Love Poems About Parrot or Parrot Love Poems
by M. L. Kiser |
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Precious Moments

When I am alone; I am not alone. No one is ever alone but, sharing solitude, with nature my soul soars. Tiny bunnies hopping in my yard and Garden in the spring; Day lilies presenting heads of orange and Parrot tulips galore. Rainbow colors sway in the Breeze and tea roses birthing buds of Scarlet, pink, yellow, mauve and white, Dot my fence with splashes of bold electric color. New house sparrows, doves, robins and Cardinals will hatch and sing; I love watching them learn to fly. They remind me of the struggle of Learning to walk; Precious moments where I enjoy bliss.

by Hania Siddiqui |
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My Pet Parrot

A beautiful creature of god,

If trained can talk,
And likes to eat red chilli from its red mouth.

Green in colour,
And have very small eyes like tiny buttons.

When sleeps,turned like a ball,
And get up with a loud scream.

My favourite chilli eater,
I love it alot.

Please Visit

by Brynne Cua |
Categories: depression, life, loneliness,

Scarlet Macaw

I am the scarlet parrot from the Amazon,
Intelligent, beautiful, passionate,
Trapped in a cage too small for my wings.

With nothing but a pretty bell
To keep me entertained.

With nothing but a mirror
To keep me company.

With nothing but a sprig of millet
To keep me sustained.

Craving fascination.
Craving love.
Craving life.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: bird, tribute, , cute,

Do You Know About the Kakapo

Have you heard of the Kakapo? A Kakapo … I guess the answer’s no! Kakapo’s are a breed of parrot but they cannot fly They are far too heavy and would fall from the sky! Kakapo’s can live for a hundred years… A hundred years – I couldn’t believe my ears It may sound strange yes even quite absurd But I’ve fallen in love with this cute rare bird 11~14~16

by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: allegory, fantasy, parody

Bedevil? Not Quite...

I scoot as I scatter
and toss all around,
I break and I batter
so miscues abound,
I dim and I damper
demeanors so sweet,
I hurt and I hamper
those fast on their feet,
I frisk and I frazzle
each honest days' work,
I blunt and bedazzle
the judge and the clerk,
I grin as I garrot
as your failure unfolds,
I crack like a parrot
as frustration explodes.

So, have you figured me out-
the end sting of my tale?
Not bedevil, but D E V I L !
and I'm in the details!

( Ah, yes, it's me! Ha Ha Hee Hee!)
( I love to turn you ME!)

by Ismael Nieves |
Categories: love

Lovebird In Love

Beautiful lovebird
speaks the language of love to
colorful parrot

by Ashraful Musaddeq |
Categories: love,

Haiku On Aspiration

carrot on the grass
parrot on the olive leaves
green aspiration

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, birth, love,

School's Out For Summer

In the jungle her mighty jungle his lion wakes tonight..
Their silver poses with golden noses a run'way girl design ?
Achilles' tendon his dreams are sending an astroid past the sky
Jaguar dances her banshee prances post-bellum sends love's flight
Erectus spectus and all spectrals; time's mandamus mirage ? Ancestral
Quackers these mischief-makers justice takers; karma's, carnelian Amazon....
Ships are sailing gorillas wailing his parrot runs to hide: piranha tides theism's mine.

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: love, song, sound, , Lullaby,

Sound of Love

Shall I compare your voice with sweet notes of cuckoo 
Or with the voice of nightingale 
Or whistle of a parrot
Or drops of water on tin roof
The melody of love is what I search on
When mother sings lullaby 
Angles descend to hear yet they hear not
Thus thy voice resembles mockingbird’s voice, 
Or is it like Malabar whistling by a schoolboy
I hear nothing when I see two lovers
Sitting arms in arms without sound
just the silence in between them
When love blossom from the ashes of dunes
There is a complete silence
And this silence is the sound of love...

by Alice Nightingale |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, world,

Youthful Souls

If I were a fish,
and I could fly,
I'd turn the world upside down,
simply just to make it better.

If I were a morning dove
and I could swim,
I'd make sure that everyone is loved,
and the world would be happier.

If I were a parrot,
with a vow of silence,
all would stop and listen,
to the more important things in life.

