Love Poems About Persian or Persian Love Poems
by Dr Mohammad Golshani niya |
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Peace is My Big LOVE

Peace is My Big LOVE in 3 languages
Philosophy of Peace

Peace is sweet Science
Science of Peace
Sience of Truce

Peace is a Silence
Silence of our province
Silence of Armistice

Peace is great scentence
scentence of non violence
Scentence of Solace

Peace is good Alliance
Alliance of Variance
Alliance of Fierce

Peace is Calmness
Calmness of Restfulness
Calmness of Easiness


Salute to PEACE
No war
No fight
No battle
No Trouble
No displacement
No misery

Only Peace
Only Humanity

By Mohammed Golshani niya
Poet of Humanity and Peace in 3
Languages English .Persian and Kurdish

by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: age, confusion, freedom, hurt, love,

Persian Haiku

                   Persian Haiku      (Segani) 

My wing altered with age.
The wing that is broken. 
My body is the cage.

I’m covered with dirt.
From this dirt I am alert.
Alert makes me hurt.

I’m talking to you!
My eyes are kissing you.
The fishes are watching.

How do you know that?
The tree is not my lover!
Spring will discover.

How childish is love?
When you stole my heart again,
How can I complain?

How sad is my tree?
In the middle of a prison;
Even though is free.

1/5/2015  Haloo

by Jeff Troyer |
Categories: lost love, paradise, romance, senses,

I Once Awoke

I once awoke in a
Storm of color
When the Persian sky of
Scheherazade made lovers quiver and
Table milk
Spilled in luxury over your
Perfected fingers.

It was only later
When the sweet scent of
Decades dripped from my
Gaping mouth and into the
Wanton cusp of
Persepolis’ urns did I stop to
Ponder your

Trembling still, I did
Not once, Nay
Twice in the
Lore we wrapped so
Neatly beneath that first
Entwined in our
Foreverness and in the
Oozing chalice of
Wine we
Bore to the

by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: light, love, romance, satire,

Persian Sonnet

        Persian Sonnet: Candle and the Sun 

I heard a candle talking to the sun,
asking him why you have to be so bright?
How fun it is to look at you tonight?
When the day is gone and moon is the one.
Shadows are breaking, yet figures may run,
I shall be lighting all lovers all night. 
Making sweet illusion of night, delight,
and close their day when lover’s night is done.

How beautiful it is when you’re gone?
I’ll be the reason for lovers to be,
Then we live until very break of dawn,
and they see only what their heart will see.
How magnificent it is to live on?
Although it’s just a night, it’s life for me.

1/20/16 Haloo

by arthur vaso |
Categories: angst, anti bullying, art, character, journey, wisdom,

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Everyone should have 
a home to love
a place so safe
morning mist, blankets thick

When we wander out
in the world today
as visitors, manners politely abided by
never moaning insults loudly cried

If you wish to cajole 
and complain
lets send you off to bistro stars
on the very next star-ship plane

travelers should always smile
treading softy on Persian carpet
quiet is 
the voice that observes new ways

thus deceit discarded, buried

by Lansell Taudevin |
Categories: animal, care, cat,

The Cat Ladies of Singapore


Cat loving ladies
A ministry of cat care
To hungry felines.


Each day. Unfailing
Feeding your chosen creatures
Making us feel good.


I see and I ask
Why are these animals here?
Someone must love them.


Tabby. Persian. Black.
Each and every day they’re back
And their carers smile.


I try patting her.
Snarling she runs off frightened. 
I’m not her lady.

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: dark, desire, love,

Simply Put

Simply put
I want you
any way your
gorgeous mind
can concoct it...

Grab my hand
force me
if the mood
strikes you...

Or you may lure me
seduce me if that
pleases you

I like being 
love super size..

I want you
to want me
to enter you..

I want you
overcome by passion
that it predicts 

Simply put
I want you
to want me

to kiss
the Persian silk
of your skin
smooth as a Nubian Pearl...

