Love Poems About Howl or Howl Love Poems
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Heaven to me is purely this After a long and stressful day Deep bubble bath, oh such pure bliss Just need to melt my cares away In foaming oils I love to lay Scent of lavender will arise Ease my tension and tired sore eyes Wrap in a warm fluffy towel Simple pleasures will be my prize Drift to sleep, not be a night owl 01~31~15 Contest Dizain Me – Dr Ram Mehta How many syllables used - each line is 8 syllables ~awarded 3rd place~

by Elizabeth Kinch |
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My Spirit Guide

Oh watchful Owl,
My spirit guide,
Help me to look
Deep inside.

Within my darkness
Give me might,
Patiently observe,
Wrong from right.

Guide me through
Our wondrous land,
In silence
Help me understand.

Give me your eyes
To seek what's real,
Attain true love,
That I can feel.

Help to rid me 
Of destructive ties,
Guide me to be
Forever wise.

Your ancient wisdom
Please impart,
Forever reside
Within my heart.

And when I'm ready,
Teach me to fly,
Spread my wings
Toward the sky.

12th June 2017

by Arturo Michael |
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Scenes of Spring Magic

Stage is set

Participants in place

A wolf moon smiles

Bright stars palpitate

Roses in a garden

Lovers sitting on a bench

Hand sending messages

Lips kissing to undress

Bodies on fire

Temperature’s hot

A voice sweetly caressing

Baby don’t stop

Owl hoots Whoo Whoo

Squirrel’s a little bit shy

Scenes of Spring magic

On the screens of our lives

by Md Shahadat Hossain |
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Beauty Walks At Night

She walks without making any sound at night 
She is afraid of someone is watching her 
How she could go there escaping his sight?
Her heart bit is getting louder.

Everything is sleeping except them,
Someone is waiting out there,
She has to meet him
A wild owl is watching her,

Nothing can stop her walking,
Something making her mind stronger;
It's nothing but pleasures of meeting-
For her love she can go fur and further.

by Andrew Crisci |
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I raised an Australian dingo,
no name came to mind but Ringo;
he jumped on me,
ripped my clothes daily...
it costed me plenty of money!

Only once I left him alone;
good grief... my furniture was torn!
Oh, should I be mad...
or be kind instead?
I'll sleep over it for tonight!

All Ringo did was run, bark and howl,
mistaking a small cat for an owl;
They took him away
to the zoo today;
he'll whimper form his cage, not rest!

I'll take him back, lest he behaves;
his lesson he'll learn:  good manners!
Now, Ringo just stares
to earn forgiveness...
it's fun to play with him and laugh!

by Emile Pinet |
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Hearts And Souls Entwine

As dusk adopts a scarlet hue, cerise ribbons package the night. And an owl bids daylight adieu, silhouetted against last light. Our hearts hitch a ride to the moon, on the wings of a turtledove. And shining like a gold doubloon, Luna smiles down upon our love. Our spirits rise above the Earth, untethered from their mortal perch. And discover love's actual worth lies in the finding; not the search. We kiss below a blushing Mars, letting our hearts and souls entwine. And as the moon outshines the stars, golden beams crown my Valentine. (Quatrain) 2/8/2016

by Russell Sivey |
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Awaiting Halloween

My front door, the color of pumpkins As a skeleton adorns the screen door Jack-o-lanterns plenty about the porch And spider webs exist upon the floor Owl sits on the deformed tree in the yard Filled with many spooky eyes in the holes A scarecrow stands guarding my open gate Cats, all black, run around looking for moles A witch laughing sits in a dark corner Moving to the sound of a passerby We wait for the first sign of fearful kids On Halloween night, I love it, no lie Russell Sivey

by Albert Price |
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So lovely you grace the height of  glory,

Repeating nightly to the listening earth the wondrous story.

I read in your looks a knowing judge of love,

A knowledge acquired by eyes peering long from above.

Then, with pretty flight, you perch the throne

And listen to the musings of the owl in his somber tone.

His song to you makes the crickets sing,

And a harp plays as God tunes the strings.

Gleam forever, moon of my fancy dreams,

For never are the droplets of sunlight as sweet as they seem.

by Jeremy Street |
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I Am The Good Shepherd

Stormy weather thunder roars ?
Something they've never seen before
Afrighted tiny hearts their brand new world....
Leap for joy her baby doe; his occas antlers reindeer
Show hoots time's owl love's gentle lamb: meek as mild Heir's, prancing ram.

by Shadow Hamilton |
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Owl etheree

Barn Owl
sits up high,
head twisting round.
Rustling undergrowth,
he swoops silently down.
Shrill screech of terror and pain,
the evil deed done, he returns home.
Three fluffy chicks hungrily await,
they feast, stocking up for the winter months.

written 09/20/2015

Contest For the Love of October

by Nalanti Goosen |
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The Owl

Deep large eyes staring down
Gracious but ghostly in many ways
Turn it's Head 'What does it see?'
Very careful watching me

Beautiful song that brings fear
For those who love old lady tales
Of what your voice may bring
Sad Omen so very unfound

Like an Arch Angel spreading wings
With such eminence, power and grace
Majestic bird taking it's flight
Into the black dark night

 Nalanti Goosen©2012 
 All rights reserved

by Eve Roper |
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Night Owl

Night Owl While flying over a little new town A nice friendly place called Hooters I found It must have been opened for owls like me For my large eyes to roll at what to see A big building of large red stone and bricks Full of big plump young good looking stacked chicks A favorite hangout after sundown Judging from all the hoots and other sounds Tonight this old bird will give it a try I will hoot the hoot and have some stir-fry The nice environmentalist love me Now I don't have to sit in this old tree 2/15/2016

by Robert Lindley |
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Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls, Silent Magic In Flight

Owls in flight glide so deadly silent
 prey dies so quickly and violent
Claws just as sharp as a razor knife
 nightime is the owl's hooting life!

