Love Poems About Monkey or Monkey Love Poems
by Celeste Butler-Mendez |
Categories: funny, love

Black Magic Hearts

What underhanded monkey business 
razzle-dazzle bull is this? 
Whose double-crossing, flimflam scam, 
debauchery or hocus sham 
is wheeling dealing in romance, 
putting lovers in a trance? 

Antics, capers or witch's brew, 
enchanting hymns or shaman's stew, 
whose quackery or voodoo drink 
made Casanova stop and think 
and turned the ancient lovers cold; 
poor Romeo and nymphs of old? 

Perhaps black magic's potent gel, 
or craftiness or wicked spell, 
a clever con or master hoax, 
or just some trickster playing jokes. 
Whatever ruse that works the arts, 
mumbo jumbo seduces hearts!

by Skat A |
Categories: adventure, brother, fantasy, funny, funny love, giggle, girlfriend,

Monkey See

Monkey See~

There once was a monkey named Frank
Who loved to walk the plank
He said too many jokes
Pulled too many hoaxe-s 
Ha! Ha! Ha! Then he got a good spank


Who's that monkey in front of me
I dare to hang with you on a tree
Oh! What I do? Will you do?
Together we are like glue
Is that my flea or your flea?

~ Skat ~


by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: absence, war,

Ugly Poem

Broken glass world
pithed with black flags
madmen and misfits.
Where is our god in all this fantastic muck? 
Atop an out of touch mountain top...
Salving wounds of savant sons?

Far below all the rest flayed and salted. 
mostly forgotten
Our collective-depressive monkey minds fleeing to
origami boats. 
Drifting upon shark finned ponds.
Flaming arrows line the shores.
Ribbed strays and one-legged orphans
turning tricks for milk and crumbs 
and the rustic prosthetic called 

by Declan Molloy |
Categories: history, remember,

Noisy Little Monkey

Noisy Little monkey

Techno junkie, clever monkey
Habilis in magic mist
Little Lucy's dream

Swingers in city sky
*****erectus being
sunlit opposing thumbs
sad bipedal thing...

Flint knapper back stabber
rapping dancer man 
tippers, dark skin tappers
ancient mountain clans

Neanderthal folk dying oak
river crashing sounds 
rumbling in that stormy pass
above ancestral ground
Searching warming grass
Silent monkeys dared 
Invented gods of love and fear
hung them in the stars

Remember fingers in winter corn
Oh warriors of the plain long lost
Sapient kings of a dying earth
just shadows in approaching dusk

by Tom Larrow |
Categories: children, teacher, wisdom,


Tell me, why does God make puddles, in our driveway, when it rains?
Then mom says "play but, don't get dirty, cuz I won't get out the stains"

God made me, to love that feeling, of jumping in them with both feet
I'll send that water flying, maybe as high as mom and daddy's seat

Then mom yells "girl you know better, look at the mess you've made
Our clothes and shoes, filthy, wet and dirty, like a monkey in the arcade

This child constantly tries my patience, dear God why is she such a pest?
Astonished by Gods answer “when teaching lessons, I use my very best”

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,

Monkey Business

Mind and heart know the way of flow,
Opt to receive the grace of zest;
Now sense the glow of love that shows,
Keep and achieve your affluent best;
Eye with delight bliss with sure ease,
Yes dare to seek blessings most grand.
Bright words spark sight of scented peace,
Urge your bold peaks in joy's lifespan;
Sights and sounds swirl and call you now,
Indulge the heart with happy days;
Niche then your world with fond endow,
Expand fine start through rainbow rays;
Set your mind clear with faith that grounds,
Soar beyond fear to peace profound.

Leon Enriquez
09 February 2016

by Joyce Wolayo |
Categories: allusion, anger, angst, best friend, break up,

Darkened Heart

His colours are usually red
Which stands for brotherhood
White which stands for purity and honesty
Blue which stands for love and good luck

However when I saw him recently
His colours had changed
They pierced my eye sight and hurt my pride
His colour had become a terrible nightmare to me

The colours were black
For a darkened hurt inside him
He was grey the colour of a turning
Storm ready to explode in my face
It was also yellow in his face
Like a bomb just exploded and left
In its wake a heap of burning debris

I did not expect to find a mysterious friend
Turned into a real monkey
Into an enemy
Into a fool
He was no more.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance, song-me, me,

