Love Poems About Grook or Grook Love Poems
by Mat Ignacio |
Categories: eulogy, solitude,

En Passant

between the space of “aim” and “fire” 
is the place I least desire

life, in here, is infinitely small 
in this space, we are nothing at all

and if I am fire and you are aim
then the space between is our disdain

rook and pawn their blood devour 
the space between, a burning tower

hate and love, infinity
the space between, a stagnant sea

a policeman knocks with lowered gaze 
the silent space, infernal blaze

life and death, eternal story
beset by haunting purgatory

breath inspire, breath released
a breath withheld, is a breath deceased

space infliction
rogue design
let’s rearrange 
this paradigm
compression rate
death and life

by Jack Horne |
Categories: animalsbeauty, beauty,

Robin, Rook, Swan and Dove

A robin its breast as red as cherries

The rook in mourning dress,
Its nest in the graveyard tree,
Cawing in sympathy to tears of distress,
Looking down sadly on misery,
Hoping its young do not see.

The long necked swan swims,
So elegant on water,
Its beauty supreme;
On land it looks ungainly:
A beauty queen in jack boots.

No sacrifice, the dove coos love 
Snowy body soaring heavenwards.

Jack Horne
27th April 2011
for Constance's Four Beautiful Birds contest

by Sofia Pedersen |
Categories: heartbroken, love, love hurts, teen,


She was your king
In a game of Chess
The one piece you valued most
You played your pieces
With my heart on your sleeve

You played your pieces
Neglecting that it was there
You used it as a pawn in your battle

That one piece you don't care about
You let it be devoured by deception 
Taken by the rook 
To you it was just another casualty in Chess

You protected her
You loved her 
Without your king
There is no Chess
When things ended

I was collateral Damage
In your game of deception

by Meggan Rogalski |
Categories: animals, introspection, lost love, nature, passion, sad,


I am the rook afar-
of soot and grating voice formed
to your reflection in my distant eye; 
and yet-
I am not so black as I appear 
from wings outstretched 
I soar and observe,
watching life pass me below
the land beneath doesn't seem so threatening from on high
but should my wings break, 
my spirit crushed, my feathers plucked
I would fall to earth in silence
spiralling in descent, 
and you would see
My feathers are shot through with the most beautiful purple and blue

by David Maynard |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, change, conflict, courage, desire, emotions, heart, hero, hope, how i feel, introspection, jealousy, life, longing, nonsense, pain, perspective,


Emerald green 
Peering Queen
Futile moves
Quite obscene 
Rook to king check
Heart filled with regret 
Thinking of things
 Did not expect 
Love never found
Like roots in the ground
Careful caress
Celestial dress
Heart fulfilled 
Mind at rest
Hard to find 
Not out of reach 
Final bid 
For dreamless sleep 
Words of wisdom 
Thoughts of regret 
Ocean waves 
Red sunset

by Izzy Gumbo |
Categories: life, love, mother

My Name...

"... do you have it..."
"... it's broken in two..."
"... give them to me..."

Away through screaming light
Air brushed eyes blinding sight
And the earth moved.

Over the shoulder of my Mother
A doorway shrinks away as I look.
Trees moved the sounds of Rook
and the greens leaves parted.

There at the stream we drank
and rested before we moved on.
My mother cried as she said his name.

Then she called me Ford and said 

"... your name is Long"

by Bozhidar Pangelov |
Categories: philosophy

Girl Among Oranges

girl girl how you shine
among the oranges
here the rook is
here it is
an arrow to you heart
here the sun is
here it is
a thread between the leaves
past you
like a waft I will pass 
to keep the law 

to love you

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Stern poise
Calm voice
Clear choice
Sans noise

Sound say
Wise play
Bold stay
Still way

Warm sight
Spurs flight
Feel light
Charm bright

In time
Glimpse rhyme
Pure mime
Crisp chimes

Now here
Love cheers
Peace gears 
No fear

Just look
Wit hooks
Deep book
Dear rook

Health shows
Wealth grows
Soul knows
Grand flow

Poise seeds
Voice feeds
Wants bleed
New needs

Leon Enriquez
29 August 2019

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allegory,


Words stride
In joy ride
By my side

Thoughts sneeze
In stray breeze 
Fond fine squeeze

Touch pokes
A harsh yoke
In deep strokes

Fright feels
Wounds that chill
On this hill

Who knows
How love grows
Deep crisp flow

Good times
Fling buzz rhymes
As change chimes

Bright book
Hurls sharp hooks
Pain blinds rook

Leon Enriquez
22 November 2018