Love Poems About Rabbit or Rabbit Love Poems
by Heidie Buys |
Categories: introspection, life, love,

Luck of the Draw

I roll the dice one more time
One more poker card I ask.
I search for one last dime
Train my face to be a mask.

Luck be a lady tonight
Sinatra singing in my mind.
I clutch the rabbit foot real tight,
Love and happiness I will find.

For life's a roller coaster ride
A simple game of craps,
And just who will decide
Which roads and which maps?

Yet when the final game I play
And I tally up the final score,
King of hearts was not meant to stay
Ace of spades just wiped the floor.

Regretfully I fold my hand
I walk away with a sigh.
Love may be very grand
But the stakes were just too high.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: confidence, hope, life, love, passion, romance, youth,

Gambling On Love

Young couples every day
Falling in love
Casting their dice
Hoping for the best
Vying for true love
Trusting their hunch
In the love lottery
Crossing their fingers
Hanging a rabbit foot
Throw it all on a gamble
Never crossing their mind
To have the conversation
And ask what’s meaningful
What’s important to you?
What do you believe in?
What do you want from life?

AP: Honorable Mention 2021

Posted on February 6, 2019

by Terry Miller |
Categories: daughter, death, pets,

Super, Awesome, and Grand

Rasp-rasp, rasp-rasp, the saw moves up and down;
because coffins are built better by hand.
My young daughter watches in her pink gown;
to make sure that it's right, you understand.

"It can't; it can't be a shabby old box,"
she cried out loud; "best wood, best silk, and, and;
he needs to be dressed in one of his frocks;
it has to be super awesome and grand!"

Her first small pet, Bunny, expired today.
Put in the box with love; sobbing, and tears
we'll surround it with buds, flowers; and pray;
while both stroking its soft downy big ears.

"Can we plant it now, dad?" She said with glee
"And will it grow into a rabbit tree?"

by Jo Bien |
Categories: love


I need to work more magic
You’re not as easy as I thought
It’s going to take a little more
Than a rabbit out of a hat

I’ve already done the slight of hand
And all the card tricks I know
You just don’t seem to get it
Or you’ve seen it all before

Maybe I need to do the cuffs
And put you in the box
Drop you in the water
To see if you can get out

This relationship exhausts me
Not going as I planned
The smoke and mirrors always worked
But not this time my friend

If I make a dove appear 
Where there wasn’t one before
Can I do the same with affection?
It’s the only trick untried!

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: animal, cat, god, grandson,

Easter Bunny of Florida


God sends gifts to sensitive hearts.
My grandson left his pets behind
as we travelled from familiar parts
of Georgia to Florida. God is kind.

Muffin, given the first name of Stud
by my grand’s dad. A small bunny
in the tiny yard, was the color of mud.
God’s gifts, better than money.

The cottontail posed under the palm.
My grand wanted to take Muffin home.
The rabbit was his after Easter balm.
Then away he hopped as we drove home.

Grandson returns to his bunny, Buck,
and to his feral cat, Lily, who oft’ hides
under his parents quilt, surely awestruck
at the return of their family. Love abides.

by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: confusion, dedication, devotion, faith, happiness, history, holiday, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, love, people, religion, social, uplifting, son, easter, day, son,

The True Meaning of Easter

The True Meaning of Easter

The true meaning of
the Easter story,
Is God’s Son came down
to Earth from glory.

Jesus really does
love you and me.
He was born to die 
that you might be free.

For 33 years, he lived
among sinful men.
Then one day was to be
an atonement for our sin.

He who was born of the
virgin Mary’s womb.
Was to one day rise again
from an empty tomb.

So many people have
gotten into a habit,
of replacing Jesus
with the bunny rabbit.

So please reach out to others
and let them know,
Of the lover and redeemer
of their soul.

The true meaning of Easter
must forever be said.
Of God’s son who died,
but arose from the dead!

By Jim Pemberton

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: nostalgia,

The Fifties

Slide-out Coke machines
Bubble gum baseball cards
Superman/Batman comics
Full service gas stations
25 cents a gallon
Dial phones
AM radio
Fats Domino
Black & white TV
Rabbit-ear antennae
Three channels
I Love Lucy
Drive-in movies
Double dating
Drive-in diners
10 cent hot dogs
Saddle Oxfords
Penny Loafers
Vacation bible school
Homemade playgrounds
Barefoot summers
A dollar was a fortune...

No cable
No Internet
No cell phones
No problem...

by Rita Solis Radius |
Categories: animal, love, nature,

The Happy Rabbit

Nice, nice is the rabbit
Nice, nice is the little rabbit.

Pretty adorable is the rabbit on the picture
Agreeable is the rabbit, there on the little image!

