Love Poems About Molly or Molly Love Poems
by Vera Duggan |
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My Molly May

My Molly May

I had a little pony
I called her Molly May
So often I would venture out
And feed her bales of hay.

So then she’d frolic
Kick her heels up high
Round and round she would run
Looking sweet as she passed by.

She’d run until she was worn out
Then to the stable she would go
I’d bed her down then for the night
My love for her each day would grow

She was my, cutest Molly may
This pony always made my day.

25 September 2014

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: growth, i love you, mother daughter, my child,

Grow For Molly

Grow tall
Grow your horizons, wide
Grow up
Grow on the inside
Grow yourself, all around
Tower above me
And smile down
You can grow, rapid
Or you can grow slow
Grow at your own pace
As long as you grow
Grow a little
But baby please
Don’t grow away

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, how i feel, i am, identity, self,

My Bio Poem From Caren

Creative, Empathetic, Respectful, Helpful
Wife of Joe, mother of Angela, Tracy, and Susie, 
Mother-in-law of Josh and Andy,
Grandma of Emily, Cali, Molly, Tony, Jack, Josie, Lucy, Daisy, Max and Johnny.
Lover of children, dogs, and family.
Who feels joy, excitement, and amused.
Who needs people, work, and love.
Who gives happiness, soft words, and tender touches.
Who fears violence, anger, and rage.
Who would like to see the world assimilate as one.
Resident of Kansas

by Eve Roper |
Categories: children, dog, love,

Molly a Dachshunds the Center of Attention

Small little Molly
                          Waddles around in the yard
                                  Center attention
                     Birth of two children changed things
                         We forgot,  Molly!!! Outside!!!

                             Contest: Dachshunds 
                            Sponsor: Rob Carmack

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: funny, love,

Wolfman Falls In Love

A car door opens
her long shapely leg steps first  
this is love or lust 

The heart beat flutters
he watches each moves she makes
deep within he sighs

Which move shall he make
I am so sorry Wolfman
this tail is taken

Her name is Molly
she does tricks for her master
rolls over and sits

Edward J Ebbs

 Inspired by a Contest, Wolfman Falls In Love

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: hope, lost love,

Love Reborn

The blush of youth was gone
As years had passed her by
Her mirror didn't lie
She wept and carried on
A sad and bitter song
For young love that had died.

And then one winter morn
A sailor came to town
To search for Molly Brown
For years he was forlorn
He'd left her by the shore
His love must now be found.

When on the street they met
Their love was heaven sent.

Written on 8/19/2015

HexSonnetta Form

by Jesse Zerlaut |
Categories: anniversary, marriage, wife,

My Bride

To paint from memory a portrait of beauty
none more vivid artwork than you, my bride
Your unbound smile was a sea of diamonds
carrying my heart up with every lifting tide

As vows, we spoke you blushed so sweet
there your warm hands I held so dear in mine
I found profound love within your soft eyes
that after all this time still brightly shine

In a crowd of faces, there was only you
I drew you close to claim you with a kiss
In close, I offer a gift of words, my love
life with you has been nothing short of bliss

~An Anniversary gift to my wife, Molly.~

by Paul Curtis |
Categories: funnylove,

Sexual Preferences 3

I don’t have a favourite,
I love them all
Shorty and sporty
Petite and tall

Dowdy and flashy
High and mighty
Shy and vivacious
Safe and flighty 

I love Juicy Lucy
Smelly Kelly,
Scraggy Maggie
And Silly Millie

I love Gay Mei
And Straight Kate
Spotty Dotty
And Plain Jane’s great

So is Jolly Molly
Clingy thingy
Obese Louise
And Skinny Ginny 

I love Boozey Suzie
Sweaty Betty and all 
I love them long,
I love them short, I love them tall

by Donal Mahoney |
Categories: conflict,

At Midnight In New York

It’s midnight in New York
and in this tall building 
Herb and Molly are 
in bed making love.
Molly is a virgin
and it hurts.
Olga’s upstairs
in bed with cancer
terminal and it hurts.
Melvin’s downstairs 
in bed snoring.
Nothing hurts because
he doesn’t know yet 
he has multiple sclerosis.
In the hallway a thief
goes floor to floor
trying door knobs
hoping one will open.
All the doors are locked, 
chained and bolted.
Everyone is safe.
No one can get in.

Donal Mahoney

by Bradley Cox |
Categories: friendship, happiness, love,


oh man your tan is so grand
your freckles make you look so unique
i hear your voice makes my heart skip a beat
your blood quenches my thrist
your skin as smooth as silk
your pirceing eyes burn right though me
i'll be your hammer you'll be my nail

by Tracey Kraft |
Categories: adventure

Tracey Kraft

Daughter, sister, friend, and poet
Sister of Molly and Wesley
Lover of Jonathan, Mom, and siblings
Who feels sorrow, love, and anger
Who fears death, failure, and heights
Who would like to see Molly and Wesley succeed, Europe, and Niagra Falls
Resident of Bedford, Texas

by Taylor Graham |
Categories: animals, loss, love,


Here’s her picture: 
black as Bucephalus with a graceful 
crest, ears pricked to a skyline
outside the frame.
My first love in high school,
sold for college. 

