Love Poems About Mule or Mule Love Poems
by Eve Roper |
Categories: environment, love, rain, weather, winter,

I Love My State of Oregon

Oregon’s, wildlife, mountains, lakes, and bogs
Fields of green, awaken refreshed at dawn
Where salmon runs the rivers blue to spawn
Drawn wandering above the sea of fog   

Black-tailed and mule deer birth their newborn fawns
Where shaggy mane elks labor their spring calves 
Rustle sounds while they graze off open paths  
Wander under the full moon of predawn

Sea of umbrellas on rainy season
Fireplace frames warm sputtering ember flames
Snow cold, in fella’s embrace with no shame
Turning me into shades of pink  crimson  

Savoring the earth's nurturing labor 
Giving my heart to the verdant nature


My home for 36 years

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: family, food, friendship, happiness, life, love, on work and working,

Love, Yes Love

Never much money did my grandpa have,
but love, yes love, was all around,
his weathered skin, and calloused hands,
showed the world, he was a hardworking man.
With a tired old mule, he plowed his fields,
planting his crops, so all could have meals.
No Food Stamps way back then,
just neighbor helping neighbor, time, and again.
All the children had chores to do,
before the rooster crowed, before they left for 
Five little children, their hair so white,
walking down a dirt road, imagine the sight.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: humor, mother,


Generous to a fault,
stubborn as a mule;
a bit older than dirt
but as a general rule-

we treasure your smile,
love your sense of humor;
we applaud your *****
and we've spread the rumor-

that in your younger days
you ate fatback and greens
and could wield a switch 
that made us shoot our beans.

In spite of all the memories
and recurring nightmare scenes,
we're proud to call you Mom
and glad we've got your genes.

by Heather Condee |
Categories: emotions, family, future, growing up, spoken word, teen, wisdom,

Learn To Listen

What a mess 
I must confess
I made of my own life
Immaturity can be 
A dull and painful knife
Advice was given readily
Wisdom came like tides
Warned of dangers far and near
That trap young hearts like mine
Stubborn as a mule can be
I scoffed and bucked 
So foolishly
Looking back 
I made a fuss
Over things now 
Old like dust
If I'd listened 
If I heard 
Words of love
I thought absurd

by David Smalling |
Categories: animals, faith,


Mutated meaning mutilated in existence
Utility in slave work the only definition left
Latent purpose without deferred fulfillment 
Exempted from kind, creation's prophecy

Matter alone excludes the language of love
Ulterior joy begins where life begins
Labor does not separate man from beast
Exult above the mule, above mere sentience to feel

Mare and Jack appropriated a cul-de-sac
Urge blind as bat useless passion taste
Lord, you made us better than the mule
Exhibits of praise for love's purpose and grace

by Dino Spahillari |
Categories: funny, girl, parody,

In Love For the First Time and Counting

The birds are chirping
the sky is blue
the trees are green 
and so are you
i fell in love
for the first time
my girl is pretty
my girl is smart
she is an angel
and she is fun
nothing is missing
and it's all fine
today i'm trying 
to be just nice
see the gay couple 
down the street
kissing each-other 
like little birds
the neighbor is common thief
must have a strong reason for it
my boss can keep
my whole paycheck
and go away and take a break
i'll work for him my entire life
and don't pay me the  overtime 
today Snooki looks just like J Lo
and the mule next door
like Barry White
God this is just a perfect day
i'm all pumped-up
and that's OK...

by Frederick Viedge |
Categories: social,

The Fuel


by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure, soldier,

Don Quixote

Francine Roberts Contest Name Write me a Lightfoot Poem Don Quixote Don Quixote spiked the windmill, Sancho Panza surely frowned, Just then the wind began to billow, Blades dehorsed him, slapped Quixote down, Back upon his faithful mount, With Sancho getting up to speed, for the love of Dulcinea Will she marry him indeed. Riding on his mule is Sancho Panza, Squire of the Don is he, Like the Aussie soldier Digger, Rode behind a pommy General, see, Depriving him of dignity… (Don Quixote…Gordon Lightfoot) WW1 soldier rode his donkey, the Digger was also wearing a monocole like the officer, right behind a visiting mounted English General, who was not amused…. Don Johnson

by Chris Bowen |
Categories: art,


they say they love me,and they wanna care,i just dont find that tear a 
form i needed for school,must have been my mule that kicked so 
hard,scarred,retard,simple yarded.feel gaurded now that i dont do?must have 
been my you.