Resting in tall trees in the hollow
 the night's moon they have to follow
No shrieks as they swoop down on prey
 owl's eating demands business not play!

A beauty shines with feathers and eyes
 smooth flight in dark forested skies
Owls are held to be old and very wise
 to love and admire if one simply tries!

A treasure to love and attempt to protect
Tragic if we fail due to ignorance and neglect!


Night Owl - Poetry Contest
Sponsor -Kelly Deschler

by Viv Wigley |
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Willington canal bridge, we hand in hand
our journey pausing briefly, nothing planned.
nearby an owl hooted to egg us on,
distracting the face that I gazed upon.
eager and expectant, forward leaning,
rose lips parting, no doubting their meaning.
fingers tightly coiling around my wrists,
unnecessary, I would not resist............
loved that first soft tender fleeting kiss.

January 5th, 2016

For contest 'Wonderful- acrostic', sponsor John Hamilton.

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Trappings of femininity
Cagey breasts, Alexandrian perfume
An act of seduction
Not stupid in blunt fingernails
Painted rose a caressing owl
Scratches blood and snatches wallet
In crafty hands Love towels roll
clod in time my flesh intersects
the heat, boot and crawling insects.

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A tale of love not well told

                                               Mosses dabbed gray

                                       Silver moon above shines blind

                                             Owl hoots distant rats
                                         Drag  glum silence of blood

                                          A tale of love not well told

by Matt Caliri |
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Night Of The Owl

Winds cry
Shiny slimies 
I see you
A fuzz fringe fizzing 
Across peek-a-boo moon
Croo croo night 
I love you too

Heart thumps with the 
Crickety crickets on the
Brown fence pickets
Pounds with the sounds 
Of warm, neighborly chatter
Dishes clatter

Here we go
A B-22 coming' in 
Out of the black
I am gorgeous
Cry the winds


by Agona Apell |
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My Beloved

If the moon was wrapped in her robes
And the stars gave way to the twinkle in her eyes, 
What splendor we would behold in the night sky 
Above the loathsome owl!
Beyond that sky I now send warm prayers 
That the lord blesses me with a thousand lovers 
And makes her all of them;
And that the young wrinkled love that now forms 
between us  
Should grow to brim with youth when we brim 
with age
That sweet day to come!

by Probir Gupta |
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To an Owl

Hi old companion from primitive dark
When we look at the moon in delight
You roll your eyes in curious quirk
Why don't we wait and love dark night
Like you do whether in sun or in rain 
For you know beauty sparkles best then
When amidst intense stories of night 
You do have your lovely dancing height
Look there the moon is splashing on
The dream waters of the Mediterranean
Now you will perhaps disembark
For your primary pleasure plunder
I am keeping awake to watch the spark
The art of hunting in green grandeur
July 20, 2016

by kalyani bindu |
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My night

Covering amongst
day’s festivity, 
night’s tiny
sparkle –
his eyes,
muttering the
lurk of 
a damp,
somber dawn;
the trickling
of hued
droplets fringing
the wavering
green of
dark, deep
the sweep
of an owl,
cutting past
the daggers
of wind,
the flesh of 
controlled reflexes.
His day of
intuitions –
my night
of his

by Sara Kendrick |
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Owl always love you
You are a hoot at midnight
I just love the way you say whoooo, whoooo...
I am glad that you chose me 
To be your tree mate
I wouldn't want to be out on a limb with anyone but you
Whoo!!! Whoo!!

by Kenneth Fordham |
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A Love So Beautiful

The stillness of night,
Hoot Owl calls, longing for her,
Springtime in the air.

by orphani ..........o |
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little tomato

little tomato
Last of the dying season

I love you most of all
In the absence of
Your fat brothers and 
Blushing sisters 

Though they were exalted  
IN the suns decadent reasoning
They are gone 

Lttle tomato 
I love your hope 
Clinging alone to the grey black
Final branches of a mothers love

I love your distorted imperfection
Never being and 
Never tasting
You were never to be mine

You hold alone 
In the too chill of nights frost 

In the tall cold of New England
The young are fed the dying rat
and the great owl 
disturbs the silence

by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
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Happy Birthday - L'iL Sister

    Twinkling Stars, Morse code : Happy Birthday Shar
    Birthday candles light the campfire we share
    Happy Birthday to YOU, Barn owl hoots : hoo
    Happy Birthday L'il sister I LOVE YOU

    My sister Sharon, Inspiring me
    When I first started writing Poetry
    I comment to her, she comments to me
    Entwined Quills creating a Family Tree
        Happy Birthday, Sharon Weimer With all my LOVE,
        HEART, and SOUL. ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Brother


by parker spady |
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Timeless as the galaxy 
friendly as a Flower. 
Loving like a momma cub 
Defensive as a father. 
Brilliant blue eyes 
wondering like the waters. 
Effortlessly changing 
like the moon changing the tides. 
Love Burning bright 
like a comet in the sky. 
Heart still broken 
Unreadable through the lines. 
One day healing 
Like a dessert no longer dry.