Love Poems About Oyster or Oyster Love Poems
by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: longing,

Covenant of Love

he looks at her eyes
butterflies surf dreams within
strolling twilight beach

shooting stars make wish
Prince wakes up serene Snow White  
something melts the night

stream of passion flows 
non stop chimes of Cupid choir 
crystallizing  breath

backdrop of embrace 
pearl in heart of oyster blooms
covenant of love

Sponsor	Rick Parise
Contest 1 -12 lines ONLY - A Poem That Did NOT Receive A Ribbon Placement 1-3 

Date written.. 24th July 2019

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Sponsor	Jamie Pan
Contest Name	Multiple-Haikus
Featured 50 in best new poems

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: kiss,

Passionate Kiss

Morning light wears a softer hue,
embracing wet leaves, glistening in the sun.
Thick grass brings a caressing warmth, to our feet, 
as we travel gentle slopes,
to farthest hills, as lovers do.
Our palms closed tight like oyster shells,
covering rare pearls,
as we watch pastel red skies turn a velvet blue

If I were a bird I would glide above you,
dipping my wing each time you smiled,
allowing love's fragrance to fill our lungs,
until they burst, releasing butterflies to the world,
like a thousand tiny finger paintings,
surrounding the innocence of love,
that comes when two mouths melt in silence.


by Ahmed Sheik Koya |
Categories: motivation, stress,


A pearl is not found in every oyster 
Only ones that endure a grit that comes to fester
Slowly its lacquered and covered with shiny plaster
It takes grit and time and no way to do it faster
And the grit is the start of the pearl of luster

Consider every grit that comes into your life
Cover with love and forgive every strife
For you will encounter irritating grits rife
Solve them with mediation and not with a knife
Make Lovely pearls and brighten every life

by Deborah Alexander |
Categories: love,

Pearl Wedding

When we first met
You were impossibly irritating,
And yet, so stubbornly persistent that,
Like a piece of grit in an oyster,
You just stayed put,
Until, over time, 
We created something beautiful.

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: art

Poetry Poem Poets For Kristin Reynolds and Dion Bess

Pain in the prophecy of wings through sultry sky
Orchestrating vision, love, destiny
Emancipating the tongue to tattle tales taloned with grief
Triumphing in truth to tumult another joy
Reel all poets in, glistening on a silver sliver of string
Yearning to for a final travail, immortality on wing.

Please God, tonight, dry her tears
Oyster her heart in your love
Eternal comforter of cares
Mystic center of the universe, a dove

Perpetual are music mustering our minds to sing
Overtones from the litany of emotions
Easeless wonder, sacrifice, oblation, offering
Tremulous thunder eastering devotions
Sweetly from the ragged anthems of our gift.

by Lauren Stoner |
Categories: angst, life, social, world,

Reality (Age: 12)

"The world is your oyster,"
Some wise man once said.
This wise man was nuts,
What was wrong with his head?

The world's a cold place,
Which is easy to see;
From our cool, mirky waters;
To our beautiful, dead trees.

They used to talk about soulmates,
When love equaled life;
Now they murder the husband,
Who cheats on his wife.

"Every man for himself,"
That's our new motto now;
And try finding a man, 
That could pray or teach how.

"The world is your oyster,"
Some wise man once said;
I wonder if our wise friend,
Ever got out of bed.

by Sakthee Ravichandran |
Categories: mother, me, love, me,

To My Mother's Grace

To my Mother's Grace

The world and skies are not equal
To the grace of my mother
The heaven and paradises are not equal
To the love of my beloved mom
She guarded me as a pearl in the oyster
Her words and love will enough to live here
She fed me with her blood and
Gave me a life and soul here
My every pound of flesh,
My every turns and moves
Are her precious sacrifices in the world
The God and fairies will never be equal to her
She is my mother.I love her forever


by Ashmi Sheth |
Categories: deep, devotion, imagery, love, ocean, romance, true love,

Beautifully Yours

I am a grain of sand; you, an oyster - 
Solely into your arms I will curl,
With your love wrap me over; layer over layer,
Transmute me into your aeonian pearl.

by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: faith,

The World Is Your Oyster

If you only knew

by Paul Beadnall |
Categories: love

Fate Final Piece In the Jigsaw

Reflecting back, on a change of life
a  marriage previous failed
few relationships, not me
love falls in your lap, unexpectidly

One day, a monotonous script
the next, oyster of the world begin
lighting my world,like a full blown moon

that will always be there
We both have trudged murky paths
til fate did join us at one
happiness,love,trust even same thoughts

my soulmate, be fate, life so complete.
I  will never forget your words to me
"I`ve found my final piece in the jigsaw"

And this applies to me.

by Wendy Rycroft |
Categories: poems,

Message For the Oyster

The world is my Oyster!

