are but two beings new to love,
New to loving, kissing and hugs,
New to this torment called love,
New to staring together at the clouds and stars above.

How many kings fell in love?
How many queens were given the ones they loved?
We are but two of the few lucky ones,
Rowing our boats, fishing it all in this stream called love.

To be loved and to be loved back,
Oh what a feeling Shakespeare could explain in so many words,
True beauty rises from the dust of the heart,
For dust to dust we all return.

We are but two beings new to love,
New to touching each others hands,
To give comfort in this torment called love,
After all where would we be were it not in love?

by nichole anderson |
Categories: love


He is 

A-nother moment that i can breathe
M-emories of my childhood dreams
A-mused by the likes of me
Z-oned into what he is to be
I-nspirational scene
N-ever to be apart
G-rowing closer,

everything you'll never be.

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art


The unwed moon
rowing like a swan on blue lake
after making love to silence.

Dignified shadows
walk on black beach
gathering white heels.

Only lunatics will sing
in shapeless lines.
Who cares for a sequence ?

The milk of love
after the kids, in night
the moon was drinking nonstop.


by Randolph Byrd |
Categories: black love,

Dead in the Water

Don't know if any man,
flawed and sorry as we can only be.
Can meet the expectations of a woman,
who can truly see.
That word love,
the ultimate mystery,
must be the salvation and the key.
If both hearts aren't receptive,
and healed from transgressions of the past,
no chance for the strong winds of love,
to fill the sails on the mast.
The vessel of two,
now dead in the water,
direction lost.
Both thinking they will rescued,
by others, only by luck will be certainty.
Not realizing, rowing together,
they can tame the sea.

by Stephanie Cawthon |
Categories: loss, love, passion, sad,


Beneath her rowing 
and the *********** of my death, 
springs an inspiration to 
rescue that dark-haired child. 
Within her smile lies 
razor-sharp cobwebs of misery 
and a heart full of impatient words. 
Proud words that fornicated 
with despair and expelled 
only truth. 

I want to be your saviour 
and call you my kitten. 
I'd give you red ribbons 
and stationery where 
we could interpret the crimes 
of every institution. 
Oh Anne! 
Oh lost, tortured soul-- 
my hourglass tears 
could never reach 
your hand.

by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: angel, baby, beach, betrayal,

a mistake and a big bosom

A Mistake and a big Bosom  
Youth is the time we do things that we regret
And before I continue why have never walked into
A murder scene like Hercules.
I have never met anyone I love as much as you
She said this beautiful woman who lived by the lake
Caught trout fried them and served me Fish and
Her bosom was generous  as her love. 

 Oh, the mirror, the mirror what she said was right 
So the world was mine
And I danced in the candlelight lit by my vanity.
Her rowing boat was found in the fjord she had been
Out fishing 
Suicide the verdict was,  I knew better so did 
her father but Hercules was not there to put things
right and point out the guilty one