I keep the photo close.
Forever lost like lovers
gone, a horse runs 
just beyond the dream’s

by Warner Baxter |
Categories: adventure, celebrity, cute love, marriage, romantic, wife,

My Wife Molly Brown

I’m a simple man with stature quite norm In search of a partner who could weather a storm A woman with style, charm, poise and grace She would be strong like leather and gentle like lace She would be fast with a quip and quick with her wit Every room she appeared would be instantly lit Oh how she and I could burn a house down We went on a cruise, bad news, I thought we would drown And on that dark dreadful night, my wife saved my life How courageous she was, my amazing wife Now still to this day we are the talk of the town They say, hey! That’s what’s his name and the Unsinkable Mrs. Molly Brown

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade,

A Pirate Name of Jeeves

Once upon these fine Seven Seas 
There was a pirate name of Jeeves
He plundered and took
Escaped every hook
Until love bug put him on knees.

Her name was Molly Queen of Dame
Her treasure chests were of great fame
He caught her blue eye
And there was a sigh
Mr and Mrs is new game.

Written 4-11-2019
Poetry Contest:  Pirate Themed Limerick
Sponsor: Tania Kitchin

by Constance La France |
Categories: age, dog, old, sad,

Maureen, Molly and the Hens- a Collaboration

There are some sad things that happen,
and here is a story of love broken . . . 
Maureen lived in a small quaint house,
      with her dog, hens and maybe a mouse;
but she was getting old and forgetful,
and Molly her dog was also old and feeble.
Maureen's health declined and she became needful,
now, neighbors take old Molly for a walk,
the hens were sold-  hope not for the cookpot;
     in a care home Maureen just looks at the clock.

Waiting for my writing partner to add their part

January 21, 2018

Poetry/Rhyme/Maureen, Molly and the Hens/Collaboration
Copyright Protected, ID 18-9852-19-01
All Rights Reserved. Written by Broken Wings and Jack Horne

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade,

Molly and Dane

There once was an elf name of Molly
Who every day wore Christmas Holly
She whirled and she twirled
She danced and she swirled
This darling young elf name of Molly

An observant young elf name of Dane
Was in love with young Molly, insane.
When she was around,
His jokes knew no bounds
This totally in love elf named Dane

by Catherine French |
Categories: animals

3 Furry Kids

Puff, Spook and Molly
Are two cats and a dog
They often entertain me,                                                                                                  
But they all eat like hogs.
They run and chase around the house
No matter day or night,
Sounds like an army traveling through
But no guns, biting or real fights.
It's like having little toddlers
Underfoot often in the day.
But like my kids, when they were young
I love to watch them play.

by Lewis Nyaga |
Categories: love, lust, passion,

Zamzam Beckons Roy

The perfume enthralled me
The smile thrilled me to core
The promising beauty behold
Roy i do love the fine things 

The curve of her lithe back
Them chariots of fire racing
Through the creek of zamzam
Roy i savor the fine things

Sermons of long now forgotten
Teachers where did they wrong
Holly molly tantalizing peakers
Roy am now losing my ownself

Redress in bits of time
Regression for dunders
Flowing springs of zamzam
Roy the touch of linen

by Paul Murray |
Categories: blessing, care, good morning, heart, love,

Good Morning Molly

Well up at 3 this morning couldn’t shut the eyes anymore. 
Finally hit the road before 6. 
Took a drive 
up not knowing where to go   
Mind blank, mind filled 
Wrote this while driving. 
Insanely my thoughts  crave my attention at untimely times.  
My poem is mine now 
Maybe someday I’ll post it here
This isn’t it

by Jean Ward |
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Singin' Right Can Never Be Wrong Poem 4 of 4


Dear heart of mine,
I ask for your hand.
Let me love you...always,
we will walk hand in hand.
Hand in hand, Molly and Abe,
sunshine and in shade.
Forevre then, forever then,
completely unafraid.
Completely unafraid...
Just two young contrary souls
with kids to fill a home.
Never alone, never alone,
two souls growing old.

Two souls growing old,
Mrs. President and thee.
Whatever will be,
whatever will be.
Marry, marry me,
marry, marry me.

'cause right can never be wrong,
right can never be wrong.


by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

Grip My Pen

grip my pen with your lips sweet penetration dancing on a kiss what's it to me ifn you can't breathe take another sip what's whoms to resist want another flavor take a slit of my wrist your love is a lime with a twist now am i an other story to tell your friends molly just laughs says go on and grip my pen with your lips again ?

by Terry Miller |
Categories: farm, fun,

Molly McEwe

A young sheep we’ll call Molly McEwe
she lived in a field outside Crewe,
no surprise, her mother did too.
Though her father she never knew;
he came in a truck, tupped a few,
then driven to pastures anew
leaving sheep with butts painted blue.
She had life with not much to do
graze all the field, chew, chew, and chew
occasional roll in some poo
resulting in wash with shampoo.
She would never ride a canoe,
see a panda eating bamboo,
meet a bear that came from Peru,
go fly out to Kalamazoo,
never have a “Love Ewe” tattoo.
Living in a field outside Crewe
is all the life she ever knew.

What happened to young Molly McEwe?
She’s now a delicious Lamb stew!

by James Foulk |
Categories: lost lovelove,

Farewell My Molly

The tears flowed that day,
when I walked away.
So tender was your heart,
we were doomed from the start.

Two different life's we had,
leaving you was so sad.
Knowing that our love could never be,
miles apart and to you, I wanted t flee.

Dear will always love you,
no matter what we do.
Parting from you brings heartache,
staying with you my love, to much is at stake.

Many lovely moments we shared,
for our romance, I wasn't prepared,
it just happened and I'm so sorry,
I say my farewell to , my dear Molly.

wrote 8-14-08