Majestic is that animal, treasure of nature
Simply beautiful, here, is the rabbit!

“My” rabbit is so generous
For sharing a pure moment of happiness:
Acting there as a photo model, full of humanity!

My friend, the rabbit is finally
Example Of the joy OF LIVING…
Let’s do like him:
Let’s enjoy life as it comes…SIMPLY!!

©RITA SOLIS RADIUS. ON JULY, 16th 2015. Poem “The Happy Rabbit”.

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: blue, fantasy, friend, funny, funny love, giggle, smile,

On Finding Nemo


Nemo is blue,  and I am a rabbit,
Comical thoughts my brain inhabit,
Thoughts invent friends imaginary,
Quite silent, tacit but delusionary,
Women's fantasies are good,
For older Red Riding Hoods alone in the woods!
Do not have a victim mentality,
Smiles are universal and free,
A concept not so imaginary.
In each person's brain, thoughts cohabit,
Nemo is blue and I am a rabbit!

by Norberto Franco Cisneros |
Categories: humanity, truth,

Moral Haiku Poems


Truth in all its forms
Defies men’s and women’s lies
Thank you God for sex 


When I die my God,
What do I take on my trip?
Only love, my child


I shoot a rabbit 
My boy sees the rabbit die
I can’t help but cry


Creative poets
Keepers of the truth are 
Oracles disguised

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: adventure, dog, friendship,

Rabbit Chase

We went out for a walk, my friend and I
through forest flaming red and yellow gowned
not caring that the world was racing by
nor thinking more nor less to lose its sound.

Our stepping cracked the leaves beneath our feet,
and I should know, my friend was closer than
most any love my heart could ever meet;
devoted from the time our time began.

We chased a rabbit for the simple fun
not caring that we won--but ran the race,
and how he wiggled in his silly run
his big ears flopping all about his face.

Night fell much earlier than we would care
but couldn't chill what we were doing there.
© Ron Wilson Arbuthnot
aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

by Darren Watson |
Categories: funny,

To Lighten the Day

I love a bacon sandwich 
and I'm partial to a sausage or two
I can't think of anything nicer 
Than a dumpling with beef stew .

Then I pulled a vegetarian 
A real tree hugging babe 
She tried to tell me eating meat
Would put me in my grave .

Urgh , What is that you're eating 
You're a murderer she cried .
No its not a human ,Just a rabbit
I replied .

How did that rabbit die 
Now she was really in a mood 
It died of friggin starvation 
because she ate all its food.

by Tom Bell |
Categories: allegory, dedication, devotion, faith, history, love, on writing and words, passion,

Milk and Cookies

Batman had Robin,
Abbott had his Lou,
Harvey had his rabbit,
Just as I have you

Like milk and cookies
Naturals together since times of yore
And our President Bill Clinton
Had his friend Al Gore

Like Peace and War
Tolstoy's famous book
And magazines so alike
Like "Life" had it's "Look"

I walk in nirvana
Unsure if this is true
And you can count on
A love forever for you

by Gelissa Yorke |
Categories: feelings, first love, hope,

Summer Groom

A flower of gold how sweet you are, so colorful so vibrant as sweet as honeycomb,
your eyes are as the blues off the tip of a mountain, or is it as blue as the oceans deep, 

is it winter or is it spring, who can tell, when there is a mist of love that curves your beautiful hands
now it is summer filled with life of gold, only the heavens can understand what this life of happiness
could unfold
It lights up like a candle, like a flower it blooms, like a rabbit running through the meadow,
oh my sweet summer groom.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

His, California Chrome

Sky scrapers posed a gauntlet across her neon waters....
Radioactive tides their evasive in stalking horse wavelengths
Walpurgis nights  preordained pentagon knife; planchette's point
Blank modern day Pompeii ? Neptune's, man of war; crimson's rabbit.

Just A Note: 6\7\2014...."Hey Baby, You Know I Love You: Your A Precious Creation
....Far Beyound Racing And This, These Man Made Things....'Sweet Dreams Baby Boy.'"

by Richard Ferry |
Categories: childhood, easter, easter,

Who Murdered the Easter Bunny

Who was it     That said Santa did not exist    Who told the children     Not to make a list     No more Tooth Fairy      Dropping in at night       Putting smiles on faces       In the morning light      Who shot the Easter Bunny      Before his prime     All the disbelievers      Are guilty of this crime     Ok time to tell the truth        Just between me and you       I murdered the easter bunny        Love rabbit stew

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: life,

The Knight Weavery

Perhaps it isn't a waking angel
that conjures this blue sphere.
Follow the rabbit down the hole
And you'll find the many armies 
That wove us into being

Sitting at their long wooden tables with
Their face guards pushed up and perched 
Above steel tops.

