Love Poems About Nightingale or Nightingale Love Poems
by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love, stars,

Anticipation of Love

Fireflies danced amongst the shrubs,
Nocturnal fragrance filled the garden,
Sweet melodies of violin
Wafted into the serenity 
Of our quiet neighbourhood.
How could I not dream of my love?

On the hammock beneath an old oak
I lay swinging gently to the tune,
A rhapsody weaving a magical spell. 
Thoughts drifting into night's allure.

Will she come to me to count our stars?
Would she regale me with many a kiss
As passionate as each nebula
That adorned so heavenly our sky?
There the trill of the nightingale
Suddenly hushed as she approached.
I felt elated with the anticipation of love.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beautiful, bird, love, nature,


Where twilight songs search of beauty like syllables broke apart I count each step to find your heart where velvet words resonate and azure moonlight softly hangs in brushed hues of melody.. _______________________

by David Smalling |
Categories: faith, love, natureme,

Sing, My Nightingale

Sing, my nightingale, sing for me again
Sing from your bramble tree
Sing, my nightingale, sing and it will rain
Earth is melancholy
And brown, brown, brown, the frost
Has burned everything down
Change comes so callously and cost
More than green or barren ground
Sing, my nightingale, sing
Do not ever fly away
I am only mortal clay
Sing, my nightingale, sing
Love is the only truth I trust
Nothing endures the spinning crust
Sing, my nightingale, sing
Drunk me with your delicious songs
For love alone my body longs
Sing, my nightingales, sing
The frost has left nothing green
But my faith keeps its silver sheen
Sing, O nightingale, sing

by john beharry |
Categories: bird, joy, love, music, mystery, nature, sweet,

Tropical Nightingale

Perched on a sturdy branch on yonder tree Pouring out your heart in sweet melody With a full throated birdsong rhapsody Filling me with such joyful ecstasy Do you sing sweetly to woo your lady Who listens somewhere on a nearby tree Her heart must surely melt at the beauty Of the song you sing so effortlessly Is your song a joyful testimony To honour nature's musical bounty Given to creatures from earth, sky and sea Whose music blesses all abundantly Or is it part of a profound mystery Heralding a supreme divinity Which pervades all silently and deeply O bird, I'll ever be grateful to thee

by Lin Lane |
Categories: lonely,

And A Nightingale Sings

 It's another lonely night 
 shared with the glowing moon,
 while listening to a Nightingale 
 continuously sing a sad tune.

 What has a songbird 
 to be so sullen about?
 Does it trill in anger? 
 Is its heart filled with doubt?

 Some birds mate for life,
 while all others they spurn.
 That is a wise lesson
 all humans should learn.

 Are birds more capable
 of being loyal to love?
 There's a reason the symbol
 of love is portrayed by a dove.

 People are much too fickle
 when they smile and say,
 "I love you so very much,"
 when it's just a game they play.


by Wendy Rycroft |
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Violets bring healing to the soul,
Colours care for the sick,
Like Florence Nightingale.
Her amethyst fragrance,
For the imagination,
Creativity, wisdom, dignity,
Pride and peace,
Spiritually calming emotions
Humbling in nature,
Brightening up rooms,
As the Lady with the lamp,
Nursed wounded soldiers,
Velvet scented petals! 
Meditate her deep blue, 
Serenity and tranquillity
Sanctuary for love,
White for innocence, 
Pioneering blooms,
Velvet heart shaped leaves
Captivating and beautiful
Medication for life.

Wendy Jae

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: love, sea,


“Charm'd magic casements, opening on the foam 
                Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn.”

