Love Poems About Puma or Puma Love Poems
by tom bell |
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Running Shoes / Alfredo's Hideaway

wilfredo, wilfredo
now i tell you what I know
a puma is a big cat
a nike is an obsolete missile
and adidas was an ancient
Greek God, in love with himself
and for sure, shoes
don't run, people do,
and if you haven't tried
the mummy steak,
you're really missing out!!!LOL/

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, mystery, passion,


Autumn, the burnish of her hair
  Trapped devil flecks of pitchfork red,
Cascading shades of setting suns
  Billowing on the satin bed.
Lithe puma she stretches,
  Lissom flesh as fluid milk,
In the scarlet of her parting lips,
  In the rust motes of her eyes,
In the pallor of her cherished skin,
  Sex and sweetness symbolise.
Red as the bleed of Shepard clouds
  Burning the twilight fields,
Autumn, the burnish of her hair,
  Beauty, her yield of yields.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Love to be Eaten By a Puma

The puma is so sleek and black
I have no doubt he’d break my back
And carry me off to feed his cubs
They would love my fat and chubs.

The puma would come in the night
And grab my neck and hold me tight
I would lose my life but who cares?
I would get to see his puma lairs.

The puma’s eyes would be so green.
In the woods, he’d not be seen.
He’d grab me up so amazingly fast.
I would not very quickly last.