Love Poems About Punishing or Punishing Love Poems
by Julie Achilles |
Categories: creation, god, hope, religion, wind,

Have Faith

Tomorrow the earth will still move around the sun-
a sun that will glimpse through thick clouds
leaves will fall from trees and winds may blow
snow will cover mountain tops yet,
I will rise and eat breakfast and shop
some worry that the end is nigh
to everything there is a beginning and an end
creation, Adam and Eve, the apocalypse
Tomorrow, people will fall in love, and out of love
crimes will be committed and sins absolved
some worry that God is punishing us with a virus
He that forgives? He who loves?
we are his creation- created out of love
live each moment- for we are in His hands
I do not hear the approach of the apocalypse
because I have faith, I have hope.

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: depression, fantasy, love hurts, sad,

When Fantasy Overcomes Reality

My heart is writing on a tear soaked page
Love is vicious and life is so unfair
Truth is, the more you love the more you care
You figure it out, your last act on stage
When love teases, the heart becomes enraged
Then strikes back for getting caught unprepared
Punishing you for being unaware
Leaving you lost and lonely in a maze
Sometimes dreams can be a dangerous thing
Fantasy overcomes reality
The heart starts to ache for what used to be
You feel sharp pain from love's poisonous sting
Once again you become a casualty
Find yourself asking the question, Why me?

  an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

by Ibrahim Ansari |
Categories: teacher,

Teachers Love

Teachers Love

Please hug me teacher for I know my ABC,
Rings in the mind,
Of every young child.

Everyone is a teacher’s pet,
It is not true that their mind is set.

All children are equal in the eyes of a teacher,
They are all perfectly innocent like a modest young preacher.

They love their students for who they are,
Whether naughty or noisy or scoffling chocolate bars

They may seem strict when it comes to punishing,
All what they really try to do is remove the developed tarnishing.

They are there to lighten your cave,
With their knowledge and emotion coming in a wave.

So love your teacher for what they do,
For if they don’t do it, who will do?

by Tanaka Chirombo |
Categories: lost love, me,

Lonely Days

lonely I stay
I even feel like sleeping on hay
while I sit on clay

I call her everyday
she doesn’t reply on the same day
even she doesn’t even leave me with a say
on the sick bed which I lay

I sit all lonely
as I think slowly
since she is punishing me badly
although my love is not vanishing quickly

I think of her sadly
as I remember all I did for her willingly
I hope she appreciates it happily
although now to her I look silly

she thinks I should give her a way
since I sit on a bay
in the early month of may
but I cant afford to give her a way

for her I will have to pay
as I sit and pray
although she thinks am doing a play
whenever she is away

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, depression, emotions, feelings, imagery, lost love,

Searching For Oblivion

You're crying, curled up in bed in a fetal position. And bullied by doubts and fears you feel completely alone. Unable to numb the hurt, bitter tears flow from your eyes. For it is unbearable when dreams start falling apart. Life feels more like a sentence, punishing you for mistakes. But what sin did you commit that love would abandon you? Your pillow preserves his smell, clinging onto memories. But his picture on the wall looks awkward and out of place. Love’s absence fuels anguish; you do not know what to do. And start rocking back and forth, searching for oblivion.

by Amy Rose |
Categories: dark, death, devotion, forgiveness, goodbye, loss, lost love, love, miss you, pain, sad, sorrow, tribute,

Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love
Curled in a ball
Not knowing what to do!
Knees against my chest
Cradling oneself

‘Soothing my soul’

Memories of you
Flooding my brain
Your words
Left as lingering whispers
Your smile
Imprinted, upon my mind's eye
High light of my day!
Electrifying my nervous system
Jump starting my heart
Punishing me
For loving you
‘Bleeding love’

by Brian Strand |
Categories: christian, love,

What Love Is This

Love is not a noun- it is a verb
For it is not an abstract idea

Love is not a feeling
or saying someone is nice when they are not

Love for an enemy
does not mean,not punishing their wrong

Love is not taught
rather it is caught

Love of the agape kind...
an affair of the will

     the greatest gift
clear sighted
      a treasure of the heart

love with no expectation
                      on seeing reality
           to love
an act
       of the will
infused inspired
made manifold

by Kevin Pearce |
Categories: angst, conflict, fantasy, heartbroken, lonely, love, pain,

Reckless Beauty

Reckless Beauty

 She was beautiful in a ruthless way
 A punishing God's unholy creation
 Taunting men with a brutal lack of conscience
 The whole world was in love with her
 and she couldn’t care less
 So she went on with her charmed life
 Goddammit, that girl was blessed
 with the true nature of evil
 and I loved her for it
 But she'd just look away,
 murdering me with her silence
 To her, I was about as memorable as a
 scrap piece of newspaper being swept along
 in a dry summer breeze
 Feeling her truth was PURE SUFFERING


by Ryan Thomas |
Categories: angst, confusion, devotion, love, people, philosophy

We Are Animals

fighting back instinct for modern civilization

denying truth for some desperate stab

at feeling special; above and beyond

making ourselves jealous


imaginatively punishing others for doing

what we are also doing ourselves

and despite our best efforts

and through all of our confusion

and even for being brutally, fervently


(because it's 'the done thing')

human x is to human y

as sperm is to egg

we are animals



by Cheryl Eldridge |
Categories: devotion, husband, life, love,

A Truckers Wife

Placing my heart upon my sleeves,
posting fragrant aroma in empty rooms.
Wanting inner passion to erupt volcanically
only my love is emptied in loneliness.

