Love Poems About Alliteration or Alliteration Love Poems
by Robert Lindley |
Categories: anxiety, dark, emotions, fate, grief, pain, sorrow,

Hope, a Little Remained

Hope, A Little Remained

She walked the creaking floors of the rat-infested room,
trying to remember what tragedy had sent her to this shabby place.
Her heart felt the desperate pains, that lost love sends in aching waves,
praying her sleeping infant does not wake and cry out from its feverish thirst.

He paced the cold cell, languishing in deep misery, heart shattered,
each step an eternity echoing curses, a testament to his broken pride.
Although thousands of miles apart, he felt her loss, never-ending sorrows,
dawn would come, priest would take his last confession, yet Hope remained.

For Silent One's,  eight lines of fate, when you wonder if it is too late.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: nature, peace, sound, war,

The Sound of Peace

Simple sounds
The birds of love 
    Nature’s call, so wild and free
               Echoed in the skies above
                       Symphonies made just for me

Simple sounds
The cricket’s dance
         Senses frolic to and fro
               Entertaining nature’s trance
                               Contemplating all I know

Simple sounds
A heart that beats 
   Searching for a love to share
          Life that flows when hope retreats
                                 Listen for it everywhere

Simple sounds
The guns of war
     But for hate meant to release
                    Rat-a-tat, he is no more
                        Silence is the sound of peace

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: death, hope, life, nature, peace,

The Sound of Peace

Simple sounds
The birds of love 
    Nature’s call, so wild and free
               Echoed in the skies above
                       Symphonies made just for me

Simple sounds
The cricket’s dance
         Senses frolic to and fro
               Entertaining nature’s trance
                               Contemplating all I know

Simple sounds
My heart that beats 
    But for silence to compare
          Life that flows when hope retreats
                                 Listen for it everywhere

Simple sounds
The guns of war
     But for hate meant to release
                    Rat-a-tat, he is no more
                         Silence is the sound of peace

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: america, conflict, history, violence,


Rat-a-tat, Rat-a-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat
  sounds of war, tattered fife, ragged drum

In feathered cap, Yankee Doodle went to town
  where he met a clever man named Madison

Wrote up a constitution, though not for everyone
  rights for whites -- but not for blacks or browns...

Now it's 2 1/2 strife-torn centuries later
  some love the USA; others hate her

Rat-a-tat, Rat-a-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat
  so many promises ~ fallen flat

Machine-gun fire nightly in 'most every city
  'Twas it all for naught ~ 'twould be a pity

by Mo Adjei |
Categories: adventure, bird, blue, dream, for her, friendship love, woman,


If this was the final blink
And we exploded with laughter
Do we become a sun in another galaxy?
Cos everyone else wants to say enough

Sit here with me
Where rat racers are too busy to stare
I have cheeks for shy giggles
Like you have hair for flowers
Plant as many on mine as I do on yours

I'll sing the language of birds
Just to keep you glowing
We are what remains
After the wind stops to catch a breath

by Maddy Rogers |
Categories: friendship,

My Spot Amongst The Bustle

Every day feels like a race
Always some job to do
Or person to please
I'm all over the place

I always thought it was just me
Looking to escape the madness
Even just for an hour
Somewhere to flee

I found a spot
For peace and quiet
And a cheeky little beverage
Which can't be too hot

I found a friend whilst there
Who sat with me amongst the bustle
They liked me for me
And my flaws? They didn't care

We spent many an hour eating toast 
Escaping the rat race together
Understanding each other
That's what I miss the most

I still go to my quiet place
Sit in my favourite spot
Before I head out to battle
But oh how I'd love to see their face

... Again

by Kim Merryman |
Categories: cute,

The Mouse Is a Rat

The mouse in our house is a rat,
I'm now quite certain of that.
It's not little and cute,
It's long and uncouth.
Can't wait til I hear it go splat!

(An apology to all animal lovers. I really do not
want to kill it. I love animals too. I just want the
germy rodent out of my house, and I want him to 
stay gone!)
For Andrea's "Show Me the Funny Part II" contest

by Milton Manyass |

How We Feed the Vulgar Mouth of Capitalism

And here we are, on this field
Full of wealth and want...

