Love Poems About Reindeer or Reindeer Love Poems
by Anais Vionet |
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Old Fashioned Christmas

It’ll be an old fashioned Christmas,
with Santa due down the chute.
I bet he Purells his reindeer, 
and Lysols his hazmat suit.

It’s an old fashioned Christmas.
We’ll all have on our masks,
and our muffled yuletide carols,
will be just like seasons past.

We’ll observe all the guidelines.
We’ll eat six feet apart.
We’ll have disinfectant under the mistletoe,
and keep safety in our hearts.

Sure, it’s an old fashioned Christmas.
One unique to the times.
The love this year might be careful,
but the feelings are genuine.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
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Peaceful Dreams

Hitched a ride on a reindeer last night
As Northern Lights painted the sky
On top of a manger below
The most heavenly star cast its glow
In the frosty air, voices I heard
The angelic choir spreading God’s word

     “On this Christmas Morn, a Savior is born”

When the snow finally started to fall
I had visions of peace for us all
Every nation had faith, hope and joy
There was love for each girl and each boy
But when I woke, things were not as they’d seemed
Can we only find peace in our dreams

     “There’ll be no crisis; no talk of ISIS
     On this Christmas morn, a Savior is born”

*November 1, 2016

by Kim James |
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What I Want For Christmas

A hot meal for two a new hat, coat and shoes a home with a door and a good roof to stop the rain. and keep out the sound of bombs and bullets a safe place to bear my baby and a warm crib to lay him down to sleep with love and hope for a future that will not crucify him so not a lot to ask is it Santa, as you fly around with your sleigh and Rudolph and the rest of your reindeer set Not too much to ask for just a little peace for a little justice - in a dangerous world for a star in the sky to call the wise men and shepherds, oxen, asses and angels.

by Sunlite Wanter |
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I Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus

I am the wise men bearing thoughtful gifts,
Whether reindeer, camel, both with His star.
Drove by that spirit who wants to give joy,
From North to South and all places afar.

The same Spirit prompted St. Nicholas, too,
To fill the needs of all children and poor.
Though red and white fluffy belly am I, 
Someone whispers to me from door to door.

When you are touched with warmth to share yourself,
When you want to make happy someone else,
With gifts and smiles and songs of the Christ Child,
Stop, be still, listen to His peace a while.

Remember the stuff of which I am made,
Peace, joy, love, kindness, gentleness always.

by Charles Messina |
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Rudolph And Rainey Reindeer

Rudolph and Rainey Reindeer, had a special love that glows 
And if you ever saw them, you would even say it shows
All of the other reindeer, hear them whisper lovey-dovey names 
And they all also see them, playing lovey-dovey games
Then one Merry Christmas Eve, Rudolph came to say 
"Rainey with your eyes so bright...Deerling, won't you marry me tonight"
Oh my, how Rainey loved him, she said "I do" so happily 
Then Rudolph and Rainey married, and they both went down in history

by Jeremy Street |
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I Am the Good Shepherd

Stormy weather thunder roars ?
Something they've never seen before
Afrighted tiny hearts their brand new world....
Leap for joy her baby doe; his occas antlers reindeer
Show hoots time's owl love's gentle lamb: meek as mild Heir's, prancing ram.

by Rich Rogers |
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Time to pull out the gift wrap,
Bring out the ribbons and crafts.
Red, yellow, green and blue,
Christmas time is here for you.

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are set,
Gifts and presents are all prepped.
Eggnog cartons surround the store,
Candy canes and glitter light the floor.

This is the best time of the year,
The stocking hanging season is here.
Excited to see all the facial expressions,
Gifts are opened with love and affection.

I hope and pray that no matter where,
Everyone has a blessed holiday out there.
The greatest gift above any and all,
Is the birth of Jesus Christ for us all.


by Ann Foster |
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They are funny creatures, little goats. 
They make you laugh, 
when the world 
is not funny. 
They know how to have fun, 
in the sun... 
of every

We should learn more from animals. 
They are better at living their lives, 
then we are. 
They know that the world 
is full of miracles, 
and have no reason
to fear the day. 