John Keats Ode to a Nightingale
“Strange to find a sea captain quoting Keats.”
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
She knows nothing about the sea, the sails or thee, your perilous tongue swimming with the sharks. The captain dies by suicide - nay. stupidity - aye. She’s protected, captured by his salty speech. Oft the wind carries its scent of aftershave - nay, again, for the bearded captain scowls, transcends with this blasted widow scores a poetic love. 11/19/2019

by Mulu Magdalinos |
Categories: art,


                       A nightingale thrill.
                                A bright rainbow is
                                   in tears. 
                                 A moonless day-dream.

by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: beauty, poetry,

The Beauty

I'd rather not relay on heavy words
to weigh the beauty in a proper way.
A third of human languages, two-thirds,
nay, all of them would never outweigh
the heft of weightless beauty on the scale
of ruthless time. Eternity will measure
a downfall, a moon, a nightingale,
a hug, a kiss, a tenderness, a pleasure,
an unexpected daybreak. Farewell,
my poor weighted love. Abiding time
is going to put its deadly spell
on every stanza, meter, form and rhyme.

But you are an immeasurable form.
When beauty comes I wonder where from.

MAY 2019 PREMIER 4,ANY FORM,ANY THEME,UPTO A MAX OF 14(F O U R T E E N )Lines Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

by James MacDougall |
Categories: love, passion, life,

With wings to fly

A sparrow falls whilst singing to the stars so bright and clear,
My love for you eternal, shall not falter have no fear,
A nightingale shall sore the skies so fearless and so pure,
I say to you I shall not cry, of this you can be sure,
Sweet Julie can you here me now, my heart it beats for you,
And I shall not falter once, until my life is through,
For if we meet whilst walking along gods golden shore,
I know I will have lived my life to hold you evermore.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: metaphor,


Loneliness fills each restless night,
as the world turns so quiet
I wish to surrender to my love
and kiss her internal sound
could I prolong, and cry out longer
with a haunting nightingale song


by nicholas windle |
Categories: love, , Lullaby,

0ne precious moment

Sing softy sweet nightingale, 
Your notes make a soothing lullaby,
As a new born is cradled in its mother’s arms, 
Precious moment that must soon go by.
Ever watched, and protected,	
Made out of tenderness and love,
A gift granted by the great divine,
Watched over from the world above.
As you lie there, in bliss and innocence,
Bringing pleasure to those most dear.
For now just keep on sleeping,
And know there is no fear.

by Nataliq Georgieva |
Categories: happiness,

In my soul a window opened

In my soul a window opened 
and I weave my smiles in crape.
But a wish, so cruelly broken 
fades away in the shadows of the past.
I’m so in love, but deprived of loving,
like nightingale without a voice, 
Why the fate so mercilessly has poisoned
the seed of love, that grew in us.
Life goes away, it runs so quickly,
like dewy drop, which, falls in lake.
It quite true, you live only twice –
when you are born and when you love.

by Albert Cordina |
Categories: happiness, inspiration, joy, love, ocean, poems, romance,

You are near

A gentle beam of the sun
Touches locks of your beautiful hair,
And the sudden breeze of the fresh salty air
Brings the thoughts of indescribable joy and quietness...
And it seems, that the time now has lost its usual run,
And the day has strengthened its brightness.

The sweet song of a nightingale
Flows into the peaceful and warm atmosphere,
I feel your gentle touch and we see how there
In the blue sunny sky spindrift clouds appear...
I raise the anchor in order to sail
For I know you are near...


by Deb Wilson |
Categories: love, passion,

Love Is a Joyous Promise

As the nightingale sings so do I follow.
I'm filled up with joy and no longer hollow.

When the day lights up or the dark does fall
the weight's been lifted and I'm ten feet tall !

This face I see always in my dreams
is just as beautiful as it seems.

Love like this is just why I prayed;
in the eve's half-light it's why I stayed.

Day's slipped away and night lies glistening.
In the fields of my heart I'm quietly listening.

There's a sound like peace and passion like thunder.
This love's a fine spell I've been put under.

We'll traverse this world together-then sleep.
Now devotion's a promise we both can keep.

by Nataliq Georgieva |
Categories: happiness,

In my soul a window opened

In my soul a window opened 
and I weave my smiles in crape.
But a wish, so cruelly broken 
fades away in the shadows of the past.
I’m so in love, but deprived of loving,
like nightingale without a voice, 
Why the fate so mercilessly has poisoned
the seed of love, that grew in us.
Life goes away, it runs so quickly,
like dewy drop, which, falls in lake.
It quite true, you live only twice –
when you are born and when you love.