The sorry caramel taste's in our mouths.
Grinding our teeth through pardons.
We're always arising with petals in our ears,
Silently screaming, for active and effortless love.

Goodnight, knight weaver.
Goodnight, angel.
Tell the gods I've been acquitted.
Tell the devil I've changed my name.

by Dan Keir |
Categories: absence, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, analogy, anger, angst, animal, art, betrayal, bible, body, change, conflict, courage, death, dedication, depression, desire, devotion, discrimination, dream, emotions, eulogy, evil, faith, family, fantasy, farewell, fear, feelings, forgiveness, freedom, friend, giving, god,


The fox gnaws flaking muscle
From speechless rabbit, cold
In mind and body. Men shiver
As bodies dry, spat from river.

Rings of globes circle hands
Of the thoughtless, so beaten
From paths to be told of Him, 
Waiting until eyes grow dim.

Walking among us is plague,
Standing above us is but love,
These winds will claw our youth
While faith entraps this truth.

Winter comes but we survive,
Breath and bones, colonies thrive.

by Aysha Nuwas |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Always and Forever

My dearest love, my heart is yours
And all the beauty nature stores
You see the world with childlike glee
Like a rabbit in clover fields, carefree

With grace and majesty, you ride
A horse as beautiful as the countryside
Your love for them is pure and true
And I'm in awe of all you do

In your eyes, I see the stars
Shining brightly from afar
You light up my world with your smile
And make everything seem worthwhile

I promise to love you with all my heart
And cherish you until the end of time
You are my everything, my shining star
And I'll love you always, no matter where you are.

by Amy Frazey |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, introspection, loss, sad

Dark Wonderland

Falling down the rabbit hole,
tumbling, twisting, uncontrolled.
Regret filled voices fill the void,
each one calling out my name.
Caught in fractured dreams,
reflections of my true self haunt me.
Blood red shards fill the air,
no love remains here.
Bitter pieces of a broken mind,
seeking out my personal truth.
Step through the shattered mirror with me,
and see this unreality.

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: funny,

Says Who

One could question the Easter Bunny
Why a limerick should be funny
A rabbit egg
May pull your leg
But it can't give you love nor money!

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: funny

My Redneck Truck

My Redneck Truck

I love to ride around in my redneck truck
Even though I do not hunt rabbit, duck, or buck,
It makes me feel great when life goes a-muck.
And when I am enamored or by nature, moonstruck.

An ordinary truck somewhat knocked around.
No longer has a bumper, headlight lost, not found.
It never has complaints, no, not one sound.
That is why we take it when we go to town.

The AC might be broken but the windows work.
Sometimes my hair blows wildly, just one quirk.
I laugh so loud some people think I’ve gone berserk. 
Always overjoyed because it beats legwork.

© August 3, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

by Susan Clark |
Categories: blessing, change, emotions, friendship, hurt, love,

It's Late, It's Late

It's late, it's late,
Chasing the elusive white rabbit;
To capture him in my arms, to hold
And love him with no end;
Knowing this is an important desire of my heart.
This rabbit... or is it a rabbit only sometimes....
Things are not always as they appear.
As she who is I journeys after him;
Often making huge mistakes as she continues.
She takes the further steps needed for her fulfillment
Of the bigger picture of her destiny.
Her object of affection helps to make the dangers,
The wounds a bit easier to take as it helps to 
Numb the pain along the way.

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: holiday, love,

Who'Da Thunk

There once was a rabbit named Clare
Who'd shake her tart tail anywhere.
A Wolfman named William
was droolin' with willingness
fangs brushed, eyes sparklin', no cares.

He'd practiced his opening line.
On foxes and fawns, it worked fine!
So full of his hairiness
he approached Clare. Can you guess?
She asked “Can you keep time?”

“Hunh?” Sir Wolfman thought, “can she
really have thoughts that are loftier than ME?”
But something about her
made William's heart splatter.
Now Clare and William are happy.

by Krisallah Da Yah |
Categories: fire, love, new york,


Sexy *** ***, God
wonderful breast that make Virgin's love
so which ones?!?
you love those Debbie Downers!?!?
they might cut it off just to make it incomplete
you gotta be the best thing that happened to me
if you were a whore 
I might take you off the cornerstone
and make cash with it instead of *** Kissing
and I am the one YOU sex
in the symbol of a woman to make you feel flesh
Don't listen to rabbit
he ain't got love in which is like pleasure
Our pleasure is the best because our love connects
I love you dark hair
wheat field smile
cuz not even an Angel can reach it
and that my city
and you are the most beautiful so I'm snitching