We should take time to jump around, 
and dance, and prance, 
like reindeer in the snow, 
or raccoons on the go.  
Each wild thing, 
closer to the maker, 
and the earth-shaker, 
than any other animal... 
on two feet.

by Harshita Chaudhary |
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The Rain

Rain dear, rain dear,
On your earth dear,
Animals are there because of you dear,
Elephants, lion, and reindeer.

Raindrops, raindrops,
Little silver rain drops,
Falling on the leaves rain drops,
Help in the growing of crops 

Shining rain, shining rain,
You’re a part of nature dear rain,
You’re our life dear rain,
That means you’re main.

Gleaming, gleaming,
If you’ll be finished, you’ll not be gleaming,
Then we’ll only see you in dreams that you’re gleaming, 
That means we would be dreaming

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
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Princely Love

I love your appearance,
Your beautiful blue eyes remind me
 of the beauty of the heavens,
You have a regal nose, refined and sophisticated,
A strong and masculine figure,
Who would know that you are Santa Claus.
How would I get to know you,
Would you appear with the reindeer and your sled,
Christmas day would be the only day,
When you would visit,
A love that i can never have,
Man of honor and integrity,
Thank you for visiting in my life,
I love your edelweiss red shirt and dark slacks,
The wind a companion wherever you travel.

Author; Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Emile Pinet |
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Christmas Means More

Children anxiously search a star-filled sky, hoping to glimpse Santa's magical sleigh. They scan the sky, knowing reindeer can fly, sure that Rudolph's nose would give him away. Smiles and giggles energize heart and soul, as they romp around in innocent play. Guessing what Santa might bring takes its toll, and they sleepily await Christmas day. Yawns and droopy eyelids say time for bed, and they're marched off to dream of reindeer games. And what presents Santa packed on his sled, for they're sure they made his list of "nice" names. A time of bonding and family joy, Christmas means much more than getting a toy.

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
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Edelweiss and Reindeer

The edelweiss that grows on the mountainside,
A papal white and star like in appearance,
The beautiful mountain flower of Austria,
The reindeer, like god's sculpture come to life,
The handsome singer feeds them and a love
 and care for reindeer guests,
He wears his handsome ski sweater and slacks,
A dimension I am learning to comprehend,
1 like the learning experience with excellence,
The mountains majestic and domineering,
A country, Austria ,that I learned to love,
Skiing a way of life, miracles from God.

Author: Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Paula Goldsmith |
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Christmas is almost here,
Santa will bring many toys.
The reindeer will stop,
for all the good girls and boys.
Date 12/11/2021

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
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Viking's Horn

There was once a Santa Claus, a Viking
Reindeer driving his sleigh were all sickling
His ride went helter-skelter
Two broke their love-locked antler
Why he donned these as horns he’d no inkling.

December 15, 2018.
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by M. L. Kiser |
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Santas Upgrade

Santa Claus came into town, Riding ruby red techno- digital sleigh complete with iPad, iPhone too. His reindeer flying beside Him for effect, they refused to retire and kids do love to hear hooves on rooves.

by Johnny Rhinem |
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Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Waking to the early morning's skies starry night
Strolling past a Yuletide's display ? Frosty and Rudolf
His innocent red nosed reindeer in silhouettes their bright lights
Blowing kisses wrapped of prayers her kitty purrs it's love, she seeks ?
Tis hard to embrace the thought be not; about this globe where children dream
That love is pure no tears they'll weep ? Delusions nay, wars as hate nor apostasies....
Broken tiny hearts, racing through jungles hiding aneath dunes; left bleeding
Amid their emergency rooms ? Ribbons but no bows; an empty box the lot; tiptoing, His babies
Through tomorrow's open door her Angel a timeless, tree ? Joyous laughter Love's presents, everywhere.

by M. L. Kiser |
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Reindeer Love

Reindeer love the cold Winter crispness and running To warm their big hearts.

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
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Reindeer Blessings

The handsome performer on the wooden sled,
Would feed the beautiful reindeer, 
This reminded you of Christmas,
The loveliest time of the year,
Where Santa and his reindeer,
Would appear and bless humanity
Regal and unassuming,
Simply a blessing to mankind,
There was a rustic chalet nearby,
Where they would meet and dine, 
Friends and relatives would come,
Songs and music would bless their evening,
With a love of God and the mountains.

