Love Poems About Pony or Pony Love Poems
by Vera Duggan |
Categories: animal, farm, horse, may, , cute,

My Molly May

My Molly May

I had a little pony
I called her Molly May
So often I would venture out
And feed her bales of hay.

So then she’d frolic
Kick her heels up high
Round and round she would run
Looking sweet as she passed by.

She’d run until she was worn out
Then to the stable she would go
I’d bed her down then for the night
My love for her each day would grow

She was my, cutest Molly may
This pony always made my day.

25 September 2014

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: freedom, horse, journey, universe,

Princely Pony

   On the back of her pony
     the universe lay
   comets and starbursts above
     periwinkles below spreading love
   O, princely pinto
     you're all I need
   Gallop the galaxy ~
     mane streaming free

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: hope, love, nature

Eternal Migration

- A Love Story -

*Unpredictable enigma with a pony tail of willows
**An exiled from deserts by the Despotic Thirst
***Deadly in her games yet playing with prisms
****Humans longing, chanting, reciting her name...

*****I am still her lover - wandering man who can't cry
******She sneaked in my heart and stole all my tears
********My ship has her name engraved by a thunder
*********I' m  the eternal migrant looking for... RAIN... 

 iolanda scripca

by Linda Jackson |
Categories: emotions, joy,


child beams with joy
as he hugs his pony -
love reaches out

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: lost love, nostalgia, passion,

Killing Me Softly With Memories

Unleashed...- the beast of miracles at night -
A silent roar of silk cuddled by the ocean breeze -
Ephemeral synchrony of flesh from Heaven
Rains thundered burgundy petals on maiden's tears.

He frees her pony tail in uncontrollable cascades
of sand pouring in a stubborn hourglass of lust
The God of Whispers kisses her future memories
along a naked path of a "Forget-Me-Not" bouquet...

"I'll never know where dawn vanished her nostalgic smile
                                   A soft Mirage - onto the desert of my selfish life..." 
by: iolanda scripca
For Nette's Contest " Soft Sensuality"

by Poetry Is It |
Categories: brother, business, caregivingtime,

The 'Happy' **** Star

The 'Happy' **** Star.
Grew up in poverty, 
on a farm,deep down in the south.
With too many brothers 
and many her cousins.
She had not the time to love them all..
Except for her pet pink pig.
She had no use for a cork screw.
Most of the house looked like there's.
Not her room, 
full of lace and silk, they yurned.
She burned and burned wanting more.
She has her own pony.
Nice little pony and friends.
By the time she was grown and tall.
Every thing of value she owned.
Old gold coins and silver in a box
southern confederate money, 
yellowed with age.
She packed it all up, 
while her pony and she rode away. 

Is It Poetry

by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: love, war,


She stood there on the balcony
watching him riding off to war
her heart was full of mutiny
crushed she held onto the bar
there would be no matrimony

Juliet was full of acrimony
hating the powerful Tsar
far away the cacophony
the sound of the battle of war
drifting up to the balcony

Juliet waited for his pony
hearing distantly his sitar
his voice singing songs so corny
she ran to him down the sandbar
now there could be matrimony

written 02/13/2014
contest: Juliet

my first Quintella I hope I got the form right

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: funny love, horse, humor,

From St Patrick's Pent Horses To Out Horse

From St. Patrick's pent horses to out horse

She rode St. Patrick's day wild horses
Through leprechauns and lucky Joe's of course
She rode her horses well
Every horse loved her swell
In came a pony changing the concourse

connie pachecho


by George Zamalea |
Categories: life, love, sweet, sweet,


Run! Run!
My pony sweet butterfly
And carry me over Paha-Sapa!

Run! Run!
My sweet butterfly
Where the feet cannot touch
The soft grass pregnant of floating-flitting

Run! Run!
My sweet butterfly
Don't let us to see all things come apart.
Paha-Sapa! Paha-Sapa!

My land, my sacred land still,
Where the ground hunting
Beating my body, so old and calm,
To them, when I am waiting 
There to die!

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, art, black african american, childhood, devotion, faith, family, fantasy, children, friendship, love, dream, dream,

The Pony Ride

I'm going for a pony ride
to gallup through the countryside
and if you'd like to ride with me
I'm sure there's bound to be
a pony just for you.

I'm going to the county fair
and we can ride our ponies there
if you'd come to the fair with me
I'm sure there's bound to be
a pony just for you.

I'm going riding all night long
within my dreams, please come along,
and if you dream this dream with me
I'm sure there's bound to be
a pony just for you.
© ron wilson

by Valsa George |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, husband, lost love,

Miser's Wife

On a hill top, lived a man so stingy
Though wealthy, his house was very dingy
When his wife asked for money
He would chortle- 'No Honey'
Tired, fled with her lover on a pony

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: daughter, love,

With Motherly Affection

she talks to me - eye to eye outside church doors in the cool night air how lovely this lady who has children all her own Her arms goose bump bare and my heart strings pull - i say to her, “i just want to warm you up” and she smiles behind her glasses hair done up in a pony tail how blessed i am we hug as friends much more than that we complement one another

by Stefan Maxima |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, love, romance, romantic, romantic love, women, write,

I Am Head Over Heels In Love

I’m Head Over Heels in Love

There’s no need at all times
To have a pony tail
I love your smile, though
I have to say

