Love Poems About Narwhal or Narwhal Love Poems
by Lizzy Love |
Categories: adventure, animal, dream, fantasy, flying, fun, magic,

Call Me a Unicorn

narwhal narwhal swimming thru the sky
you look like a unicorn
can you tell me why?
are you full of magic?
or maybe its a dream?
I love to ride the rainbows
in this place where nothing's as it seems
bursting thru the clouds
dew drops on my face
colors dance across the sky
in this captivating place
narwhal narwhal will you come again?
for a magical adventure
right around the bend

by Tammy Reams |
Categories: beauty, romance, sea, song,

Love Song At Sea Contest For Narwhal


                    unicorns legend

                whistles gentleman's song

              romancing a treasured lover
                         at sea.

9/20/2015   Contest sponsored by: Skat A  'Impress me with a Narwhal Poem'

by George Aul |
Categories: humor, ocean,

Love Tune

I grew this big thing to impress the gals
I knew that it would get back to my pals,
saw the jealousy coming
but I just keep on humming...
finding Narwhal love in many locales.

For "Impress me with a NARWHAL poem" by SKAT A

by Jim Slaughter |
Categories: animal, humor,

Critterature: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

The narwhal, so some people say,
Is the unicorn of the ocean,
And when he does what narwhals do,
He's poetry in motion.
His "tooth", an ivory swordlike tusk,
Is unique and rather spiffy,
Although it has a tendency
To make his love life "iffy".
The bigger ones are thought to be
More sexually prolific,
But that's the stuff of fantasy,
So let's not get more specific.
Norbert Narwhal's girlfriend says
That even though she's flattered,
She likes him for his intellect,
His size has never mattered.