Author; Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Joseph May |
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Swirling snowflakes do inspire
 The snowman with the carrot nose
 A winter wonderland is his desire
 Beneath the moonlight's glow

 Kissing the one you love under the mistletoe
 Gives a feeling of delight
 And  in the wind snowflakes blow
 As St. Nick's sleigh is in flight

 On the radio Christmas carols play
  Bringing the season's joy our way
  And children trying to find out why
  They never see Santa's reindeer fly

 During this holiday season
 Season's greetings are due
 There is always a good reason 
  To say Merry Christmas to you

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christmas, god,

Majestic Reindeer

I long to be an artist, to sketch and paint,
The majestic reindeer, very beautiful,
The handsome performer feeds the reindeer,
I fall in love with his handsome appearance and his song,
He wears a Christmas ski sweater and slacks,
I think he is Santa Claus in disguise,
There with his reindeer and ready to visit us at Christmas,
Bringing us kindness and love to each house,
The tall spruce in the living-room with presents under the tree,
The parents and children gathered to celebrate Christmas together, 
if i could send Santa Claus a present, i would send him God's love.

Author: Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: beautiful, best friend, god,

Wedding Dreams

God sent me a storybook prince,
I am the princess that needs rescuing,
He caresses my soul with love,
A prince from the mountains,
With the kindness of God,
The gentleness of a reindeer,
His song like music from the heavens,
The beautiful chalet with windows to God,
The sunshine's rays warm and greet the day,
Wedding dreams that guest with honor,
Picture the princess in a gown of white lace,
The prince wears a tuxedo royal and elegant,
Days where you could be together,
Live God's life for the wedded couple,
Good memories always with the Lord's blessing.

Author; Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Diamond Poetry |
Categories: inspirational

Its Finally Here

You know its all come down to this 
red reindeer and all the bliss

the fuss, the rush 
the love and reason 
made me feel complete this season 

Glistening lights 
shine oh so bright 

as Santa and the elves 
prepare themselves 

for the most magical christmas of history! 
So grab all your prezzies and shout with Glee

dress up not down,
smile don't frown 

Because all your dreams are soon to be 
lit up with joy and harmony

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, friendship, god,

Mountain Stage

The rugged mountains strong and welcoming,
The singer embraces them with a love of God,
His friendliness caresses the forests and flowers,
A voice that sings to the reindeer and the wild life,
His loyal companion, a beautiful and friendly dog,
A picnic on the mountain, table cloth and picnic basket,
His handsome figured dressed in the austrian costume,
He commands the greatest respect,
A village that adores him and his charming ways,
A paradise that you could only imagine,
I wish to be his sleeping beauty dressed in an austrian dirndl
To be kissed and awakened by the handsome prince,
Who said storytales come true, only with God.

Author: Gwen von Erlach Schutz

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: cheer up, childhood, christmas, culture, december, desire, giving,

Christmas Presents

So symmetrical, so picturesque, 
Christmas gifts wrapped so tightly, 
Spots, stars, squares and zigzags, 
Placed throughout the whole covering. 

Even pictures of Christmas trees, 
Santa, snowdrops, sleighs, singers, 
Mistletoe, angels, stockings, bells,
Snowmen, reindeer, stars, robins. 

Ribbons for the love and attention, 
Invested in your gift to invigorate, 
That you can untie quite simply, 
Remembering this was a free gesture.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 4th grade, appreciation, christmas,

Santa and Reindeer


        Santa gave urgent call to his pet reindeer
   ‘I have bought new glossy satin cap to wear.
                and a shiny red dress
                embroidered with white lace.
  Get prepared prompt to pull my sledge this year.’

     Reindeer rushed to tell Santa Claus ‘I do pledge
      This year also I am sure to pull your sledge
                          But I need more dollar
                           to buy a nice collar
   and will love to taste sumptuous beverage.   

                                                        Second Place

   'Christmas Limerick Contest by Alexis Y.