I love you my darling Oyster,
Postmarked under the sea,
If you make me rich my dear,
You can marry me!
I'll collect all your precious pearls,
Then travel around the world,
Oh the joy that they will bring,
When placed on the ring,
Looking very grand I thought,
From one mere grain of sand,
Worth millions on a string,
But what will people think,
Looking inside your shell,
Would they see the prince,
Or the beauty in the beast,
Worlds apart they might say,
With laughter and their stares,
But strange as it may seem.
Pearls are what I wear,
Hope you get my letter soon,
Love from your desire.


by Mariana Pavlich |
Categories: family, love, nostalgia, passion, social, autumn,

Composed Coffee Cup In Hand

Tall terrace housebow-fronted windows
Opulescent green lined walls silk paper
18th century  French  marquetry  pattern
Glowing dressing  table  walnut  veneer
Smoked salmon kisses heart on sleeve 
That  color  does   become   her  kitchen
A  glimpse  of   yellowing  autumn  trees
Stately  home  ancient  lake  full  of   fish 
Pot of coffee  polished mahogany  table.
Beautifully raised gaze. .Private moment . 
enormously enjoyed  each others  comp
Ushered out....gates slid quietly together
delicate cabriole legs. oyster satin fabric
Loin of pork  ,   leg of lamb ,   frozen cake.

by Jennifer Spase |
Categories: evil, happy,

Magical Energy

Happy thoughts
river flowing
pretty thoughts
flower growing
lovely is positive energy
making us alive and healthy
love and happiness is a powerful feeling
for some reason negative energy will compete to be stealing
evil take away paradise
evil take away power like filthy lice
I breathe in life
exhale poison
and learn life goes on
I like clean thoughts and clear thoughts
the world should be my oyster without being gritty
I like to be a pretty pearl and glow
I love to feel my heart melt the snow
I reach for positive energy
because that is what brings out the best in me

by Gail Foster |
Categories: beauty, drink, emotions, love, psychological, sad, world,

Drunk, With Love

Today, in Bath, I saw a drunk
Embrace the world with open arms
He'll be, by when the sun has sunk
Not quite so eager for her charms
And there'll be anger, old regrets
And sorry tears for lovers lost
And in the morning, shakes and sweats
And reasons to count up the cost
But for a moment, can in hand
The world's an oyster full of pearl
More glorious than God had planned
His beautiful, belovéd girl

© Gail Foster 15th February 2017

by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: faith

In Gods Perfect Time

Do you oft feel grit inside your shoes, like an oyster filled with sand?
Maybe something in life is difficult: something you just don’t understand.
Please don’t take your shoes off and mistakenly discard them on their way.
Just keep looking to God, persevere and continue, as you ever in Him stay.
All things will be brought to your understanding in Gods perfect love & time.
Don’t let sand discourage you: for one day a beautiful pearl is simply all you’ll find.

by Claire Burke |
Categories: brother

Brotherly Love

Curling into him feeling his tiny breaths,
Looking over him to stable his dreams
Wondering when he will talk
Gazing at his tiny fingers
So life like but so small
I am his guide and I will protect
I will guide his ambitions, dreams and questions
An oyster to a pearl enclosed
Warmth to a hand comfortably hiding
Pocketed inside for rest from the world
What are you dreaming my baby brother
Know I will always be your side
Two soldiering stars together shining from up above
Experiencing the pure beauty of  something called Brotherly love

Claire Burke
(Brotherly Love)

by Anu Nayak |
Categories: art, love, surreal,



S eductive sea of your tranquil eyes   
U shered me in for an adventurous dive 
R eceived resplendent corals nice
P eppy pure vibes of love came live
R ed and throbbing your heart’s hospice
I opened its door and got a splendid surprise
S pell bound was I to see the shiny oyster shell 
E mbossed on the pearl my name in golden gel! 