If I could,
I would continue kissing you forever,
and love you like no other.

If I were a lucky leprechaun
I'd leap to the end of the rainbow
and share all my wealth with the world.

Flying fish,
Swimming doves,
Silent parrots,
Endless kisses,
and lucky leprechauns
may not exist in our world
but they could,
if we stayed young at heart.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, lost love, love, sad, flying,

The Ruins of My Dreamland

My hopes are seeping through my fingers like dry sands
My love has broken the cage of my heart like a parrot
And she is flying away to somewhere else

All my sweet plans are being shattered
By the storms of disappointments
My mind has become heavier than earth
I am carrying it on my shoulders

I am walking through the ruins of my dreamland
I am sailing on the sea of tears in search of an island
I am flying in the sky of sorrow like a migratory bird

by Ginikachi Obah |
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, city, culture, emotions, environment,

Beneath a Beautiful Ancient City

Pouring out my mind like the showers of rainfall
Gathering of clouds like the sign of sky fall
The vessel that horns the loudest echo 
Makes my heart sing of amego
As you drown yourself in your deepest ego

The eyes bow their lids to your physical radiance
Mouths stutter at your overflowing elegance
Your admirers are anxious to come to your presence
Emotional geologists are eager to know the depth of your real essence

Hearts are broken with exploitation
Pockets are dried up in expenses
Men are entangled in your ecstasy
Your love is expensive like the diamond of Sierra Leon
Your heart is not as golden as you appear
But your trumpet is as loquacious as a parrot

by Rama Balasubramanian |
Categories: nature,

Summer Parrot

watching parrots eat
mangoes hanging from trees  ~ 
cool breeze caresses
Based on a  visit to mangrove forest in kerala. In summer season mango trees bear fruits. Parrots love mangoes and usually live in mango trees.


Submitted to	Summer Haiku, Tania Kitchin

Syllables checked with PS syllables counter

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: friendship, love,

My Lady

My Lady

Quiet like a parrot;slower than a cheetah,
Her benevolent is something to cheer,
In which many indigents have a share,
The pitch in her voice soothes many hearts,
which has made many guys to bow with their hats,
She romances humility with good nature,
Just like tenacious Dorcas in the books.

Have you seen her in active motion?
Unbelievable!cool,calculative and alluring;
Her words serve as curative remedy for sorrow.

While others practice gossip for pleasure,
She accommodates criticism as a treasure,
Her sassy attire befits a queen with
a golden crown on a platinum throne.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: animalsheart, heart,

Elegy On the Death of a Parrot

Oh parrot dear wither have you gone
Leaving this tender nest of love
My heart cries all alone
An empty niche since you’ve flown off

You were nature’s best
Your voice a melodious tune
The shimmering grey on your breast
Which would fluff up when you’d croon

May the heavens above open for you
My heart does pray so
Sweet memories of you
In my life will forever grow.

by Stephen Aniobi |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, me, love, me,

Singing Parrot

My life is built on a plaster of gold,

Born with a silver spoon and a rubber plate,

With d sun smiling at me with vexation,

The depth of this out growing love I can’t stand,

Bluffing, surfing, grousing d sounds d parrot make,

You’re like a rose flower, blooming in the sun,

The sight of you I can’t stand,

Your smiles put me a million miles away,

Don’t torment me like that,

For love is the sober friend I never had,

You the reasoning the parrot sings.

You are the love I never had, my lost spoon.

by Anunda Ariga |
Categories: relationship,

Bitter Sweet Cage

feeling like a man with a low income wage
am locked in a cage

was i locked?
or did i lock myself?
feeling like i cant leave?
do i wanna leave?

sometimes it feels comfortable,
other times its unbearable,
but i cant leave,
or i dont try to leave,

at times the cage can be called home,
other times i feel like a prisoner,
under the dome!
why wount i leave?
i must leave.

i think i love her and our relationship,
at times it just feels like am caged,
filled with rage,
i gotta leave
leave i tell you!!!

but wait, calm down, breath.
fill at home she says,
like a parrot in a cage.

