Love Poems About Pointer or Pointer Love Poems
by Izzy B Hearty Brave Heart |
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I Wrote This In High School

this place, my sanctuary, my domain.
there's no other place i'd rather be, 
than here playing the game.
love the sound of the net, when the ball hits.....
and the feel of the ball within my grip.

this place, my sanctuary, my domain.
forever for this place, i will feel the same.
want to be here and only here.....
stepping out on that floor 
with no pain nor fear...

love the sound of the ball beating on the floor 
and the screams of the crowd when my three pointer soars....
forever for this place i will feel the same..... 
there's no other love like the love i have for this game...

by Verlecia Fields |
Categories: change, childhood, dark, family, funny, love hurts,

To Loves You Thought You Could Never Lose

To loves you thought you could never lose

so with both tiny pinky fingers 
placed in each sides of your tiny little mouth
you stick out your perfectly little Tongue
and with both of your candy covered pointer fingers
you lift up your eye lids
from your hazel eyes   
your multi-contorting your face 
just to get a super funny face 
just to make sure you get
lots of laughs
but that little brother is gone
he lives in a world far, far away from me
in the same state and in the same town  

will he remember me
the same way i (I) remembered him
to love's, who have gone, far beyond and away...

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: funny love,

Attentive Wife

hips swivel, i shimmy
over to spouse,
my finger seriously
pointing at him,
sure sparkling eyes.

my pointer aiming
his way, wanting
its way with him.

my darling’s attention,
intentionally on me -

my lips close in
on my lover,
i sing,
“i want you…”

mindfully pointing
at him,
my finger taps
onto my wrist,

“ tell me what time it is.”

i smile. i wink.
i’ve been playing
with him.

he’d reminded me
that work’s shortly -
we’d been watching
‘70’s Dean Martin Roast.

you get the picture -
i had fun with him,
the roast’s on him.


by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: love,

To Read Your Name

My poem,

No pen,no paper,

On palm top of my hand,

With my pointer finger,

PIN to all but you,

Give me your right hand to paste,

Read now,

From up,

From down,

Right or left,

Same,the theme,

Like in Monaliza,


Again and again not,


To read your name!

by Dorett Cope |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, me, me,

Color Me Softly

Color me softly
With sweet fragrance of love
Make melody in my ears
Color me softly with your thoughts
Use your words to color me
Color me softly with your eyes
Plant your stare in mine.
Color me  with a thousand kisses
Color me softly with your lips
Run your pointer down my cheek
Color me softly with your finger tips
Wake the edge of my obsession
Color me with the moist from your brow
Color me softly with your ocean of desire!
Like the reflection of the sky 
Dancing in the sea on a clear day
Color me  yours!
Then your rainbow I will forever be
Gleaming in colors of your love.

by Chioma Onyekaba |
Categories: abuse, africa, betrayal, black love, family,

Betrayed By Love

‘‘Twas Saturday
Everywhere was filled with haze
She found a brocade
In the name of her slave

She rushes to his chambers 
Tying a bandana

She spoke in anger 
Why? Mr Damian
Would you awaken a tiger
Under such a hazy weather

He rose in anger
Arms stretched like a pointer 
Rejoice, Oh! defaulter
For luck hath saved thou!

Oh No! She cried out!
Indeed you are a stranger