Baby Tell Me You Love Me

Baby tell me you like me
Like a poet likes poetry

Baby tell me you love me
Like a flower loves a bee

Baby tell me you need me
Like a river needs a sea

Baby tell me you want me
Like a monkey wants a tree

Baby tell me you miss me
Like a sad heart misses glee

by Samuel Durant |
Categories: lost love, , cute,

My Monkey Girl

one year for christmas i got this book
called 'people of wal-mart'
filled with gross photos
of fat people in tight clothing
except for this one picture
of this cute chick holding a monkey
the top half of her head wasn't in the photo
but man, she had a pretty nose
cute chin, too
oh monkey girl
will i ever know the pleasure
of navigating shopping facilities
with primate in tow
just me
and my monkey girl?

by Barbara Cotter |
Categories: allegory, angst, imagination, lost love, love, old, day, old,

The Organ Grinder

If it's just the organ grinder
with his little pet monkey
give him a penny 
and send him on.
If it's just the organ grinder
coming around to tell me
what time it is,
tell him I bought a clock.
I had a tolerance for the old man
and his little dressed up monkey,
but day after day the same old tune,
I grow bored.  He was quaint once
but now I'm seated comfortably.
If it's just the organ grinder,
give him a penny, or two cents,
send him on to the next house.

by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: animals, satire

The Great Decision

Five vow to be corporate wench
To twist votes with their monkey wrench
The freed business fist
Full of money--they've kissed!
Gives Robert's court bench quite a stench

Moneyed pigs love this press release
Their chunks of great wealth must increase!
These skunks gorge and snort
Their ads—thanks Supreme Court— 
Are greed that’s been freed and won’t cease

by Patricia Bernard |
Categories: body, desire, heart, love, romance, sexy, truth,

I Need You

This much is true I do need you
For ever waking hour and even in my dreams 
You are with me and I can only say this is sweet 
torture to me
I feel you to the very apex of my sex 
When you are near I start to tremble with fear
you will smell just how wet my seat
is for you now this is not lust I trust
For this is true love 
You kiss me and I lose all sense of time 
I am like a sentence without a conjunction I can not function 
You are the yun to my yan
Make me complete say you will stay make hot monkey sex with me please 
If it is not ment to be forever I will settle for right now
For I need you inside not outside don't you see make me complete

by Charles Hice |
Categories: imagination, life, people, woman,

The Monkey and the Woman

The Monkey And The Woman 

The monkey and the woman 
Smoke swirling, 
out of burnt nostrils. 
Clouds exhaled, 
out of female lungs. 
Looks(better than a poodle). 
Not young or old not bad. 
Between drinks,carrying a purse. 
Walking to her next rendevous. 
The woman of Flagstaff, 
dismissed the monkey. 
No love for you. 
But no way am I sad. 
The part I am missing, 
is still somewhere in my future. 

Charles Robert Hice 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice

by Jackie Manuel |

Something Along Those Lines

Was it a mocha latte or a moch frap ?
My mind escapes me at the moment 
I can nor grasp nor reenact the events that play in my late memory
Was it you screaming or me leaving that played the biggest part
I cannot recall
But it is said if you love it you must let it depart
I hold it less at my heart and more as a monkey on my back       
I think more so.....
Never mind, forget it, I'll never get that memory back
Long as the Great Wall of China or short as a life span 
excuse my inner thoughts Im just babbling 
Guess I'm going through a life transe

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: absence, addiction, adventure, age, art, baby, birthday,

Monkey Doves

So cold in the cave
The serenity of religious rituals
I can feel how peaceful is living
And the being living in peace
Harmoniously blended with other faith
The doves are flying inside here
They flap their wings with no harm
The monkeys are waiting for the visitors
In the 272 steps they are seen sacred
A cone like stiff of the cave interior
I love it.

