Love Poems About Penguin or Penguin Love Poems
by Alyssa Finley |
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My Penguin

They find eachother
Stick with one another
Together forever
Him with her and her with him
Through the cold and death
Loving eachother
That seeps through
Till the last breath
But if only I could find
My penguin.

by Tim Smith |
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Whisper In My Ear - for Sami

"Brightest diamonds shine in darkest rooms,
willing hearts bleed out love for me and you"

Whisper close towards a frightened ear  
soothe a shaken soul   scared tonight
hold onto hopes of flight filled wings
where a painted rose will rise and sing

Carry my crutch just a little bit more
for when the south winds blow again
across flowing strands of love and care
my heart and spirit will be right there

Living moments in locked up dreams
no longer a little blue penguin burrowing
freeing fairy tale fantasy finally come true
glowing in the dark because the shine of you

by Jo Daniel |
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Colors - Black and White

Life is in pieces of black and white Like a chessboard The moonlight shines through darkness of night Like a barcode ~ Noah chose a raven, then dove Bad luck or peace? A bride in white dressed in pure love Black mourn decease ~ The penguin and the zebra The snow leopard White tiger and the panda Monochrome weird ~ Milk boils when it is heated Tar melts when hot Cotton flies, wool is seated Coal heats the pot ~ I print all of these lines In jet black ink On a white sheet designed To make you think 02/21/17

by Just James |
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The Penguin

It is so simple its black and its white 
Make a simple decision wrong or right
Every new day you chose your path to him 
or maybe you take an ice cold love swim?

So many but only one with your ring 
Your love struggle is beginning to sting 
Look deep  into your heart and see my face 
It should be easy to find my embrace 

a Penguin is so simple and so sweet
Never seeing any reason to cheat
For ever and ever a simple choice 
Your decision is something to rejoice 

This decision brings you so much tension 
Why humans can’t even do "the penguin” 

- for Jan-

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Penguin Tanka

I adore penguins
Sliding on the frozen ice
Love how they waddle
Have wings that can never fly
Mating partners all their life

25th April 2014

~ For Tanka Contest sponsored by Amy Green ~
Awarded 5th place in contest

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Take Good Care of Your Egg

Aww, a blanket of men
With 18 hands
And happy feet
Around me stands 

By smokey fires 
Like a hippy
And keep me warm 
When it gets nippy

Deep inside the penguin pile
Absorbing love, burrow and smile
18 arms and 18 legs
8 men and one happy egg :-)

by aunna jones |
Categories: cool,

Batman My Dark Knight

Batman, my dark knight,
why can't you be real?
I love you so deeply,
in ways, I didn't know I could feel.
Flying around,
with your kool cape and your belt,
send me a bat signal,
in case I need help.
Let me hold your batarang's
in case there's a Joker,
a rash ointment for Poison Ivy,
Catwoman? I'll choke her.
Bring it on Penguin,
with your cripple a** legs,
Two Faced can suck it,
Bane! Yal are dead!
Riddler I'll let you off easy,
but only because I find you
really fun and intriguing.
Gotham is yours,
as am I,
Batman I love you,
my super awesome
Dark Knight!

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: winter,

To Warm Up Mankind's Behind

Okay people, enough is enough What's happening with this crazy weather Cold enough to freeze the tootsies off a penguin The eskimos are all huddled together So far this winter's been the coldest in years Certainly not a very happy camper Civilized people shouldn't have to live like this Us guys just love to be pampered In all my years, through each Canadian winter This one surely takes the cake Not at all pleased, just want you to know This is more than this guy can't take If I knew who to contact I'd pay big dollars For the sake of all mankind Beg them to moderate these winter temps To warm up mankind's behind © Jack Ellison 2014

by renny goonerage |
Categories: god, love, magic, religion, spiritual, spoken word, suicide,


nobody knows Her like i know Her
and She cannot live with him
but She cannot live without him
but the air is warm
and i just cannot get this feeling out of my mind
that something is going to happen...

nobody knows Her like i know Her 
and She cannot live with him
but She cannot live without him
but the end is near
and i just cannot get this feeling out of my mind
that something is going to happen...

~care bEar
Bird of Prey
aka Charlie aka Lucky aka Skittle aka big penguin aka DOTHIS
ps i love you Goddess

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: daughter, dedication, family, love, mother, son,

My Slumbering Child

Your little breathes of air
They're like descending cherry blossoms
Your rising and falling chest
It's like the lull of waves
Your flickering eyelids
Are like the songs of birds
Your peaceful face
Shines like a starry nights moon
Your tiny hands holding mine
Are like penguin families sticking close
Your smile when you awaken
Is like a glimpse of Heaven
Your love for me
Is the most precious gift I could have
Your dripping tears
Is like all the pain I have ever known
Your faith in me
Is a bond no one can sever
Your sweet, little person
It's hard to believe...
That you are my beautiful, sweet child

by renny goonerage |
Categories: angel, depression, psychological, religion, religious, suicide, war,


i fell in love with a suicidal dream
i went to sleep with a homocidal scream
i woke up with a genocidal fantasy
and i can't believe its real...

its like a suicidal dream
and its come to real
im in a homocidal scene
with a genocidal fantasy...

~care bEar

aka charlie aka lucky aka skittle aka big penguin aka control presenter aka 

by ilene bauer |
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Penguin Parents

Two penguin parents and their chick
Are bringing people ‘round
To ogle at their lifestyle
And the happiness they’ve found.

Australians are delighted
At the airing of this tale
For the parents, Sphen and Magic,
Are both penguins who are male.

Their obvious affection
Led their keepers to decide
To entrust them with an egg
Neglectful parents did provide.

They built a nest and alternated
Sitting ‘til it hatched,
Each spending near a month, a time
No other penguins matched.

Though humans often battle
Over whether gays should wed,
They should look to Sphen and Magic,
Seeing what their love has bred.

by Jeff Connelly |
Categories: muse,

pop quiz

Why do I love you?

a) your amazing eyes
b) your wonderful smile
c) your adorable penguin feet
d) your fantastically shaped hips


e) all of the above