by Marion Mwangi |
Categories: baby, blessing, brother, children, courage, family, little sister,

Fist of My Brother

My tiny eyes shed tears,
Sometimes of pain and many fears,
You threw a mean punch and I learned to duck,
But in all those fights I learned to kick,
Like a stubborn angry baby mule,
And with speed I ran a mile.

My tiny lips smiled,
And I knew I was loved,
The bullies held back,
Lest you break their backs,
Fist of my brother you had my back,
Even when I feared the dark.

Sometimes I wanted to hit you so hard,
But my fist to you was a soft sponge,
You felt no pain so you took my beatings, 
With your courage I saw me thriving,
Fist of my brother I love you still,
Even though my own fist has become steel.

by Anbarasan Mitchell |
Categories: family,

My Family

to fly across the world
through swirling clouds
above seas so blue
to arrive at my destination
and be with you.
what more could i ask on this xmas eve.
neither gold or diamonds do i desire
my families faces sets my heart  afire
keep your tinsel
and plastic trees
your fake helloes
and botox smiles
have your parties
la la la 
and do your dances 
cha cha cha
drink yourself stupid
face like a mule
tomorows xmas and your the fool
my families love is enough for me

by Andrew Battaglino |
Categories: age, love, old,

On Getting Old

Now that I act like a lazy mule
And love to dream about the past
And know the future will not last
You treat me as if I were a jewel

You’re the only one who sees no gray
Loves the sound of my deeper voice
Reminds me of her most prudent choice
As the years slowly and surely wither away

I worship time together as you gracefully age 
For I am happy to grow old but better with you
And though we’ll have worries, there will be few
Because we know exactly when to turn the page

by Moonbee Canady |
Categories: adventure, allegory, dedication, devotion, faith, happiness, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, love, uplifting

' Not a Means To An End ... ' 53rd Senryu

‘ Not A Means To An End … ’      53rd  Senryu

            Not Just A Car-Pool
   It Takes True-Love, To Refuel
      … Stubborn-Journey-Mule

      (Love ... Is A Two-Way Street)

by Jan Hansen |
Categories: best friend, butterfly, funny love,



Opened the wardroom’s door, suits and jackets worn
so long looked like sad copies of me.
Gave all my clothes to the salvation army, which gave
them to people not unlike me.
Too much textile is a heavy burden one becomes and
snug in old suits losing interest in adventures.
I bought a pair of jeans and a matching jacket, walked out
at dawn’s first light, began looking for a horse, failing that
a mule to transport me when I traverse the landscape
of imagining, I’m a cowboy lassoing dreams.

by Daniel Human |
Categories: christian, jesus, love,



Even if they cast me out
You love’s enough for me
Even if they scream and shout
Your love has set me free

Even if rocks they throw
Your love’s enough for me
Even if my weaknesses show
Your love’s enough for me

Even when they ridicule
Your grace is enough for me
Even if I’m a whipped old mule
Your grace has set me free

Even if I stand alone
Your presence is enough for me
Even when flesh is flayed to bone
Your presence is enough for me

Daniel Human
10 September 2014

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: baby, love, marriage, parody, satire, silly, song,


If I were a carnival barker
And you were the fat lady
Would you marry me anyway
Would you have my mule-faced baby.

by Jan Hansen |
Categories: cat, creation, first love,

Tilling the Soil


I have been turning the soil over
on a field of nothingness, a furrow at the time
with an elderly mule that farts a lot.

The soil is unyielding; it's cabbage and carrots
I need; flowers cannot be food mainly because
it is a sin to eat pretty things.

I have slaughtered the goat but need vegs 
to go with the steak, this for you to see I can
cook a great meal by myself.

