Love Poems About Porpoise or Porpoise Love Poems
by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: lost love, sea,

Sad Sea Tale


There was once an old man of the ocean
For a mermaid he had a devotion
But instead of two pins
She’d a tail and some fins
Which precluded their harmonic motion

But in spite of her disparate corpus
They maintained their romance polymorphous
‘Til a herring one day
Brought a message to say
That she’d gone off to live with a porpoise

[Gift for a lady]

by Ralph Mason |
Categories: love,


cold rock, who's gnashing teeth
beget torn lips and tidy legs
loveless creature clothed in rind
future queen would nary pine

fondleproof my guest
gentle curls no effect
your veinous tarmac brings organasms arrest
abandoned crusades confer pontiffregrets

what!  the spectacled porpoise awakens!
the breeze suffocates
the sun withdraws
now must I greet your desire and drain your ample limits

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: fantasy, fish, food, fun,

One, and only one wish

My name is Frankie and I am a fish
  Who can grant you one, and only one wish
A water-based genie, with a tail that goes swish
  Tell me your dreams; I'll serve them up on a dish

Pleasant as a porpoise, peaceful as a dove
  I enjoy what I do; my work you will love
When you reach for the moon, I'll give you a star
  Dream up an ocean; get a submarine with a bar

Now I'm not a land genie; I won't live forever
  So my personal wish before my time's severed
Is to be grilled to perfection when I'm through
  And served with a garnish, to delight all of you

by Jeanne McGee |
Categories: emotions, feelings, joy,

Lighter Than a Cloud

Would not my eyes express delight
to see the flash upon the water bright
As porpoise play on mornings dawning day
I follow them and dance along the way

Could not my heart be lighter then a cloud
as rise the sun to lift my sleepy shroud
then greet some friends and smile in unison
we weave our days with love that is finespun

Should now this be my last to walk the Earth
I hope to leave some good that shines my birth
how precious you became in life to me
may memories lift hearts in absentee

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, animal,

Porcupine and Porpoise

Porcupine fell in love with Porpoise today.
Protective quills ready at the stay.
Porpoise dove down with his blunt snout.
Porcupine smiled; in love with the lout.

It can never be actualized Porcupine said.
But I will love you totally until the day I am dead.
Porpoise said, “I feel exactly the same about you. “
They were star crossed lovers, these magnificent two.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 2nd grade, appreciation,

PORCUPINE Nursery Rhyme

       ‘Spiny rodent Porcupine! 
        Tell me, Are you fine?’
     ‘Sure. Tough thorny spikes, all are mine.
      I can count from one to nine.

      I love blue sky and bright sunshine.
      With playful Porpoise, I always dine.

      I wish to go for cruise in river Rhine
      I walk free in the wood of Pine.

    I taste grapes from the yard Vine.
     Climbers are planted in a line.