Love Poems About Octopus or Octopus Love Poems
by Semih bilgic |
Categories: allegory,


true love
octopus arms
think so

by Blythe Journey |
Categories: love, passion


I decided that two legs
aren't quite enough
at times when I 
wrap them around you
not enough skin on skin
not enough to seize you
I could be content 
I believe as an octopus
eight times happier
multiplying my touch
tasting you with my 
succulent suction cups
you in my grips
making you drunk 
with my confusing cloud
of love ink as I 
take you away to my
colorful coral reef 
and mold my eight legs
to your body
and change my color
to match yours
both of us now
camouflaged as one

by Dr Hitendra Mehta |
Categories: life

Rest all illusion

God's will      

Life in between
we live 
as per our will

cry marks

we try hard
to laugh
during stay

love Body
live for Soul
aim salvation

dust Soul
not mirror
Soul reflects true Self 

good karmas
liberate Soul

Bad Karmas have 
Octopus grip 
prolong Soul's bondage
let good deeds   
in coffin be plinth
for Soul's salvation tower 

Gross, Astral, Causal 
only Souls encasements  
hindering Souls freedom

merger with God 
only absolute freedom
rest all illusion

By Hitendra Mehta
April 2011


by Nasilele Mubyana |
Categories: husbandsong, love, song,

You Go Round My Incomplete Circle

I’ve never written on a guy so much
Experienced what it’s like to love forever
To listen to every love song
Enjoy how every word paints a picture of us
If you knew how my heart sings it’s own song for you
You would cry your eyes out

Or rather your heart
Don’t leave or my song will die
Recede into my body 
And out of
My tearing eyes

I’m possessed 
It would be evil to heal me from
My stagnant bliss

I’ve never bared the thought 
Of our separation
I’ve clung to us
Like an octopus
And you…
Well it’s your part to finish my thoughts
Cause you complete me
Like the moon in the middle of the night
Round my incomplete circle

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: culture, feelings, love, lust, relationship, romance, sports,

All Hands

A seaman  called, "Octopus" Dennis
Was known to the girls  as a menace
A sign from Above
Predicted "True Love"
"But you gotta go out and play tennis!"

by Fungayi Elias Ndhlovu |
Categories: love,

Kinky Honey Skin

Virgin breasts
With pure black brown orbs,
Nipples heaven pointed,
Pure black brown lips
All covered in honey skin
Iced with advanced enhanced
Resolute octopus brains
What more could I want!

This ain't no flattery
I love the way you dance;
It's like the sound
Of your zipper in the
Strip tease:
There when pants are
Erased like pencil work on paper.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Love Octopus Style

Imagine having eight arms and three hearts Like an octopus, don't know where to start We learn a new skill First time, what a thrill Making love with eight arms and three hearts