Love Poems About Mosquito or Mosquito Love Poems
by Glenn Sentes |
Categories: funny

Mosquito Bite

I took an oath from thy God’s face
That life dwelling on earth I raise
Cuddle what breathes in this thick case
But you that slurp my red
Deserve no love nor an embrace
Slap! You die yet I bled.

© Glenn L. Sentes
July 4, 2011

by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor, humorous,

Dirty Mosquito

Form:Balassi Stanza.

On a trek to deep jungle,
tired I, fell by hay bundle.
a giant wild female mosquito,
humming my favorite song,
crossing all bounds to bang,
licked me whole; dirty wild mosquito!
kissed my eyes, nose, cheek.
not my blood. bloody ,my love it seeks!
pheromone pulls this mosquito!
my sweat has this filthy stuff extra!
my sweat has this filthy stuff extra!
Pheromone pulls this mosquito!

Written for the contest “The Balassi Stanza Contest” by Dr.Ram Mehta.

by Charron Resolution |
Categories: emo, girlfriend, heartbroken, humor, insect, irony, love hurts,

Too Single

I've been single too long Obviously That a mosquito is the only female that wants to take a bite of me

by Mohammed Rakibul Hossain |
Categories: conflict, creation, culture, dedication, grief, international, war,

Where the Nation Is Mine

Where is the nation which speaks love ,
where are the spirits which kept us above ,
where can we find the solution for grime ,
like a tiny mosquito committing a crime ,  
where the air around lives in a coal miners lung - ,
serving all mankind , till the singers sung ,
darkness our future – remains in our fate , 
hard striking sweats – prove together very late . 

Love is far found under the graves ,
humanity is flown in the melodious waves ,
lacking all words – but we act very brave .

Sum up the words – saving bloody lives ,
bawl , cheer , and glamour – forging against the knives ,
clutch on the oldie – seeking truth till you dive .

by Kate Stern |
Categories: funny, lost love, romance,

Shall I Compare Thee To a Summers Day

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more annoying than a buzzing mosquito. Rough winds do radiate from your way, And your face is red as a ripe tomato. Sometimes too bright your sweaty skin doth shine And often is my fair vision dimmed By the sight of your face, in decline, And your thighs, needing to be slimmed. But thy eternal summer shall not fade When will you pay the money that thou ows’t? Thy personality cuts me like a blade When in eternal lines to time thou wrinkles grow’st, So long as men can breathe and eyes can see, So long lives this: thou shalt remain ugly.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: anniversary, beautiful, feelings, love, vacation,

Of Sand and Sea

Let's take a tropical excursion, just you, me, and the odd mosquito. But if your heart isn't into it, of course, I will honor your veto. Romance flourishes on the islands amidst the virtues of sand and sea. And we will rekindle passion's flame on our wedding anniversary. Cupid, armed with his bow and arrow, will aim for the center of our hearts. And the sun will rejuvenate us the instant our vacation time starts. Twinkling lights piercing the dark of space, will confetti the night with glitter. And we will make love under the stars, while the kids stay home with the sitter. (Quatrain) 3/26/2017

by Gary Fields |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, religion,

Ties Thy Spirit


The Spirit of God
Is the Spirit of Love
We depend on His allegiance
That is indeed a grand Gift
From Heaven above'
Let Thy Will be done...
          - Fore -
He gave Us the Apples'
          The Bird's
        And the Trees'
He rendered Us to Heaven
    With so much of Ease
He gave Us the Mosquito
         And to the Dog'
       He gave fleas'
And thou shall be thank-full 
For what ever We do receive
              - Fore -
He hath' given so much
        He has given Us
The Wonders' of Life


by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, imagery, imagination, word play, words,

Six-Word Couplet Series

Wit of wife
sharp as knife.

Easy to see
you love hyperbole.

You’re so fat
you're a habitat.

I easily cry
when feelings intensify.

You naughty boy
don't be coy.

A constant backache
keeps me awake.

A pesky mosquito,
an itch incognito.

One last time, pantomime!

Sept. 13, 2018
Six-Word Couplet Series Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Mark Toney

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baby, baptism, love,

Here, At Sleepy Hollow

Waking, unto another day; trying to think of anything to say
Going through the motions as a beta amid their little fish bowl
Swimming in tiny circles empty walls past blurred glass; warped images
Distorted reality hoping that whomever will pour a vile of white wine into my mind
A cube of ice to chill it's pen alleviate the burn while waiting for some imitation frosted
Flakes belly up lying atop their blue as red deep sea pebbles; gazing beyound his daydreams
Bubbles bemused muddled voices charmed her mosquito, sipping my intoxication ? H2o, doing time.

by Sabbath De Yecouba |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love,

Mouth Perfumer

I had an expression
In my language
I joked with people whenever I wanted
Yin nhiany thok
Your mouth smells badly

One day I met a man
He greeted me and said
Why are you slender like this?
You are a mosquito GIRL
Put on some weigh

Yin nhiany thok, I said
Your mouth smells badly
He left silently
The following day we were to meet
He brushed his teeth for two hours

He bathed and washed his mouth for thirty minutes
He dressed up and when he was leaving his room
He recalled what I told him
Yin nhiany thok
He took his perfume and perfumed his mouth
That was my boyfriend

by Judith Palmer |
Categories: teenage,

A Summer Night

A summer night
A room, a bed
A life-time of emotions
Beneath the covers
And mosquito net
Eating grapes
Reddened by the sun
Love-sweet and round
Cool rain, washes clean
And muddied pools scattered
Mingled with bitter-sweet tears
Shed afterward.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, happy, how i feel, image, imagery, joy, summer,