I love you peace. Let's sail together. Layag Sug!

by Annie Lander |
Categories: age, beautiful, break up, conflict, dedication,

When You Follow Your Heart

When You Follow Your Heart

We might have made love
In the bed of roses: the bed of fragrant flowers 
As we consummate the joy of true love: at age sixty
where the pursuit of pleasure: is a taboo subject
where the Irish moss warms our soft lips:

We might have reversed the aging process, because 
our bodies become fascinating and seductive: coherently
We might have rattled the monkey cage: like epic lovers growing old 
With one thing on our minds: we follow our hearts

by Richard Breese |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, giggle, hilarious, humor, humorous, silly,

Monkey Business

once a wise monkey named stan
dreamt of becoming a man
so to fool all the rest
taped a note to his chest
my wife use to date tarzan.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: art,

Jackson Pollack Style

getting out my paints 
primary and secondary
starting slowly, but working my way to a frenzy
Pollack style.

tossing out a few dots
no satisfaction.
begin penciling in some lines
thinking animals as I do this.

an eagle, an elk, a monkey,
something fun, humorous, clever
lots of yellows, reds, and blues.
love the basics.

a little black, some white, more than usual
I like bright. Bright is the ruler of the scepter if you ask me.
tossing some random bulls into the fray
Pondering whether or not to leave it alone. 

This is how I know it is finished.
I love it!

by Michelle Wingrove |
Categories: son, love, , cute,


Cheeky little monkey
All sweetness and light
Huggable and cuddly
He brings such delight

He gets in moods a lot
And has a habit of annoyance
But you can’t stay mad with him long
Cos he is as cute as they come

I love my little Jordyn
I love him so much
I can’t explain
The closeness we have together
And his incredible touch

He is my baby boy
My youngest little man
The cheeky one 
Of all the clan

by Pamela Griffiths |
Categories: animalssun,

Monkey Madness

The monkey sits in a tree so high
Looking towards the reddening sky
A Mars effect is happening now
As the sun is setting the effect is wow

In light of the setting sun monkey calls
The other monkeys listen over waterfalls
Monkey madness is here today
All screeching in a wondrous play

Monkeys are swinging high above
Screeching out their undying love
The mating call of the primate group
All cling together in life’s sweet loop

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: freedom,

Monkey N Human

Monkey & Human 

 Jumping,jumping,jumping in a box
 monkey would like to dance 

 stretching,stretching,stretching monkey 
 would like to scratch

 hurry,hurry,hurry monkey would like 
 to eat 

 eating,eating,eating human wants to 
 eat fruits 

 anger,anger,anger monkey would like 
 to slap

 sending,sending,sending human wants 
 to send monkey to the sun 

 ramayan,ramayan,ramayan in that we can see
 monkey and human fight for good

 poems,poems,poems monkey wants to read
 human wants to sing a poem,wink

 with love all
 jagdish bajantri

by Nola Perez |
Categories: desire,

On Not Lamenting Your Lover

You imagined his love an antidote
not an addiction to enslave you, 
but when the spiral you were in, left you 
with a splintered heart, that fragile part 
surrendered when you laid down 
your arms you became a junkie for his em-
brace,you wore a monkey on your back, 
you were an abyss of unworthiness. 

Yet in the finality of it all when 
you were back upon the shelf, know 
you did not fall to Love,  but to 
the Shadow self.  It's not the same, 
so brook no  blame, and bless 
the one who stayed, and stayed again. 
Bless him who embraced both 
shadow and the sun.

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

When Forces Collide

an enigma of adulation captured before release dressed down desert sand paraded, in once forgotten land makeup off of the monkey and rising moonbeams put aside eyes daring, dying only to see out past the distance where the water runs so free I can taste her in the salt-tease drying out for me promises, no promises ponderance where one gazes a pill of "what's it gonna be" a lifetime of surrender where desert never meets the sea or a morning blowing in amid songs of the red dawn riding an endless soothing breeze

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, giggle, music, romantic love,

Monkey Romeo

Yesterday I ran into a macaque
 Who was playing a violin out back
   Making music with his bow
   A real monkey Romeo
 Fiddling with sweet Juliet in the sack

by Patricia Lawton |
Categories: animal, children, , cute,


My Name Is Maisey.

My name is Maisey, I'm a chimpanzee
and I live at London Zoo.
Where you can come and feed me
I'll do some tricks for you.
I love to swing from tree to tree
or roll about in grass.
If you throw a ball to me
I'll bounce it then I'll pass.

I love to eat bananas, oranges well
any kind of fruit.
I'll pull a funny face at you,
one you'll find is cute.

So when you come to London Zoo
and seek the chimpanzee.
Just find the one named Maisey
cause that chimp will be me.
I'm cheeky and I'm funny
and I love little girls and boys.
I promise if you visit me
I'll make lots of monkey noise.