Hawking love and loans like lollies,
Goodies of globalization entice the gullible ones,

Profits blossom [only] in well-made markets,
Global indoctrination indiscriminate and insurmountable,

Only the fit survive this global rat race 
When we feed the vulgar mouth of capitalism

by Steven Siegel |
Categories: life, love, life, me,

My Love, My Life

My Love, My life
My life have been without any feelings or love
I felt like I might go fade away in some place
My life felt tangled as if stuck in a mangrove
With no way of getting the hell out the rat-race.
She would at last make me feel complete to my soul
Just maybe we were both prime and ready to be caught
We both met for me be strong enough and to able hold
I’m bit of heaven when I’m in her arms at night
Lose all track of time but who is counting anyways  
When we are in each others arms on weekend-nights.
Sally has brought joys into my life; into my ways
The day we were married she set free the doves,
I knew I’d be with you till I die my dear love…
Steve L. Siegel
January 23, 2013

by Nicholas Windle |
Categories: death, faith, inspirational, love, nature, philosophy, sea

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts.
Oh mighty sun you rise once more,
Bringing forth a brand new day.
A shimmering causeway of golden ray’s,
To another world now seems not far away.
My bones grow weary for on the beach I sit,
Before an out stretched sea.
Caporal thoughts of the conscious mind,
Start to fade now on the breeze.

Lift me like the seagull soars,
For now ecstasy consumes the soul.
Just the calling waves now answer,
For here will I make my home?

All earthly bonds and shackle,
The rat race now has been run.
Now in the bosom of sweet nature,
For with you Im now at one.

© N  Windle 2009

by Keeley Green |
Categories: confusion, depression, health, inspirational, life, philosophy, recovery from..., sympathy, teen

Cigarette Sarcasm

Lets go spit smoke from between our worn lips
wouldnt it be fun to rott our lungs together?
feel the rat poison, the cancerious **** buring our throughts?
how about the smell of that delicious nicotine?
isnt it delightful how we can ruin our lives?
so nice we can kill our selves this way
you know...
slowley? painfully? sinfully?
oh! and i love how everyone hates us now
but its okay cuz we have these emphizema on a sticks
we dont need anyone else, everyone else is just too smart..
oh and the best part, we cant live without it now.
ahh, great life huh?

*=changed because you cant put profanity on here..sadly.

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun,

Girl and a Fat Rat

Love grew between the girl and a fat rat
                                They married she bore a calico cat
                                        World laughed at them
                                          What a great shame
                                 Calico chased her father rat a tat

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: onomatopoeia,

A La Bartholomew Griffin Poetry - Onomatopoeia

ONOMATOPOEIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ all live onomatopoeia of the night howling, mewing, twit twooing, screeching, onomatopoeia all live onomatopoeia of war banging, booming, rat tat tat tating, screaming, onomatopoeia all live onomatopoeia of woodland tapping, flapping, singing, rustling, cawing, onomatopoeia all live onomatopoeia of farmland bleating, mooing, barking, honking, nighing, onomatopoeia all live onomatopoeia of love making sighing, sighing, sighing, sighing, Y E S, onomatopoeia! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

by Kishan Negi |
Categories: relationship,

A Haiku Poetry On Colors of Relationship

Adore each other
 perennial relationship
 couple tie the knot

 Will you marry me
 tremendous flash of lightning
 popping the question

 Dating someone else
 cheated on one's life partner
 exists a love rat

(By Kishan Negi)

by John Rhinem |
Categories: hope, life, love,

In Gods We Trust


Welcome to the fallout and collateral damage everywhere, you turn!?

But no ones going to admit it nor shall they take the blame; Actually

The rat race is on; chasing down this piece of abominations pink cheese

***********; legislation, science, sin and sacrifice; balancing budgets....


....“';'n Gods We Trust?!”

by Amy Rose |
Categories: courage, dark, depression, faith, god, grief, growing up, hope, inspirational, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, pain, people, places, recovery from..., sad, sorrow, sorry, stress, teen, woman, women, clothes,

Protect Me As I Sleep

Knows my real name
Is what I go by
I am freezing cold
I don’t have money
Just, the clothes on my back
I am a walking wardrobe
I am lonely
I smell like crap
I am starving hungry
I can’t find any shelter
My clothes are drenched
I look like a drowned rat!
Upon women
Is classed normal
Around here!
I wonder...
I will survive
Another day?
To wake up
Do this
All over, again!
“Protect me tonight
As,I lay my head to rest”
“I love you, dear God”


by Joy Wellington |
Categories: lost love, recovery from..., slam,

How Dare You Ds

How dare you proclaim sanctimonious innocence
 Innocent you may be as the cheese house rat
 Evidence in the stench of your unrighteous fat
Try to paint a picture with your vain empty words
 Man looketh on your outward pretence appearance
 God knoweth the hidden secrets of your vile heart
How can there be forgiveness for no repentance
 I cannot look past your self-contained righteousness
 Nor dare I hope you will see your selfimposed perfection
I held you up high on a I-so-esteem you pedelstal
 Boy did you give me a sudden unexpected love drop
 I feel the cold air of your indifference wisp past my heart

by Joselito Rizaldo |
Categories: betrayal, christian, hate, humanity, international, peace, racism, violence, visionary, war, world war ii,

No To War, No To Nukes

No discrimination, no greed, no war!
In unity and peace, let us stand tall,
Nations, come together, heal the scar,
With love and compassion, we'll break the fall.

