Love Poems About Panda or Panda Love Poems
by Joanna Daniel |
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Colors - Black and White

Life is in pieces of black and white Like a chessboard The moonlight shines through darkness of night Like a barcode ~ Noah chose a raven, then dove Bad luck or peace? A bride in white dressed in pure love Black mourn decease ~ The penguin and the zebra The snow leopard White tiger and the panda Monochrome weird ~ Milk boils when it is heated Tar melts when hot Cotton flies, wool is seated Coal heats the pot ~ I print all of these lines In jet black ink On a white sheet designed To make you think 02/21/17

by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: children

Giant Pandas

Giant pandas live in China.
They can swim and climb trees, too.
They're black and white and furry
And they love to eat bamboo!

Bonus activity: Print out a giant panda coloring sheet for each child (there are a few 
to choose from on and have him or her color it.

by Sierra Arnold |
Categories: cat

A Kitten Named Panda

She's black with white spots.
She curls up on my chest when I lay down.
Mews and stretches
just to curl up again.
I love her so much...
She gives me a new sense of joy.
A new reason to continue.
My baby....

by Goddess Queen Yahudah |
Categories: family,

Shock Treatment

electricity poles
stand tall but who knows
how love lifts us all
love lifts us to call

to hear and breathe with one another
sister brother and mother
walks along the river
hug tight and kissed her

to know and embrace any tension
friction released plugged in remission
no faults and back talks
no satellites restrict halts

skies meteor falls
glue sticks tighter to paper yall
listen check the status of middle mass propaganda
black or white stripped panda

locked close tight stand up
don't forget to let up
pressure pressed like ketchup
mess up

by June Ellen Smith |
Categories: animals


Bears, bears everywhere.
In my house everywhere!

China Zoo Panda come here.
Do they possess any fear?
Wild in the mountains, eat
Bamboo shoots. Yummy treat.

Polar bear among the ice.
Black skin under white, on
Frozen tundra. Now wonder
Why, I love bears! I care.

They're everywhere! Growling,
Bite! Sit, staring, hugs. Excite!

by Lost Girl |
Categories: desire, joy,

What Should I Do

What should I do?
It feels so wrong
Yet so right. No wait. 
I really shouldn't. 
Well... Maybe I should right?
No no no I can't. 
I really shouldn't. 
Should I go for it?
What do you think?
Oh no, our eyes met. 
I can't look away. 
Should I go for it?
The others will be
So mad if I do.
It was love at first 
Sight! Ugh!!! Oh my gosh!!!
Screw it. I want to,
So I will. Right now. 
*takes deep breath* It's done. 
I really did it.
I finally did it. 
They'll probably be mad,
But who cares? 
It's finally mine!!!
Have you figured it out yet?
What I'm talking about?
It's my very first... ... ...
Wait for it....

by Jo Hayton |
Categories: lost loveself, self,

My Only Salvation

I felt it leave me
The need to be pretty
Now love has gone

Just stick to self destruction
Trying to look as ill as possible
The coat I always pull on

When life is beyond
My control
Beyond my ability to steer

Panda eyes a ritual
No point in firing the eyes
If you are not here

Which self destruction button
Is the best to press
Bulmia, or starvation

Either way
The black dog now
Seems to be my only salvation..

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: health, humor,

Giggles and Grooves

I'd prefer to relish smiling, big giggles,
Than muck about in worrisome fear-wiggles.
Joy is my veritable, beautiful twin sister.
Fear, just an obnoxious, mind twister.

I prefer to love life with unending passion.
Not chasing all day, an invible, viral assassin.

I refuse to wait in line for a fine, silver coffin,
Simply because recovery is very high, death rates 
exaggerated, far too often.

I wish I could halt all the nonsensical propaganda.
That's as bizarre as me, becoming a Panda.

My song is~ to live life to the hilt, normally.
Thus ends today's fun homily!

                May 28, 2020
                   7pm PST
                 Poem # 1303

by Louie Garcia |
Categories: courage, faith, hope, how i feel, i miss you, journey, love,


It’s true that life is an unexpected journey
Life may take you to so many country
Maybe even try to go by the sea
Oh, how full of happiness it will be

I’ve been written lot for her to see
Now that she has me, I want her to feel free
And to always make her so happy
While I wait for her to start our journey

To long for her was my choice
To wait is another
To hold on is to not be bother
While to love is the most promising choice

Everyone can’t see what you see importantly
And all I know I want you beside me
From the restaurants to the bed of sea
Oh, how wonderful life can be.
I love you my pink panda tea!

by Terry Miller |
Categories: farm, fun,

Molly McEwe

A young sheep we’ll call Molly McEwe
she lived in a field outside Crewe,
no surprise, her mother did too.
Though her father she never knew;
he came in a truck, tupped a few,
then driven to pastures anew
leaving sheep with butts painted blue.
She had life with not much to do
graze all the field, chew, chew, and chew
occasional roll in some poo
resulting in wash with shampoo.
She would never ride a canoe,
see a panda eating bamboo,
meet a bear that came from Peru,
go fly out to Kalamazoo,
never have a “Love Ewe” tattoo.
Living in a field outside Crewe
is all the life she ever knew.

What happened to young Molly McEwe?
She’s now a delicious Lamb stew!

by Caren Krutsinger |
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one word of advice is love

I have one word of advice the tiny dragon admitted.
Hurry! Said the panda bear, to listening he was rarely committed.
Love, said the dragon. Love everyone – make them all your friend.
What about the grizzlies? Asked the panda. They hurt you in the end.

It does not matter the tiny dragon told his black and white friend.
Be so nice, that you would not be sad if this day your life did end.
Love the butterflies, the fish, the trash man, the trolls and amber tea.
Most of all, love conversations with friends, especially with me.