Simple as that...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Rick Parise |
Categories: father, love, nature, uplifting,

Words Need Not Be Spoken

The ancient elders speak in spirit cries silent,hushed,songs of the meek a call for the chosen....... Persian waters' flow in light of silver cashmere questions dissipate as I rest at waters' edge in love, the Great Spirit leads....... _____________________________________ Contest- A Mesh Of Forms Kimo/Tanka Poet-Rick Parise

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Noisy Cat

You have the hysterical look of mutes
that roar through narrow straws.
I see in your yellow eyes – a Jules Verne winking moon.
Soon that ribbed pink cave will release
another flock of demented coots
hacked from the craw of an ancient macaw.

Soon the whip of your vocal squawks
will pluck my eyes from their trembling stalks.
Maine ****, part Persian, part whiskery herring,
grimalkin mouser,
I love you not when you sing.

Verne goes to the movies, a flickering French theater
of painted malarkey, where mice threaten to Can-Can.
Buck Rodgers shoots rays of hyperbolic sound
from the open nozzle of your mouth.

by Mohammad Reza Sh |
Categories: culture, earth, history, political, world,

For Netanyahu

I have civilization
I have culture 
I have water
I have Soil
I have Persian Gulf
I have love
I love jeans,-)
I have sleeping
I have wake
I have tears
I have  smiling
I do not know
But my
I have great sorrow
Life is hard
But, for me
Sweet is
Honey is
I pray for you
You .. be wise
Adult care
And my country...
Wisely to know
Wake up!
Iran is my love
I, we, all 
Even World history
You forget …
We Forever forget

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: passion,

Persian Horses

How i long to taste the salt of your skin
pooled in the garden valleys of your body
I await the early morning hours
for you to come as the hummingbird of love.

There I will gaze upon the Persian horses
galloping in the sunlit reflection of your long dark hair
Many nights I have dreamed and craved
Your beautiful lips the enemy of my winter.

Beneath damp sheets lie the magic of velvet fingertips
The blood of your veins remains between my teeth
You the wonderful garden of my torture
You the world wrapped around me....

by Eileen R. Kelly |
Categories: passion, me, me,

This love irresistible...

When I am away from her
I want her more...

her spirit clings to me
this inner fire roars...

her heat  lingers...
I feel her static flow...
from her silky satin

she keeps this love alive
she keeps the mystery...

this attraction mind body

she bring me coffee 
she wears my favourite

she can be all over me 
like a sassy Persian cat...

...when she purrs she 
makes me feel I am all

she treats me fine 
well into the night...

she reveals all that
she can be...

the two of us together

by Ally Mabin |
Categories: love, memory,

I know

Fading memories

my soul concealing

hurt from my

aching heart

I am soaring

with majestic

angels on a bright red

persian dream

In a dream

where you never leave

In a dream

where you are still holding me

Tranquil sounds...

with every key

it moves me

further away from you

Paralyzed with fear

of forgetting your beautiful face

I know I will always

feel your love

by kaveh afrasiabi |
Categories: love,

Heart's Invention

Come. Invent.
Do you believe in all these
fairy-tales about love?
Or are you a hardcore skeptic,
who abhors romance?
Come. Invent the ghost of love
perched on your porch like a
silk Persian rug. 
Love's a new mansion full of
possibilities, a heart's shrine,
be a faithful custodian.
Come. Invent. 
Let's face it. You need a whole new
wardrobe for your emotions. 
Stop procrastinating. Come.
Invent, a new destiny, a new
travel itinerary.

Categories: black love,

Adumaradan Ebony Beauty

You're the reason my pen came out of retirement
Because your gracefulness brought back my element.
I would have said "kurukuru" ( cloud ) has covered my orbs
But I saw you and you turned open my door knobs;
It was like seeing an "egbin" (antelope) in its gaity form,
Orekelewa whose beauty intoxicates like the persian rum;
They who opined that the beautiful are still unborn,
Walahi I wonder if they thought your beauty can be undone;
When you walk with the gracefulness of an "Ife Olori" ( Ife queen)
All heads turn to take in thy African glory.
Duduyemi Orosun whose melanin shimmers even in darkness,
Even the angels smile and their hearts are filled with gladness!