Love Poems About Piranha or Piranha Love Poems
by Rebecca Grech |
Categories: longing, love, love hurts, psychological,

Let Love Kill

Zoned out in the darkness
Time devours my vitality 
Trying to swim; I sink to the bottom
Meet me here in aphotic darkness
Our devilish souls can create a tsunami on the surface
And obliterate all other love
Light hearts, ripples
As we drink their shallow cries

Unite with me as I swim your depths
Wave after wave of divine pleasure
Designed to realign my spine
Chew my insides as a piranha
Our love is worth the death of earth
I'll chance obliteration,
In my blinded sight just to
drown in the depths as you destruct my soul

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, birth, love,

School's Out For Summer

In the jungle her mighty jungle his lion wakes tonight..
Their silver poses with golden noses a run'way girl design ?
Achilles' tendon his dreams are sending an astroid past the sky
Jaguar dances her banshee prances post-bellum sends love's flight
Erectus spectus and all spectrals; time's mandamus mirage ? Ancestral
Quackers these mischief-makers justice takers; karma's, carnelian Amazon....
Ships are sailing gorillas wailing his parrot runs to hide: piranha tides theism's mine.

by oluwatomiwo Akinyemi |
Categories: love hurts,

I am not over you

Every step I take
It’s your footprint I see
Every breath I inhale
Is filled with your scent
Like a symbiotic nutrition
Your shadow creeps behind me
Every nook and cranny
Is filled with memories of you

Spell bound I am left
My hearts arrested
And my thoughts captivated
Awaiting a pounce ready ‘piranha’

Your closeness to my proximity
Makes my heart skip *flutterously* 
A million times faster
Because I still love you

Categories: allusion, love, metaphor, poetry,


           I have for a woman
           further love that thirst
           shark for blood,
           that the lion for flesh,
           that piranha per body
            alive ...
            Love this woman with
           further will than usury
           for money ... which
           fragile disappears, further i desire
           that power that is strong and
            never ends ...
           My love is castle
            stone, pyramid
            colossal that no one
            remove ...
            My love for her, comes from
            millennia, centuries ... and it will
             exist forever ...!