Love Poems About Polo or Polo Love Poems
by MoonBee Canady |
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' Raul Moreno, Poet - Sensei ... ' 56th Senryu

‘ Raul Moreno, Poet- Sen•sei … ’   56th  Senryu

   Like Marco Polo
Haiku Master, Moreno
Explores Nature’s Show

From Magnanimous Me (he! he!)  (LOL)
             Love Your Poetry, 
        Your Poet-Pal, MoonBee

by James Horn |
Categories: humorous, sports,

Round of Applause

Here is my next sports rap poem. Jim

Round of Applause

Already now I must admit
What is it we have to hit?
How about homer with baseball
Not strike three they did call.

Why fool around and always fret
Should kick a goal into the net
Don't continue to turn and toss
Should go at and play Lacrosse.

How about football you will boot
Run and produce a lot of loot
Or hear those in high society
Prefer polo and love rugby.

No matter where chips may fall
God's life in you will be a ball
And who if in always do believe
Round of applause will receive.

WOW. Double WOW, and Triple WOW.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

by Shaniki Smith |
Categories: love, love hurts,

No Bedroom Clown Live Here

Finding numbers in your jeans
Red lip stick stains on the white sheets
The smell of cheap perfume
embedded into your clothes
I wear polo for ladies
so, it's no perfume of mine
I'am sure that  this man 
is cheating on me or is my mind playing tricks 
He just popped the big question 
I want to believe that he would not cheat
but the evidence is clear
I'am going to turn the ring down
You not playing me like some bedroom clown
Don't be mad because you got caught
Who playing who
The clown is you 
Press the big red button on your nose
Bronx Bronx New York City Bronx Bronx New York City Bronx Bronx
and just head on home back to your city

By: Shaniki Smith

by Shaniki Smith |
Categories: lost love,

Dirty Underwear

Stop leaving your dirty underwear everywhere
You have a cheating heart
I can see it in your eyes
Can’t you see this an’t
 meet to be
All have your polo underwear hanging at there house with your initial stitch in there.
That’s all that comes out your mouth
I decide to put you on mute
Let you go
Because you are waste time
Time that I can be spending with someone else
Who really care about me
So hit road Jack
Don’t come back no more
And take your luggage and dirty underwear with you...

Stop leaving your dirty underwear everywhere