20th October,2016

by Fatima Nusairat |
Categories: love,

Loosen the Braids

Loosen the braids 
Upon the white marble of night
Let his hand wander through 
Your hair's noble origin

As the emerald of his heart 
That faded through 
The lonely long nights 
Becomes green

Loosen the braid 
Upon the white marble of night 
For a long time 
You were decreed to love 
Like a thousand poems 
Written on the face of a wall

Loosen the braids 
Upon the white marble of night 
Then toss to him 
A light thread of happiness
A vehement torrent 
From the rain god

Perhaps a drop lives 
Deep inside the oyster 
That becomes a pearl

by R J. Elless |
Categories: fantasy,

Comical Nonsense

Alpha cash warren,
isn't real Ralph Lauren.
It's like sayin pleather,
is some kind of leather?

Vanilla Chinchilla,
is only a dream.
Guess, Miss Diller,
would have loved it.
She was a Scream.

See, Barack Obama,
is not, Ali Baba.
But they knew the Guru,
Those Dudes, were right tight,
way back in high school.

She wore a new tutu,
And had fancy Bonbons,
Gifts for her true love,
his name is Don Juan.

A Hamilton is not a Cadillac,
But an oyster has a pearl.
If You, got the hot sauce,
You can Rap, like Duke of Earle.

Vol 1.

by David Brown |
Categories: love, metaphor,

Natural Pearl

agony of expectations never to be met,
duties to obligingly tend, without end
love's vessel silently sailing, ever empty

nothing to be shared but the pangs of regret,
missing a lover, a confidante, a friend
needing a match to spark heat aplenty

trouble and pain does not make one forget,
hearts may not break, but can certainly bend
desire never stops, not at fifty or twenty

life's grit irks the soul like an unpaid debt
as the oyster seeks solace from a grain of sand
the heart tries to cushion our pain, so intently

so we open our shells, as if sails being set
a glimpse of the pearl and the message is sent
to be held ever close, ever near, ever gently

by Michael Bell |
Categories: adventure, destiny, fantasy, flying, love, voyage,

Flight For My Pearl


Across the  ocean  waters calm,
The  waves  have died  at  moons  command,
For  way beyond  the  mountain  peaks 
A  pearl awaits for me  to seek.

Afoot  the  hills, a  city  sleeps,
Within its  boundaries  lakes  and  fjords
Father grow  me wings to fly,
or mount on Pegasus to ride the  sky,

My compass homed to destine reach,
The sun has burned the clouds of  grey
A bright  of day for me  to  find,
The  oyster that has  bred my pearl 
My  bones  here rest as I abide 

©Copyright  M..A. Bell (alfi –

by Mustofa Munir |
Categories: love,

Yet Again, Come

Yet again, come

If you want to see my face 
Create a mirror,
If you want to address my heart
Come back to me with your gifted self,
We know our alchemy can transform
Our emotion into flesh,
Into grief, tears and despair!
My love is left in an oyster 
Waiting to grow into a pearl,

I lack a foot to travel long miles to trace
Your footprints on the desert's sand,
I have no caravan of despair, believe me!
If emptiness once enters into our soul, 
Our existence will depart,
So I urge—
Come, yet again, come!

by Kim Van Breda |
Categories: desire, introspection, love, memory,


Precious Oyster unfolds Revealing a unique Perfected pearl of sapphire blue As memories of you lie deep within A hidden treasure of the past Concealed in my soft heart A flawless love Precious © Kim van Breda- 20 October 2014

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love,

Loving Draft

There is no snail, no oyster
on your bathing shore;
No swimming fish, no snake charmer 
in your diving core

Hither and thither the fountain water
bathes you a crystal rainbow bath;
All over you; your beautification grace
there’s a heart waiting for your loving draft

I won’t laugh, I won’t weep
I’ll take birth in your scent;
I won’t walk, I won’t run
I’ll wake in your relation mend

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: joy, love, romantic, sea,

Buoyancy of Oyster Blue Dreams

on a warm, oceanic wave
Tropical drowsiness drifting,
eyelids falling into corral reef fantasies
Oyster blue dreams,
aquatic Atlantis awaiting
Deep billowy yearning
to reach the lost heart treasure buried
A smile glowing in the undercurrent shadows
has a cerulean luminosity
It draws my fetching mind
to the sea floor core 
of your needful symbiotic design
Arising together to the surface
to greet the dawn sunlight
is a SOS message in a bottle
Oyster blue dreams
has opened up my heart 
and swallowed all of my empty

This poem was inspired by
the talented poet Jannie Breedt's poem,
"Love Amputees"