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: loss, sad,

The Parrot's Aulette

See the deep sadness
in the parrot's eyes
remembering his pretty  
mate that made him sing 
and declared him king...
did he foresee agony? 

His feathers are white
longing to chase a kite; 
he flies in limited space
desiring freedom
and see flowers bloom
when sunrise sets them ablaze!
Can a parrot live
in a small cage
and survive for very long?
Fall's leaves turn auburn,
his love can't return...
soon he will stop breathing!

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: animal, art, funny, hilarious,

My Lovely Pets

Black my cat
      is always in a hurry to love
     his female White Queen
     black and Queen real allies...
     My mouse Rat always
     stands frantic when
     his mice Vamp stares
     at him...
     But at least they are
     in love, all is in peace...
     Jo my dog is in love
     with Jo his beloved...
     Jo Jo form an amusing 
     couple !
     My name begins with Al
     my wife name is Ana...
     We have two cute pets :
      Alan and Alana...
      My parrot Paul is Spanish
      his female Paula is Italian...
      She says to Paul
       Parla !
       he says to Paula,
       Habla !
       Al day long they date
       and nothing happens !

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: heart, love, sound, , Lullaby,

Sound of Love

Shall I compare your voice with sweet notes of cuckoo? 
Or with the voice of nightingale 
Or whistle of a parrot
Or drops of water on tin roof
The melody of love is what I search on
When mother sings lullaby 
Angles descend to hear yet they hear not
Thus thy voice resembles mocking bird’s voice, 
Or is it like Malabar’s whistling by a schoolboy
I hear nothing when I see two lovers
Sitting arms in arms without sound
just the silence in between them
When love blossom from the ashes of dunes
There is a complete silence
And this silence is the sound of love...

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: books,

I Never Read Fiction

I never read fiction, Persnickety told me.
I urged her to read Harry Potter and she laughed.
A kid’s book! I am twenty-six-years old!
You would love it, I said.
I would not, she replied.

Five years later her cats were Hermione and Ron.
Her parrot had been renamed Dumbledore.
And she was making her husband call her Harry.
Did you read the books? I asked her.
Which books?
Harry Potter?
Oh, no, she said. I never read fiction.
Her four-year-old son, Hagrid laughed.

by Lin Lane |
Categories: care,


I care I search, and always I come to find All is fair in love and war, but love is blind Who dares to besmirch another is unkind It is an insult when a person is maligned I care I search but it remains undefined how some lurch from shadows to spellbind Who sits on a perch and is often inclined to mock others? A caged parrot who's confined I care I search but I will never be aligned with racists whose hearts should be colorblind Some attend church, hoping to be enshrined but there they will find no peace of mind I care I search but nothing can make me resigned to spare the birch branch. I would spank a behind

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

You Look Stupid

I stare at my sixty-eight-year-old grandmother in disbelief.
You got a parrot, Grandma?
She nods, pleased.
Do you have any idea how long a parrot lives?
I hope he outlives me, she says.
I think that is a given.
I look it up.
Parrots live between eighty and a hundred years.

Isn’t he adorable? She asks me.
He gives me a hard beak look.
Outstares me.
I love him! She says.
If I die first, you will take care of him, right?
I have never liked birds after the Alfred Hitchcock movie.
I take a closer look at the feathered fiend.

Under my breath I say “you look stupid.”
“YOU LOOK STUPID!” he yells at me.
Oh, yes, I will take care of him.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: birth,

Totey Se Awaz

Tote si awaz 

Tote si awaj kawey si muskan 
Na samjo muje saitan Mai bhi 
Hoon ek insan............ What you think 
Sound like a parrot smile like a crow 
Don't think I am devil even I am a human....... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Jogen Sharma |
Categories: baby, flying, joy, kid, life,

Small Parrot

Jogen Sharma

Small parrot, flying high
In the sky, so very nigh
Its feathers are bright and bold
A sight to behold!

Small Parrot in the tree,
Dancing and singing so happily,
Chirping and flying in the sky,
Looking so gorgeous and bright,
Colours on its feathers are so bright,
Green and red with white,
Showing its beautiful sight,
Telling us to share the love and peace,
Making us happy and never cease,
Small parrot shining in the sky,
Making us alive with its cry.