Silent walls call loves emotions loudly
frames of desire paste deserted entities.
Sleekly punishing my broken chamber
into pieces of puzzled prisons locked jail.

Longing for fires flames to come home
yet over the road  trucking he must be.

People have to eat,
and need other things.
Although for women like me
we must sacrifice for everyone.

Left alone without our love
to comfort us at night...

by Michael Alexander |
Categories: love,


Grace compeling me to approach. 
Escape the darkness; its whispers, 
that soft tone. Lingering shadows, 
a past that plagues my candle lit
memories; they fade. 

Fear for the loss, her beauty was 
so punishing. Closer and closer, it
began to clear. A stone statue, in
front of me appeared. She was there, 
I knew her. 

Astonished, I gasped! Stone turned
and base cracked. Blinding light, 
shadows no more; the darkness consumed. 
Golden lady in white, held out her
hand. Hesitantly, I took it. 

Engulfed in passionate flames, the 
happiness, the joy; a fallen one
she was. We are a Soul, entombed in 
a body of two. It was her whispers, 
that soft tone.

by Niketa Mckenzie |
Categories: love,

What Is It

It is as dark as the darkest part of the world 
Both mysterious and dangerous 
It is brighter than any star in heaven
And can blind you to the truth 
When you have it in the palm of your hand 
It gives you the most joyous heart ache 
When you want it, it never heeds your command 
When you lose it you feel as if god himself is punishing you for having had it 
You may wonder what’s this pain that people so desire?
What’s this joy that they run as far as they can from? 
Why its love.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love,

What Is Love

Love is not a noun- it is a verb
For it is not an abstract idea

Love is not a feeling
or saying someone is nice when they are not

Love for an enemy
does not mean,not punishing their wrong

Love is not taught
rather it is caught

Love of the agape kind...
an affair of the will

by John Scotter |
Categories: anger, betrayal, heartbreak, lost love, love hurts,

Active Now

Bring up messenger see your name
Visualise you there just the same

Blocked it says we are.
Crazy how it’s gone this far 

Pick you from your group and send a message 
Appears our last conversation in September 
How well I remembered 

Active one minute ago my heart is relieved 
You are alive I can see
Frustrating I cannot chat 
It was our lives for sometime and all that

Punishing my self with this stupid act
I tell myself goodbye to you 
I made you use the block 
I’m such a fool.

by Sofia Ra |
Categories: angst, betrayal, conflict, lost love,

How Dare You

How dare you judge me
with you it was anything
but a guarantee

Only choosing the parts 
you like
disregarding the rest
not satisfying your delight

Punishing me for my past
a deep pain
you will never grasp

Absent when the darkness
you brought left me
in a paralyzing twilight
poisoned by your snake bite

You are not the judge of
my life experiences
you haven't the right
to have any grievances

For I found beauty in
your imperfections
mine were a reason for rejection...

by Natalie Ruby Heald |
Categories: hope, love, me, night, me, night,

Angel of My Dreams

The evil of the night comes raging in.
Haunting me with nightmares and 
punishing me once again.
I feel like I am being cursed and
spit on for everything I did.

Out of the darkness......
Came a shimmering light.
Something glowing magnificently
Like a lanturn burning bright.
Casting out the monsters and demons
and the pain of the night.

You held out your arms and reached
out for me.
Speaking tenderly and showing me 
you will never leave.
Then the morning light crashes in
and the night is just a memory.
Thank you for being there...........

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allegory,


passion of the song of love
persisting lingering in trans
pupil constricted sun sinking in
painfully slowly clearing the fog
puddles of oil excretion of engine
passing steps punishing peace
people appear as people

by Elizabeth Train-Brown |
Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, hate, loss, love, love hurts,

The Oldest Lovers

The Oldest Lovers

To loathe is to commit a passion with
your nightmare, your nemesis, your own Hyde.
To dance the dance of hate, each side by side.
It is then, dear, perhaps the greatest myth
that they are free, the ones who plead the fifth
on the disease that rots away the bride
as she dances with the bane; tears dried
by the punishing winds beyond the cliff.
Hate twirls across the ballroom of our minds;
in his arms is Love, burning lips: white hot.
The devil, O’ he takes the love that binds
and ties with hate, the tragic lover’s knot.
To love or loathe, the other is entwined;
the fateful pair whom tragedy forgot.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love,

True Love Agape Way

Love is not a noun- it is a verb
For it is not an abstract idea

Love is not a feeling
or saying someone is nice when they are not

Love for an enemy
does not mean,not punishing their wrong

Love is not taught
rather it is caught

Love of the agape kind...
an affair of the will

by Kaylesha Cooper |
Categories: 12th grade,


Is this real life
How can I explain
To love and go through so much anguish
How do I deal with the pain
Am I chasing a dream
Is this my reality
Is god punishing me for being a bad person
Or is happiness just a made up fantasy
Everything I prayed for
Came within time
Then slowly god rips it away
To make me better
But I'm blind
Or am I just broken