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, deep, emotions, feelings, joy, love,

Leaving You Each Breath Stunned

Casting out shadows 
the softest kiss lovingly 
Whispers warmly inside echoes 

Gentleness touching deeply brushes 
upon your soul clouds swiftly disappear 
Heartbeats sing to one true tune 

In a thousand dreams enchanting 
Sweet nightingale sparks 
star-blazing wishes alights 

Each a sparkle 
circling around diamonds forever 
Held always inside two gems Fluttering wings 

by Shan Vitor |
Categories: crush, love, sweet, technology,

Behind Her Keyboard

I'm falling,
Like the bangs on her forehead
And when she blows it up
It's me that's being blown away

Such pure white skin, I can't resist
To near a reasonable distance
Enough to see her deep in her soul
Enough to muster a normal conversation

Because to me she is
A star in broad daylight
A nightingale in chaos fields
A butterfly in my garden of thoughts

Blurry it may as I do this
Yet this is my only way of expression
How one day I hope she reads this
As I type behind her keyboard

by Lamptey Godson Kofi |
Categories: caregiving, imagination, love, philosophy, me,




The Dream Keeper
Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamers,
Bring me all of yours
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them up
In a blue cloud-cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers Of the world.


Talk with me
Say no more a word,
I hear the stars sung it long before
Calling you out to be the Nightingale
Tending the needy heart, fallen in depth
Off not been a catered soul
The earth knows you, the world knows you
A Queen in the making.

(c) Lamptey Godson / Nana Aba Flowers. 2012

by samiha zubair |
Categories: fear, grandchild, heartbreak, loneliness,

All in one

Familiar awakenings as when in BEAUTIFUL PARADISE
Might be true if heart feels as such when rusty of exercise

Lyrics of singing nightingale, embalmed LOVE BUG, were never JUST FOR ME
As in rapping of a drum heard everywhere but not for all to see

Memories when everything became so much clear
Empty handed return from a sailing trip and it was ALL SO REAL

To subconscious, what was ALWAYS KNOWN
Tightly lidded lest might tarnish the dream gown

Not a seasoned candidate to stay afloat for another unwelcomed episode in TIME TRAVEL
Missing the nonrefundable emptiness in soul upon loosing the gamble

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: love,

Gift of the Nightingale


by The Situation |
Categories: art

the nightingale

fly my little nightingale
and take this song i give you
to the land of genies and magic carpets
a piece of my heart i send too

hide yourself very well
and you will not be seen
but before the dawn becomes the day
proclaim my love with screems

fly my little nightingale
into her ear, into her heart
tell her i am always near
and will never ever depart

hide yourself within her dreams
and own from dusk till dawn
but when she leaves begin your screems
your mourning while she's gone

by Watisungla Ao |
Categories: love, love,

A Song To My Love 2

You are the sunshine of 
my soul,
Morning dew when Iam 
A sunflower on 
unbearable days,
A pine on all seasons,
Evergreen as ever 

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

You are the beacon that 
show me path,
A shepherd when Iam 
A nightingale when Iam 
A lotus in your love,
Innocent as ever.

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

Dedicated to the love of 
my life, YSS.

by Nadine Fababier |
Categories: dedication, pets

A Nightingale and A Rose

Standing on a tree

Singing a love song for him

Offers a Red Rose

by steven cooke |
Categories: death, war,

No More

No More (ode to the unknown boys of the First World War) Written by Steve Cooke

No more will he look into the eyes of his Mother,
No more will he see his Brothers smile,
No more will he feel love.
No more will he fish, and climb the trees of England
Or marvel at the voice of the nightingale.

For he is Sixteen and a Man,
He has done is duty by his Country,
Taken the shrapnel, which exploded over him
Like a Bright light sent from an avenging God.

He sees the dark approaching
But he can take it, for he is an Englishman
No more will he hear the whistle to advance
No more the frost and Snow
No more the fear of being killed
For I am no More
Remember me Mother.