My table has a place for twelve guests 
if you are unwilling to partake in the feast
I will feed the dinner to my absent friends.

by Chokri Omri |
Categories: god,



There is no need to play the victim
And go about life as a stubborn mule
Whisper to your poor pained heart 
That its dream will pick a good shall 
Despite those who said it was 
Trust Him, He is most capable 
Who gave you life, not they, idiot heart! 
Their deceptions and injuries are not a joke
Love yourself and look back time and again 
At the many valleys you have crossed. 

Chokri Omri
(Tunisia, 01/02/2023)

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, character, farm, humanity, meaningful, perspective, symbolism,

Up Early Picking Peaches From His Tree

Up Early Picking Peaches From His Tree

Eyes golden zenith holds mysteries galore
like a blue streak feeds itself doubly blind
in its wakings an old barn without doors
the farm animals simply do not mind.
Nobody saw, for sure nobody cares
The farmer milks the cows so thirsty is he
Digging for gold he does not ever dare
Up early picking peaches from his tree
Wife a lovely maiden, her love she shares
Farm is not much, twenty acres and a mule
Envy no, he thinks they do not compare
Beside he has a pretty daughter so like a jewel

Nothing like rich man's iron gate horse farm
Farmer lives simply does nobody harm.

Robert J. Lindley, Sonnet
Aug 11th, 1971

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: conflict,

It's Over

It's Over

she froze
her rose

his rope
his hope

his mire

for he
a flea

on leaves
he sleaze

on whims
for him

rides mule

all jive
he thrives

no love
just shove

His run
his fun

she says

no more

no more
front door

she walks
his talk

and flicks
his wick


Note-I just withdrew this poem from contest. What precipitated
this move is that a member wrote in her comments the poem wasn't
cookie worthy. Construed or misconstrued, I didn't take kindly
to her comment. She got her wish. It's over. According to her I
need help. So be it. Tell her she won. Save to archives.

by John Thomas |
Categories: angstpain, , sweet love,


Such pain and suffering as ensues
From the torment in my head,
O sweetheart, why do you refuse
That I keep faith to our bed;
Such burden there is to my heart
That a mule could not stand firm,
Yet the cruelty, when loves apart
Is naught, to gold of loves affirm;
Then brightness lifts that inner soul
Makes mock of wise and fool,
And banishes the darkened shawl
That caused sweet love to cool;
Though pain and suffering ensue
My love, my sweet, stays true to you.

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

The Rental

My mule is intelligent, and it loves me.
perhaps it loves everybody,
it's a rental.

I need a shot of confidence.
The mule rests its head on my shoulder.

It's a well-travelled track
but today I have met no one.
I should have left camp in the early dark,
for now a fiery desert sun
is baking the dry earth into hot broken glass.

I imagine our bones
being found some years later
by some kid in an off-road Lexus.

The Mule snorts derisively;
nudges me in the small of the back
to get me going.

A few miles later I'm drinking Tequila
in a cantina
and the mule is falling in love again
with some other intrepid explorer.

by William J. Jr. Atfield |
Categories: lost love,

A Walk Into Flight Love Lost

A walk into flight
Love lost

I have been walking towards waves of –
patiently travailing those rocky shores – Love
has laid before the feet of this old fool.
Upon my back, I carry this weight like a mule,
only to find my imprints are taking wing
leaving me with a broken heart, to sing 
my melancholy songs, long after all is gone 
to dust, carried upon wings, the winds above
all, what I – with hope, anticipation – thought was Love.

B. J. “A” 2
November 23rd 2007

by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: childhood,

Stubborn As a Mule

When camping keep the watermelon in the creek
to keep it cool
 Always do your homework first after school
Wait thirty minutes after eating before swimming
in the pool
 Love thy neighbor as yourself follow the golden rule
Count to ten before speaking in anger and being
a fool
 Never lend or borrow and you will avoid strife and duels
Drink a glass of water before you eat so you won't drool
 Be respectful to adults so people know we raised
a little jewel
As a child I heard them all but was scolded for being
stubborn as a mule