Love Poems About Peacock or Peacock Love Poems
by Susan Ashley |
Categories: angst, conflict, depression, fate, love hurts, sorrow,

Fortunes of My Tears

I see the future
in the constellation of my crystal tears
as you siphon the sparkle off what’s left of my joy.

Heavy is my heart where you spread your composting ego 
sacrificing my fire.

Your unwillingness
to ascend from darkness 
on wings of breath and light
is not lost on me..

as you strut your fan of peacock plumes
snuffing out any hope 
for my flickery flame.

Susan Ashley
July 19, 2018

~ Third Place ~
Contest: Any July 2018 Poem
Sponsor: Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings

~ POTD ~
July 21, 2018

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: love, spring,

Spring Showers

Soft sunlight streams through Nimbus clouds A sign, a foretaste of coming spring When hills and fields bring forth rich foliage From humble green grass to royal heather Flaunting peacock colors to honor the day As clouds release their crystalline drops Lovers’ laughter echoes as they run for shelter B’neath the old willow tree, they stand; lost in warm embrace Soon, a hush will fall as sweet jasmine floats When hungry lips taste the first kiss of spring ~*~
4/4/13 Note: For Russell's "Spring Showers" Contest

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: love,

Savage Love

Savage Love

Consumes one 
day and night.
Memories of 
perspiration and 
Oceanic promises 
to stay together.
feathered, kisses
bright as a peacock 
Some think memories
only exist in the past.
Wrong, mine are as 
fresh as today's flower 
in a crystal glass!


by Pandita Sietesantos |
Categories: true love,

Holding On To Love

Holding On To Love (Ten Word Challenge - 2)

Not even the TACTILE, brown sands of time can erase
my Beloved’s LUSCIOUS taste. BITTERSWEET dreams
wrapped in pink ribbons arouse my soul like QUIESCENT,
rhythmic raindrops tip-tip-toeing on AMBIVALENT seashores.
FLAMBOYANT and ARCANE as a rare, white peacock, 
my Beloved is the QUINTESSENCE of my being. 
His love requires not the IMMOLATION of self. 
For he’s my INTERCESSOR guiding me through
the shadows of night into the clarity of day.


Contest:      Ten Word Challenge - 2
Sponsor:     John Hamilton
Placement:  2nd

by Benedict John |
Categories: caregiving, dance, beautiful, beautiful, dance,

The Peacock's Dance

It’s raining, it’s raining  
Come see the peacock dance  
How beautiful it looks   
With its  wings that look like small, feathery fans  

When it starts to rain   
It’s beautiful to see the peacocks dance  
We love to gaze at the beautiful sight  
And do not want to miss the chance  
It’s such a wonder  
To see them dance so gracefully  
That we should accept to surrender  
Our pride when we see them dance  
We should not cut tress  
So that we can see them dance in peace  

Benedict(8 years)

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: pride, son,

Proud As a Peacock

My son Scottie and me Are like two peas in a pod The word “clone” certainly comes to mind His humour is the same His carefree look at life matches mine There is no mistaking Scottie boy is my son He's also inherited my creative genes Following in his Daddy's footsteps A techie version of his old man Did I mention I'm proud of my Scottie Does a bear poop in the woods Of course I'm proud as a peacock I love this boy! He's now in his late forties But he will always be my boy! © Jack Ellison 2014

by Brian Strand |
Categories: animals, funny, nature

Peacock Blue

splendoured love-
a come hither

by Mario De Paz |
Categories: culture,

Democracy of Culture: I, Icon

Some people “culture” holding
Maintains far the others
Their “unculture” scolding,
Assuming peacock feathers.

I, being a scientist with skill,
Always was close to all
Trying to achieve their will
For democratic culture call.

I think no culture may ever be for few
And common language can be used
To carry beauty and love for true
While complex words are often abused.

Intuition and discovery are at hand
For everybody if stimulated well
Knowledge construction may be grand
If arrogant judgmental are sent to hell!

Contest: ..... I, Icon 4/18/2015

by Jan Allison |
Categories: wedding,

Marry Me

Flicking back her mane of auburn hair She sweeps into the room as proud as a peacock All eyes turn to admire her ravishing beauty She smiles, revealing a set of perfectly white teeth Her emerald eyes sparkle A single crystal clear tear glistens – she hastily wipes it away Gliding along the aisle she stands next to the man she loves He mouths to her I love you She stands in complete silence … The only words she utters are I DO! 02~-06~15

by A K Das Mridul |
Categories: feelings, love,

The Enticement of Love

When the sharp addiction of love
Thrust the illuminate sense at the door of heart,
The poisonous fallen memories then
Arrive and gather all around.

When in silent cry for failure
The tear roams streaking down,
The waves of crazy love then
Stand like a peacock screening tail.

When the power of bodily sensation
Raise stimulation in every blood cell,
The dew bath white flowers then
Fall by the ruthless desperation of time.

When the strong enticement of love
Invokes romance making tune in the air,
In the unrest mind then
Is blowing wayward storm of the time.

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: bible, bird, faith,

And They Flew

one day the flightless peacock
got a message from above
and when it filled his heart
he gave the message to a dove
when he received it he knew it was true
this was something special 
and to all the world it should be flew
the dove gave it to a crane
and the crane gave it to a duck
which went south for the winter
where the message was also brought
but then the dragon got word
and he didn't like it at all
he flew around the world
saying the message was false
but all the birds knew it 
and the woodpecker too
the message of God's love
is very, very true

(This goes with a presentation of origami birds and a dragon that can flap their wings.)

