Love Poems About Pheasant or Pheasant Love Poems
by Donna Howerton |
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Pheasant Hunt

When I can barely see the sun, I put on my clothes and get out the shot gun.
My bird dog is my shadow all full of excitement and love because he knows he'll soon be 
able to run.
We load in the truck and drive to the site where we hunt pheasant with all our might.
My dog is my best friend.  He knows me well, as he flushed up a rooster and the first one fell.
When we come home all tired and sore, we know the next day we'll be ready for more.
It doesn't matter how much time we spend, as there's nothing better than hunting with my 
best friend.

by Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson |
Categories: friendship, holiday, inspirational, peace, people, philosophy, seasons,

My Present

I have every reason
To put in words a season
Bearing good will, love and joy for one and all
So I present to you this present
No, it isn’t duck or pheasant –
Nor a shopping spree at some local, jam-packed mall
See, my wish for you today
Will never fade away
It shines like sparkling diamonds in a brilliant, crystal hall
May you be present in every moment
May you have no fear or foment
And may you always rise in triumph when you fall
May every moment of your present
Be generous, kind and pleasant
Filled with peace, on earth, right now, for one and all

by Devi Maya Pradhan |
Categories: dedication, desire, imagery, inspirational love, love, mystery,

Mysterious Love

Love, thou art the Sirius,
the golden pheasant and the rose,
I was gleeful, a little curious
content with whom I chose.

Thou single sight fill me with pleasure
thrilling as a twisty roller coaster ride;
like the glorious shining treasure
demurred was I by thy side.

Thou possessed the bizarre aura,
that made me adhere with thee,
thy fragrant tentamount to flora
got me sink in the insanity.

Let's ignite the love of ours
let it be immortal
we shall rejoice for tranquil hours
with those bountiful chortle.

by Christuraj Alex |
Categories: bird, care, fear, life, nature,

Grassy Ground

The pheasant has laid her eggs on a grassy ground
She's joyously restless though fears in her abound
She's aware of the haughty hounds roaming around
The pheasant has laid her eggs on a grassy ground
She knows nature will protect them with love profound
Her eggs will hatch and chicks will fly victory crowned
The pheasant has laid her eggs on a grassy ground
She's joyously restless though fears in her abound

22 June 2021

by Allan Terry |
Categories: magic, music, romance, sweet love,

Colvenge' Measner

She wanted the dinner to be specail so she asked
her specail freind to fix it for her.
she would offer both  roast pheasant and chicken
combined with fried polenta with
 buttermilk ,bacon bits redbell peppers, chives and asparagus.
Sagey dressing. Garlicey mashed potatoes, and gravey.
goat cheese/cream cheese herbed pastries.
garden salad with croutons, and a savory Catilina dressing.
Boc Choy and cabbage.
roasted butternut squash medallions.
a rich poundcake and brioche bread pudding
with eggnog, dates, coconuts, dried cherries, and dreid mango:
served with vanilla icecream and toffee.
an offering of wines.
All to get people smiling.