There’s no need to
Always wear that yellow dress
Though it brings smile to my face
Even when I’m under stress

My love is odd, and
Believe me, it’s endless
Just one your look, my sweetie
Opens the door to heavens

by Jessica Traviss |
Categories: life, love, teen,


your the tears in my eyes.
the beat in my heart.
the blood in my veins.
the pony in my loveliness.
i don't think thats very healthy.
depending on you to keep my alive & happy.
no no no.
i vote.
i'm over you.
i don't know why.
but erhem.
i jst am.
you will stay my friend.
for ever and ever.
you're jst not dependable enough 
to be 
my iv.
so baby.
i love you oh so much.
but right now.
your my friend.
and only my friend.

by Chris Bowen |
Categories: art,

Chris Conrad

grip.grip the pony
young tender roni,chris face
love taste,waste her now

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: valentines day,

Stuff Zebra For Linda

"Take this fluffy pony painted black and white – this love in stripes."

To: Linda or Poet Destroyer	
From: LS

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: angel, dog, funny love, future, love, miracle, spiritual,

The Wise and Furious Elfmama and Me

Who will be at heaven? Elf Mama asked me.
She had a gap between her teeth and a one-trick pony
boob-chest which didn't seem to divide anywhere actually.
I put my head on it.
It was soft,
and it loved me.
Who will be in heaven?
The dogs, I thought. Only the dogs.
No one else loves like that.
You do, Elf Mama said.
I stuck out my tongue and woke up.

by Sajdah Al-Riyami |
Categories: funny

Surreal Barbie

It’s a plastic Nightmare
Without joints
Or a flipping’ heart
Intensely surreal

Barf at those
Fake smiles
Done by the outmost
Surreal lips

Literally Fake
And those Whopping eyes…
What are they? Just creeping me out-
They Look so…. So… Brittle!

I can’t endure
Her robotic walks
Like she has something
Stuck up her...

And there are those 
Teeth of hers
So uncanningly..White
Undeniably Luminous

And her ideal Love

I weep for the wimp
Who'se the gossip suburb Barbe
I'd like to see how she appears
Under all those Jimmy's and Choo's

But when I twirl 
She talks!
And horns nurture from a flawless length of hair…

by Sonia Walker |
Categories: dance,

Bobby Sox and Penny Loafers Dwm

Bobby sox and penny loafers,
donned the feet of the 1950 teens
as they danced away at the sock hop,
slipping and sliding doing the bop.

Pony tails swayed with the beat,
as poodle skirts twirled with the flow
brightly colored neck scarfs caught the sweat,
crewcut fellas led their dates without fret.

Lights flashed on and off near closing time,
couples slowed down with a waltz,
hugging close and being much in love,
cooing sweet nothings like a loving dove. 

February 29, 2020 "Kim Rodriguez DWM Contest"

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: girl, horse, love, sweet,

I Love My Pony

I love my pony
My pony loves me
I ride him on Sunday
from my house to the sea

He comes when I call him
nuzzles up to me so sweet
So I give him a sugar cube
~ a pony's favorite treat

   Not for Eve's Contest
but definitely inspired by her contest
      ~ Thanks, Eve!

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: love,

Fully Blown Testicles

Pamplona - full fight - 'El Toro Bravo'

Who's got more balls the matador or the bull

Nature or nurture the survival is skewed

The stage is set culture maintained and the

Fiesta bound to unravel in wild screams and suspense

Paloma however sports a pacifist's creed

Prefers a siesta with Paco's gentle sword

Sheathed in passion smooth motions of Peace

Bow to freedom and compassionate love

Pony and stallion dance al fresco in white sheets

When the night settles and they glow in the dusk

The arena nearby is empty bar blood in the sand

But Paloma and Paco rest unblemished after the

wondrous rapture and a clear conscience in kind

by Adell Foster |
Categories: art, education, family, imagination, life, love, on writing and words, uplifting,

I Asked

I asked the spirit why it was blue 
And it smiled and replied “Blue holds the truth”
I asked the dove why it was so white
And it replied, “So that all may see the light”
I asked the moon why it was so cool
And it continued to spin…
I asked the Saint Bernard to walk the dog
And it began to dance
I asked the horse to whinny
And it did, as the pony pranced…
I asked the family; why do you love me
And they replied, “Because you’re you”
I asked myself: "How came I to be so blessed”
And the answer came --you have followed
The path pursuing
The Truth shining
And so I kept quiet
Because every thing was perfect
So glad I asked…

by Varna Paniyath |
Categories: fantasy,


The first bloom, the second bloom and then the third..
Too exhausted in the splendour, she rode her little pony
The sights too sugary and the smells too exotic,
Love is a red red rose, fed with the blood of the two,
Too exhausted in the empty splendour she rode her pony.

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, horse, lonely, love, nursery rhyme, pets, sweet,

Tiny Pony

I have a tiny pony, 
so small she lives indoors.
She scampers up the stairway
to sleep atop my bedspread.

I never can be lonely 
for this wee horse adores
To be with me all day 
To share my buttered cornbread.

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: birthday, body, books,


Forgotten romance
Love is odd 
We argued a lot
She did me
Sleeping around
The drinking
She is old now 
Like me
We live different lives
But my heart beats
When I see her
She used to colour
Her hair red
Now it is grey 
She wears a pony 
And her eyes are still
Sea green 
But she was 
A lousy tango dancer