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, me, passion, romance,


When you say I am your dream-boy
I think I could break-dance with joy

When you stare at me with those eyes
Hopes come in my mind like sunrise

When you kiss me like a peacock 
I just forget the clock’s tick-tock 

When you hold me tight in your arms
Old days are eaten by bookworms

When you show me baby sweet dream
With joy my heart fills to the brim

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: happiness, nature,


Green and golden vibrantly shines on soft red lines as summer dew is gentle blue The hues of the peacock feather in all weather fills one with love in gentle cove Silver blessings fall from above labour of love feathers unfold a bird of gold 10/10/12 By- Tahera Mannan Contest- Just A Minute!

by Anita Sharma |
Categories: beauty, blessing, care, deep, devotion, first love, romance,

The Boy Front Door An Admirer

he said Come,
stay with me.
be my girlfriend,

we shall dance and sing,,,
will give you flower ring
will fly high with soar wings

will sit upon rocks,
Seeing birds in flocks,
walk by shallow rivers,
ooh watch valleys hills and fields,
woods, groves and mountain yields,

nightingale singing melodies,
peacock dancing wings open,
squirrels giggling kissing,
deer hunting lover down.

will make flower bed,
million fragrant roses,
a gown made of Fuchsia,
pink blue slippers for cold,
a necklace of diamond gold,

he said Come
stay with me,
be my girlfriend.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Wild Romance

Don’t think I am a laughing-stock
I will make tonight an epoch
Baby all my limbs want to talk
I want to rock you like hard rock
We are two birds that make a flock
I am tick tock you are the clock
On your heart’s door I want to knock
Though I have the key of its lock
You are blackboard my tongue is chalk
I want to kiss you like peacock
And hug you like electric shock
You are my prey I am a hawk

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love

My Valentine Etheree

peacock is,
This love of mine.
A rainbow concealed, 
He would not reveal his 
many colors until he 
felt I would respond in kind to 
his glorious, colorful romance.
As years increase I remain spellbound still!

© 2011 Connie Marcum Wong

by Surajit Dahal |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, i love you, i miss you, lost love, love, love hurts,

Love I Owe

What love I owe?
I see you and I bow
Indifferent to the World
Lost in your hair and curl.

Your eyes full of adventure,
I can see me and our future.
Mesmerized by your nimble limbs
My temperature grows as steam

Holding hands and I can't speak
Quiet I stay and I sneak...
Enchanting the beauty and praising
As a peacock in the meadow, gazing.

by Suresh Iyer |
Categories: angst, devotion, hope, lost love, love, passion, romanceme, me,

Lexis From My Heart

You left me in the lurch why
I long for your love
Your memories haunt me

Coddled with roses, chuck me why
The petals have faded yet
The thorns do not prick

Hate me, don’t ignore me why
Like a peacock lingers for rains
I seek your presence

I can’t forget you why
I am ready to forgive you
Fall back in your arms

I want you to read this why
I can’t write poetry avaunt
These are lexis from my heart

by Ali Adhab |
Categories: art, beautiful, body, eve, imagery, inspiration, smile,

The Mistress

A fine beauty blended the waves of sea
Sparkling eyes, like stars of christmas tree
Mystery throngs the atmosphere of her existence
Her scent fills the wind, recognizable from distance
She walks like a peacock, speaks like a dove
Like a heavenly angel, sent from above
Modest and humble, selective, with thoughts
She writes of love and beauty with countless dots
Melancholy, but joy behind the showing smile
Determined to win the race of thousand and one mile
 Is it mystery? Or craving love is what she need
Unless she speaks, it will be a secret indeed

by Nikhileswari Swaminathan |
Categories: age, art, bird, change, emotions, feelings, for him,


P eacock, the bird of love as it signifies,
E nthralls with its charm and delightful plumage,
A s it rains my heart ecstatically beats,
C adence  to the swinging hues,
O ver and over my heart beats go,
C raving for my beloved,
K nows not my heart is swayed away by him

by Bette Bavington |
Categories: cute, funny, girlfriend, hilarious, humorous, life, love,

Made Me Laugh

This guy declared I will knock
At your door even if I become a laughingstock.
I am thankful you live on the first floor
I don't want to cause an uproar
Or send you in to shock.
I feel we have interlocked.
I am like a male peacock
Declaring my love to whom I adore.
He declared I will knock
Furthermore according to my clock
I have been out here an hour waiting for you to 
Turn the lock.
I implore
You please to open the door.
Hello! There jock. Your girlfriend lives on the
Next block.
Why don't you go over there and knock.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: love, nature,

Bird Love

                                             Peacock lent pose
                                               Intent on love

by Karin Edwards |
Categories: black-african amer

My Black Is Beautiful

My Black Is Beautiful
For it comes in All shades
Blowing up the spot like a
handful of grenades
Having Us to put off a show
like a peacock parades
To keep Our public guessing
as if to play charades
While hidden remains the part
that suffers and wades
Although the Courage, We have
to LOVE, never fades

by Chipepo Lwele |
Categories: adventure, nature,

I Love Nature 2










chipepo lwele

PS;The poem about birds, insects,fishes,man,body parts
     seeds,,organic manure,flowers,and firmament.

by Danton Wolfe |
Categories: life,

India Is Color

Twirling scarves
Peacock blues
Life is colour
Colour is life

Shrines, mosques, churches
Sacred animals
Ancient rituals

Poverty and riches
The two extremes
A beggar's hand 
A ruler's feet

Murderers kill in the dark
Children play in the light
Laughter roams he streets
Love does not hide

Dance, sound and music
Bright festivals under the sun
Food is mixed with spice
India is colour