Summer Is

Summer is a cricket's chirp, the croak of a bullfrog's burp and a sweet nightingale's twirp. A season beyond compare, when wildlife thrives everywhere and flowers perfume the air. The whoosh of a flyswatter, swimming in pools of water and warm days getting hotter. The neighborhood kids at play, outside till night claims the day and stars are put on display. An abundance of daylight, an itchy mosquito bite, and a fledgling bird's first flight. A time for love and romance, opening your heart to chance and dancing a moonlight dance.

by John Chizoba Vincent |
Categories: africa, animal, art,



Golibe,Have you ever see me wanted to
 sing a song of love to you with my bongo?
I have tatooed our smiles, never allowed
Your names escape from my lips like Words.
I Have seen your heart danced upon the song
Of love.
Have you seen the beautiful sky lately?
I have caved your name Golibe boldly on it
Golibe, the Sweet ornament of the morning air
Whose body mosquito have not feasted On.
Golibe, I watch your Back with Smiles and joy
I know they made you a monster in the eyes
Of the strangers who never see beyond your beauty.
Do you want my heart between Your teeth? 
I will bring it tomorrow at dawn for your love.

by Denis Brezik |
Categories: sweet love,

Escape At Dawn

Follow a rivers path tailing wind
cooling the tall grass on its shore
To kill a mosquito with my grasp
I could linger no more 
Speckled a fish jumps 
sun dots my eyes
She walks a tightrope 
over a green lawn 
with a robe on her shoulders
she escapes at dawn.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: life, loss, lost love

Female Mosquito

The females of the species are the ones that bite.
There is one I have been trying to kill day and night.
That elusive thing takes its shots at me.
It draws some blood, and flies away freely.
That mosquito reminds me of my ex-wife.
She sucked my blood for a good portion of my life.
She suckered me, and before she went,
she took nearly everything in the divorce settlement.
There is one big difference in the two you should know.
I cannot go to jail for murdering a mosquito.

A fictional account.  I've never been married.

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,

For You 1

We are traveling the safari zoo
with loved ones
there are several the families
we ask them quietly
"don't know what love is?"
they yelled at us
"why are we here".

by Maddie Squires |
Categories: animal, depression, drink,

A Mosquito

a mosquito sips on me
cool and fresh
but where i come from
he is unaware
am I his drink of choice?
be careful, little friend
for what I have to give
may not be worth sharing
but then again
don't we all love drinking poison?

by Rachel Hart |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life


your love is
mosquito swarm
the sweet nectar of
shame pouring down
the throat clogs
stops up senses
i am a tree
down on my knees
my limbs snap&break
don't take your time
take mine

by Lyra Pendragon |
Categories: appreciation,


talking about the creative force
and the power of love

that one can have

like me and you 

Pardon the interruption

I forgive you

I hope you understand

and hope for forgiveness too

(forgive my poetry if you need to, I'm sorry in advance)

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: earth, life,

Earthly Math

Easy math to drink the blood, need
To be mosquito; leech in the mind
Of tongue can live in the disguise

Disguise in wearing neat and clean
Clothes good for all but the time
Speaks to a voice of shameless eyes

Eyes are counting the equation tiles
Of life where a sharp knife is cutting
The long thread of ages by cheating

Cheating is not real norms of manners
But to solve the higher math of life
Human takes shelter here as a pious

Pious a display center of well-formed business
Earthly life where all love to enjoy all in cash

22.08.2020 Chattogram

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,

Not Sinned

Were very hot, trembling thighs 
like in frying pan, you sizzled
looking around for ladders.

Then you crashed on the charged
net like a mosquito, exploding
in white flame- tip,tip-top.

Pungent smoke rises,of 
smoldering flesh. I was afraid
of drums, the fierce sounds.

Your song has been left behind.
Stolen piece. Love has become a
terror asking for ransom.
Living fossil. Taking it all, you did’t
deserve the garbage. The string
of wasted years.

Satish Verma

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,

I Heard the Mosquitoes, I Was Not Afraid

last night
Late heat,
temperature higher than body
In the unlit darkness
Let's move the cell phone
I saw the mosquito
on the screen
I turned off and fell asleep
In the morning
my wife was upset
the mosquitoes bite and redden
the back,
and thigh and
I was all right
always, yes
even mosquito only like wife.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Stoic Stance

hot and humid, energy drained
with mosquito menace to boot
why’d we worry, we feel not strained
nonchalant eye cares not a hoot

transfixed in the bliss dance within
jibes and taunts of fate matter not
the void’s our home, we dwell therein
choosing thereby, to be self-taught

one with oneness, we are at peace
following the fragrance of love
breath by breath, turning a new leaf
God’s blessings pour in from above

beholding pulse of life renew ~
heart leaves behind no residue

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: school,

Penetrating My Daydream

His voice is grating
Penetrating my daydream
I rapidly turn it into a mosquito
But it bites me, so I transmogrify it into a butterfly
It flits around turning different colors
orange as a flame, 
red as a gypsy’s skirts,
blue as the dusk at night.
I can feel a smile on my face
that I do not often experience.
It is my giant love smile.
I am loving this daydream.
Miss Stone!
I sit up sharply, blinking.
Oh, heck. I am in my sophomore math class again.
Mr. Not-So-Nice is glaring at me.
The class laughs.