Love Poems About Prawn or Prawn Love Poems
by Jacquelyn Sturge |
Categories: funny, happiness,

Lance the Dancer

There once was a guy whose name was Lance
And all this man loved to do was dance,
If you beat on a drum
Or just twiddle your thumb,
Lance would jump up and he'd start to prance.

He danced from morning into the night
He'd leap in air like a bird in flight,
He never got tired
And always was fired,,
Until one day when he lost his sight.

Have you ever seen a blind man dance?
Well it was a sight, that cane and Lance,
He didn't want pity
Though it wasn't pretty,
When he toppled loosing his balance.

He'd jump right up and continue on
And nothing could stop this dancing prawn,
He taught us a lesson
That there is no reason,
To end what you love before you're  gone.

by Martin Mcareavey |
Categories: love, romance,

Haiku After Our Lunch Date In the Cafe

The Tuna and the Prawn
Swam together -
- Now in sandwich form!

by Allan Terry |
Categories: art, beauty, bridal shower, business, celebration, future, guitar,

Need Thee, O How I Need Thee

need thee
need thee
oh, how I need thee
and every hour
need thee
need thee
oh how I need thee
I need thee
every minute of my life

presence the diamonds
presence the gold
the prawn that are drawn
to hold
the papers for us
to sign and agree
to stand before all
for the world to see

need thee
need thee
oh how I need thee
every minute
and every hour
I need thee
oh love

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: blessing,

A Better Tomorrow

he dreamt of death sharks and apocalypse

Poseidon on edge of waters and hence 

slept badly because of the fish and chips

exhausted he drowned without any sense

a jubilant sea horse married a prawn

Freud cheered the cohabitation in joy

while salty solution mixed with the spawn

directed and waved at subconscious ploy

kill your father and mount your own Mama

Oedipus knows best don’t waste repression

Sex is your friend so look out for drama

I offer my couch for a quick session

for in love and compassion lies no shame

to dolphins' applause together they came

13th September 2020

by Prom King |
Categories: lost lovelove,

When All Love Is Gone

Nobodys there when all love is gone
my heart feeling like its just been withdrawn
all of my life is like a river prawn
just sitting here wonderin what to do next
My spirit and my soul is gettin so vexed
cant sit here all day on da phone and text
sittin here so long switching from side to side, changing sides so much til' it hurts my neck
Because, nobodys there when all love is gone

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,


Shall I liken you to a leg of lamb?
You are more toothsome than marrow bone.
Though cuds do crop in Jersey cow and ram,
And all have great fondness for spam and prawn.
On winters cusp, hot roast lamb reigns sublime,
And often the gravy broth most slurpy;
And juicy parts fine as most fine wine,
By chance, both your legs are shapely;
Let not our leggy longings limply fade,
Nor droop to bagginess nor wilt or falter,
Nor lambkin legs brag on being so well made,
When in time all pegs wither and alter.
    So long as there are gams to praise and thanks,
    So do I, love your thighs above all other shanks