Love Poems About Ragdoll or Ragdoll Love Poems
by Phillip Garcia |
Categories: lost love,

Depleted by Tomorrows

Sunbaked to crisp this rag your hand enriched,
Hangs on a wire exposing tattered thread,
Rung-out depleted by tomorrows switched,
Lifeless without you, left, now lonesome bled.
Days wiped as months turned years following fast,
All while my focus rusts once where we were,
A rite of damnation pirouettes past,
Encircling sorrow’s waist with dizzy blur.
Spun as a ragdoll shook in infancy,
Watching my purpose, or the lack thereof,
Unable to cry so wide-eyed to see,
Shadows forgotten plunged searching your love.
  Were you an empress I’d be worn a crown,
  Longing for tears so my sadness could drown.

Submitted for:  Words Drowned in Tears Poetry

by Clive Winslow |
Categories: fantasy

I Am Wolf

I am the seeker in the dark.
I am that for which you  fear.
You run but I can smell and taste terror that fills the air.

You are lost in a realm I call home.
My cries to lure you out  of that hiddig place.
Seeking shelter you run into the arms of the that which you fear.

Do you see the  glow within my eyes?
do not confuse warmth with heat  hate with love.
As she lay in arms limp as a ragdoll

I feel no remorse.
For I am wolf.