Scars of the past, not for vengeance to cling,
But as precious lessons, let's hold them tight,
War, a resolve that wrath will bring,
Evil's deceit, war's traitorous might.

Hitler hiding, like a rat in the bunker,
Japan overwhelmed, her wings torn asunder,
Mussolini spared not, this ruthless encounter,
In the face of war, all countries must ponder.

by Orphani ..........O |
Categories: love,

Little Tomato

little tomato
Last of the dying season

I love you most of all
In the absence of
Your fat brothers and 
Blushing sisters 

Though they were exalted  
IN the suns decadent reasoning
They are gone 

Lttle tomato 
I love your hope 
Clinging alone to the grey black
Final branches of a mothers love

I love your distorted imperfection
Never being and 
Never tasting
You were never to be mine

You hold alone 
In the too chill of nights frost 

In the tall cold of New England
The young are fed the dying rat
and the great owl 
disturbs the silence

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: anger, humanity, humor, drug,

Message To a Pharmaceuticals King

You’re such a nasty bugger,
You slumming, scheming lout,
No conscience or misgiving,
No arguing about!

And when next time I see you,
Sucking on the poor, I’ll give to 
You no quarter, you shameless 
Writhing whore.

To you people are just profits,
You stinking rotten rat,
I’d love to squash your laurels
With my old ash cricket bat!

Drugs are for the sick, not
For pockets to be lined,
To be in this type of business,
You really must be kind

So take your profit margins
And income streams and like,
And point yourself at nearest cliff
While tied on to your bike


by Vinnie Conforti |
Categories: cat, cute,

An Ode To My Cat

I love my cat;
She’s cute and fat.
I named her Kitty
Because she was pretty. 

One day, Kitty brought me a rat 
Because she wanted a nice pat.
She left to the city, 
But then felt pity.

Kitty came back with a hat;
I looked at her and she laid there and sat.
She licked my hand, which felt gritty;
I still love my Kitty, even though she’s witty.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: animal, wife,

A Dog and Cat Wedding -Nursery Rhyme

Mr. Dog fell in love with a cat,
but their parents would have none of that!
Well, the two of them didn’t lose hope.
Some mice friends advised they elope!
With church mice as witnesses, they
got married the very next day
by the honorable preacher Rat
who wore on his head a big hat.

“Will you take this sweet cat as your wife?”
“Woof, woof! For the rest of my life.”
Then the rat asked the cat, “What say you?”
“Need you ask?” she cried out, "MEW, MEW!”
There was not a dry eye in the house.
Kitty bride served up cheese for each mouse.
Cats with dogs and mice can’t get along?
Mrs. Kitty Dog proves them all wrong.

Feb. 26, 2023
for Eve Roper's Nursery Rhyme Poetry Contest

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: caregiving, cat,

Once I Wished I Was Your Cat

Once I Wished I Was Your Cat

Once I wished I was your cat.
Then I could sit upon your lap.
Lie beside you as you nap.
Crawl and hide beneath your cap
as you give my hind a pat.
Feel your stroke upon my back.
Curl up softly on a mat.
Watch in wonder as we sat.
Have a love as nice as that.
But I now know, you are a rat.


by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: life, political, sad, social,

Rat Race

Rat race, rat race,
All going to the same place,
Move faster and pay no mind,
Their games keep mankind blind,
Another number for the rich,
Someday when were in their ditch,

Rights, fights,
Gave them away for ravenous appetites,
Illusions and delusions
I pled guilty to sinister pollution,
Frustration comes 
As humanity goes numb

Rat race, rat race,
Inevitable landslide
Full of pride
Everyone’s lied,
Morality has died,
With arms open wide

America the Great
Like prey, they just wait
Bow down to your money
Make love to your greed
While you feed your need
Vampires now lead.

By: Sabina Nicole

by Edward Clapham |
Categories: happiness, hope, imagery, love, romantic,

The Piper At the Gates of Dawn

The Piper at the gates of dawn held dear Rat in thrall,
Distant notes touching his inner being, his soul;
Beckoning him to come, come to me and pay your
Dues at my feet. So your messages sing to me
Their song of hope; each word invitation to dreams
Of rekindled love, meanings the children of desperation
To be in your presence once more, supplicant to love,
Imagination building castles of candyfloss truth.
The Piper washed clean Rat’s memories, that awe
Did not dull his vision and pleasure of the world;
Nor loss bring despair and yearning.
But I have no Piper to give me a kinder fate,
Nor soothe my fears that all is fantasy; only
The memory of your past farewell.